I am driving three teenagers to school. They are discussing MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in Biology.

One moment I hear an exclamation, “No, no!…Mitochondria is wrong.

Suddenly this guy on a two wheeler emerges from the left, and turns to crash into the bumper of our car, turns right and disappears into a narrow lane.

My only passing thought, “Two wheeler drivers!”

And then I notice an excited clamour in the car.

“No! He was cute!!”

“He looked like Imraan Khan!!”

“Why all black?  Even his shoes were black?”

“Saw his ear stud?”

“Even the cap was black!?”

“Was that a dragon tattoo?”

“I don’t like such big tattoos…”

“… this one is ‘c’,  Medulla Oblangata?”

“Yes, ‘c’ is right, … but I can’t get this one!”

“This is from Genetics.”

I know I can never focus on two thing like this, I can’t even stand music while reading.


56 thoughts on “Teenagers!

  1. IHM, You know what I just realized, I am just like these girls and I am not a teenager. 😀

    One of them was a boy, the one who is objecting to his all black garb… I can never imagine how they could see so much in those few seconds! 🙂


  2. hey, mommies do that all the time too. Juggle 20 things while keeping those eyes-at-the-back-of-the-head trained on kiddo… comeon IMH, dont tell me you havent ‘focused’ on boiling the milk + doing a tarka+watching a kid romp around the house all at once 🙂

    Gosh you are right!! That I am being forced to all the time Richajn!! 😉


  3. LOL….effortlessly switching from Biology to er…um..Chemistry 😉 IHM teenage eyes see everything….its a wonder they got back to biology after just 5 seconds 🙂

    I just can’t get over this !!🙂


  4. teENAgers !!! thats them… !!! aaaah…. so happy and so carefree… so free of responsibility… geeez….

    Free of responsibility HW no doubt, basically just refusing to be responsible!


    • oh yes!! 😀
      Some of the study areas at my friend’s place was quite strategically placed to observe the boys’ hostel opposite!!
      We even had a mirror hanging which would let us see just the right things!!! 😉


  5. Hahaha..
    O mine, i guess al the moms r like the same…
    🙂 same way like al daughters are the same..
    I think u shud know that gals strt this multitasking skills frm teenage itself by doing too many things at the same time…. like watching a cute boy n studying 🙂


  6. ahhh.. what fun to be so carefree …

    this brought back a lot of memories… and when together with friends and cousins, we still do this and its a whole lot of fun…



  7. Lol I am like that. I can shift focus from one topic to a diametrically opposite one in no time, and then switch back, with the same intensity and focus!!!


  8. God, the children change the subjects so easily and so fast….they noticed the tattoos too!! This is the best period of life, I think, for enjoying life! Happy life.

    Very interesting, IHM. The conversations are the best, in this post.

    Shah Rukh looks so happy, with his KIDS! Poor SRK fans…


  9. I am like that too! Hubby gets really confused as I jump from topic to topic 🙂 And I get to blame him for not listening to me 🙂

    Smitha I am a lost case in this, I can never happily multitask, when there is no choice it’s a torture 🙂 Even if it only as Solilo puts it thinking of SRK [or George Clooney :)]


  10. Teenagers are refreshing!!!My nephews are in town and the older one is constantly on the phone…I’ve heard snatches of his conversation and its the same – he changes from one topic to another – from discussing Wayne Rooney and Man U (his fav. team) he moves effortlessly to trig and then back to criticizing Arsenal (his bro’s fav. team)…I really don’t know how their brains work…I wonder if I was like that? I’m too old to remember…

    LOL Sraboney I hear such discussions too!! And I am very sure I was never like that !!!! 😆


  11. gee..thats so much like me 😀 hehe…n i am supposed to hv grown outta dat stage by now 😀 hehe.. but then, as long as its fun, there’s no need to..nay? 🙂


  12. aiyo…all these ppl claiming to be teenagers. IHM…i am an old old woman….

    i cud never do that even when i was a teenager!
    i so very well remember me n my two friends travelling by auto, last minute revisions for that day’s exam, and a car passes by.
    one, squealing: “oooh, did u see him?! wasn’t he hot???”
    other: “yeah, i loved the hairdo man! and he had a cute chin, no?” they looked at me to add…
    me: i peered out and looked back and asked “who?”
    them: “aareee…u blind girl…that dude in the black honda city..in the beige tee, driving”
    “i didn’t notice…that car went so fast…”

    LOL Crafty Shines!! Finally someone like me!! LOL @ the sqeualing !! Thaty’s exactly wht I get to hear!!

    one to the other, “madam can’t notice hot dudes…but had there been a doggie in the car, she wud have left us and gone in the car….” 😛

    sigh. i can’t multi task either IHM! am miserable….
    did i miss much? 😐 😐

    Well some SRK and George Clooney look-alikes missed you Crafty Shines, you didn’t miss much! So please don’t be miserable! 🙂


    • awwwwww IHM! ur last line!!! it so made my day….HUGS!!!

      *skips away to be happily oblivious of “hot” dudes doin the rounds while singing “I love IHM”*

      Echoes can be heard… same song ending with *Crafty Shines*


  13. Give teenagers some space and they’ll let us into their lives.
    Do I want to be a teenager again? Not sure. The world is moving too fast for me!!

    I agree about giving teenagers some space 🙂 Absolutely keatsthesunshinegirl! And I too don’t want to be a teenager again, it’s more fun being two teenager’s mom 😉


  14. LOL IHM.. 😆 even i do multitasking but thats the way I will collapse the every task 😀

    Kanagu I just can’t multitask 😦 I am a bad case of ‘Arjuna Ka Nishana’, I only see one thing at a time 😦


    • That i dunno! 🙂 in fact with one specific friend i have multiple conversations through sms also…Guess am one of those impatient kinds who can not stay on one thing for long 😀


  15. I too can’t listen to music while I read. I can do one thing at a time.

    And I will tweet that news link about court ruling for girl’s freedom to marry anyone after age of 18.


  16. LOL….oh with conversations I can multitask[switching between subjects] but not anything else ;-o
    And just like u…..I cant stand music while reading or writing or evn while I’m on the phone:-).

    oh just remembered….I can cook while the music is on…..hah I’m feeling better….
    ….what abt u????

    I love music while driving Nancy! 🙂


  17. LoL! I ALWAYS do that. My parents get really angry. “Are you studying or looking at boys?” 😀 Studying (the boy) ofcourse mum/dad. 😉

    BUT guys are just as bad. Spending time with them and being the only girl, you learn to comment like them for other girls BUT the can’t comment on other guys. It’s quite funny. We can say the girl is pretty or hot or sexy (and not be considered to be a lesbian) BUT they can’t say another guy is good looking. If the do, they are considered to be gay. It strange. 😕


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