The Blogger’s Spouse

Shail calls him Lord and Master

Roop calls him Pati

Solilo’s is The Other half

Mad Mamma’s The Other Adult

IHM never settled for a name…

Unmana calls him The Guy,

Chandni’s spouse is called The Boy

Ritu calls him her Ex 🙂

Dipali’s is the Senior Resident… SRE

Aneela’s is G’man

Hitchwriter claims he’s made her a star!

What bigger honor for a blogger’s husband or wife,

Than to know that they are a part of our blogging life

Cricket was never a bore,

But IHM loves IPL much more

Ever since she’s created a blog…

The husband is never accused of being a remote hog!

Please rhyme your comments 😉 if possible!!


58 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Spouse

  1. No one calls him/her ‘Significant other’

    But then why bother?

    I have not any to call

    I should stop else this would be too troll 😀 😀

    There you go 😉

    LOl LOL LOL 🙂
    But glad you commented
    I rhymed troll with LOL
    I hope that does not sound demented 🙂


  2. I call her ‘The Wife’
    Her words cut like a knife,
    With her I can only but thrive,
    She is, after all, my life!


    Btw, I did not know what was I supposed to comment and you wanted it to rhyme as well. So there, I typed whatever came to mind. You asked for it. Rhyme it does.


    Masood Yes you did not cheat!!
    And your rhyme is really sweet 🙂


  3. I would prefer to call my spouse as my ‘best half’, though I dont have any as of now !

    Some of the names you have mentioned deserved a ‘chandler’ kind-of comments. But dont worry, Im shutting my mouth ! mmm mmmm mmmm mmm mm mmm !!!!!

    Vimmuuu did you rhyme?
    Okay fine,
    this is your very first crime…



  4. this is such a cute post 🙂 I call mine the BF or my “better half”. Of course we’re not married but he figures a lot in my posts.

    this ones written on his behalf. He wanted to vent:

    This is dedicated to him :

    This was me feeling really sorry for him:

    This is to tease him :


  5. cant comment on it without experience.

    lol i like your post.

    sm that is called cheating!!
    That is not a rhyme!!
    Guess we’ll let you be,
    This is your first crime:)


  6. Better half, significant other,
    Soubriquet matters not
    For they provide much blog fodder

    Wisecracks and drunken observations
    Philosophy and parenting
    Ours to claim…

    .. ‘Til they start a blog of their own ruminations

    How’dyu like? 😀


  7. LOL!!

    Waiting for the match to start
    So much so, that a rhyme can’t be done.
    so, will wait and come back after the match starts and then try again!! 😀

    *hopeless comment!:P*

    Lol pixie, thanks you tried!
    These silly rhyming can get your bheja fried!
    But I will wait for the match to end
    Some cheater cock their ways do mend!!


  8. You’re right IHM,
    We don’t mind ’em
    Glued to their TV sets
    As long as we’re blogging on the net.

    But the moment I sign off
    I want The Guy’s eyes on me and not the toss!
    He laughs and scoffs
    At how I don’t mind his TV as log as I’m logged on.

    D yours is called is The Guy, I see! 🙂
    And blogaddicts we are, aren’t we?
    We want that and we want this
    Nothing do we want to miss!


  9. I call him my better-half 😀

    ok here goes an excuse of a poem from a person with no poetry in the soul……

    My life-saving raft,
    Way important than any craft

    …..ooops I just realised I’m s’pposed to rhyme it with half

    Ufff…..I’m so daft,
    At myself I laugh,

    …..Oh well whatver

    He will & always be my better-half!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nancy we have this joke,
    The Better half is a bloke
    who’s actually the battered half
    This always makes me laugh 🙂
    I go omg, rotfl and lol 😉
    Through the comments I scroll…;D


  10. What can I say,
    He makes my day,
    When he babysits ,
    While I type in bits,
    And as I do my post,
    He cries that the game is lost!

    That was a really lousy attempt – but life has reached the stage where husband actually babysits for me when I want the peace and quiet to do my posts:)

    Smitha No! Lousy was not your attempt,
    I dare not show contempt,
    It’s better than I dreamt,
    So please be gratefully thanked 🙂


  11. All the terms are so cute…

    I would definitely not wanna be called as ‘Senior resident’though..Feels like ‘senior citizen’,..;-)!!

    When I get married I will make my wife read this post and then let her pick one..;-)!! ‘The Boy’ , ‘The Guy’ goes with my image..:-)!!

    Way back in college, me and a gal I dated often used to call each other ‘EMA’ — extra marital affair.;-)!!I think that was also kinda cute..:-)!!

    Sorry No rhymes and stuff..:-)!!

    This comment is funny and oh so sweet
    But you are not allowed to cheat!
    The rules cannot be bent!!
    We cannot count this comment 🙂
    Even though it made us smile 🙂
    You’ll have to go that extra mile!!
    Who cares, and who glares,
    at Extra Marital Affairs
    When their is no spouse
    To bring down the house 🙂


  12. ha ha ha ha

    u know bad am I in this
    but try I will still
    N i call him
    we all exist for him
    since the IPL began
    and will not be till it …

    gosh i am really bad

    YAY!! Monika Thank You!!
    You are not bad at all
    I plan to respond to every rhyme,
    with a resounding, cheesy LOL 🙂


  13. Dedicated to The other half,

    Mere pyaar ki umar ho itni sanam
    Tere naam se shuru tere naam se khatam….

    How is this cheesy rhyme
    choriedfrom some idiotic Bollywood line?

    Copy cat Solilo from Bollywood stole
    IHM says rotfl and LOL
    (Couldn’t get cheesier you thought?
    My lol’s are the CHEESEiest of the lot!



  14. am sorely short on experience!!!
    but Since I am way past my adolescence,
    I can rhyme for your convenience!!!

    This “Disease” is like a virulence,
    Marriage is a science,
    some end in violence,
    and some work due to Silence,

    All I can say is that I am not yet ready coz I value my independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 😛 😛


  15. Pati, Patni or Woh,
    What you name them matters not,
    As long as their love they show
    As they ought.

    That’s the end of my pathetic attempt to rhyme,
    scared as i was, of comitting a crime.

    LOL lol that made me grin
    Now you’ve rhymed you are propah and prim 🙂


  16. a cute one 🙂
    Able to come up with none 😉

    😆 Hope its rhyming…. but not in the way you have mentioned 🙂

    LOL Kanagu this is fine 🙂
    Even if you did cheat
    I must opine,
    Your rhyme is indeed neat 🙂


  17. This blogger’s wife
    hates unhealthy life
    of sitting for hours
    till early hours
    But reads all of them
    say ‘good’ to most of them
    English is bad is the lament
    but see some good talent.


    • Charakan,
      The blogger’s wife is right
      About staying up till late at night 🙂
      But even if they disagree with your views on politics,
      On how some terrorise and some some are themselves terrors!
      Your readers will agree never to grammatical errors!


  18. Can the guys comment? 😉

    I call my wife, patniji or wifey. Does it count? *lol*

    It’s fun to see what we call them,
    do we give them fancy names
    or use some terms mundane?
    The guys also might like to explain
    How spouses think blogging is a pain!


  19. ahhh
    it has to be poetry!! I dint get that.
    Wait. I wrote this … : [bit long i think. And I suck at poetry BTW. ]

    Of Spices and Souls.

    I am cinnamon,
    He is cardamom,
    And in the disparities
    Of our nature’s,
    We are as one.

    He is a gentle
    Zephyr of sweet air,
    I am the truth…
    Burning your tongue.
    Too delicious to spit,
    Just yet.

    While he is calm
    I rage tempestuously.
    His anger is silent,
    As is my support.
    Where each of us
    Falls short,
    The other fulfills.

    Our blemishes,
    Remain unechoed
    In our spirits.
    Cardamom will calm you,
    Cinnamon will rouse passion,
    But in a cuppa char’
    What is but one without the other?

    In a most similar fashion,
    What am i without him?
    Or he sans me?
    Tranquility without ardour
    Is but placidity!
    Unbridled zeal,
    Is sheer fanaticism!
    Action exclusive of thought
    And contemplation without effect.

    I could persevere,
    Vis a vis
    spices and souls.
    Suffice to say
    I am in him
    With him i stand
    With me he is untamed
    We found our genuine essence.
    Our destinies entwined,
    Firmly knotted
    By someone wise!

    As one.

    I hope you read him this!
    This source of instant bliss!!
    I agree with your words so wise
    This poem has valuable advise!!


  20. Though without him my life
    Would not significantly function
    Yet the cat gets two whole posts
    And he in some posts a bare mention!

    Lol Allytude, I am the same,
    As the handsomest cat in the world,
    Sher Khan even has a blogging name!


  21. You want us to do rhymes IHM ?alrighteee…lets see what we’ve got..

    I can come up with none
    Coz I am married to no one!
    No person and therefore no name
    Cricket is an interesting game
    But I don’t follow it any longer, what an utter shame!

    As bad as that was, it was FUN to do… the last time someone asked me to write a poem was in the 9th…it was an assignment in school and i was soooo bad at it that i was asked to do it again and re-submit a btr version. lol.

    LOL from you rhyming in school
    You have amazingly improved!
    Blogging teaches more that schooling,
    this witty ditty has proved!!


  22. What do i say now?
    O.K. here i go.

    You told that the comment should rhyme,
    otherwise it would be crime.

    I am still single
    and yet to mingle

    I haven’t decided yet,
    as to what to call Mr. Right

    How i wish you had written this post after a while,
    (didn’t find any rhyming word for while :-D)
    So that i could have decided on what to call,
    it’s a matter of creativity after all!

    Writing a comment in this way isn’t easy,
    I end up writing something crazy.

    Phew!! I am done.
    Here’s my attempt at making things rhyme

    Thank You Mystery, Thanks a pile,
    you said you could not rhyme with ‘while’
    But still you wrote a rhyme long as a mile,
    Loved your rhyme, it made me smile 😉


  23. I am still single ,
    Wild,boisterous and young,
    All I do is roll n rock,
    Not yet ready to jump off the dock ,
    But the day I find a girl willing to mingle ,
    And whose company would make my heart tingle ,
    Then she, for sure , would star in my blog-o-life,
    As my better half, my soul mate, my dear wife .

    p.s. I wish the day does not come soon . 🙂

    Kislay It made me go rotfl, and lol
    when you hope it doesn’t happen soon!
    She’ll l mean so much to you,
    but you’d rather still, rock and roll!


  24. IHM…this site looks cute but I am still missing the old IHM blog 😦

    to answer ur query I call mine partner… (he partners in all my naughty ideas and life)

    As you wish ma’am, I am putting the old header now 🙂 I like the idea of having two adorable headers 🙂


  25. Not yet hitched in matrimony,
    But do u wanna hear of my honey?
    I cud tell u he’s all lovey-squeezy!
    But won’t that be a tad too cheesy?
    I shud come up with a suited title,
    Something exotic or a lil subtle?
    That’s how he is; often wild, often tame,
    Didn’t someone once ask: “what’s in a name?”

    I hope I did justice to this poem,
    Isn’t there an easier way to grow ‘em?
    Maybe like a mani plant or a flourishing beard,
    Shud I stop now, is it getting too weird?

    I really don’t know where this rhyme is going,
    Temme IHM, is my lunacy showing?

    😀 is it too late to inform u that i’m notorious for mindless rhymes with super mindless metaphors?! IHM!!! u asked for it! hee haw haw haw….

    you will be happy to know Crafty shines,
    Loony rhymes are also a passion of mine 😉
    If our talk of names for bloggers’ spouses
    veers towards money plants trailing on witches’ chocolate houses
    Then we will delight in their chocolate flavour
    As looney rhymes we savour 😛
    We will be glad Crafty’s laughter shines
    Through our loony rhymes, down to the last line 🙂


  26. i call him MIAMA
    the Man I Am Mad About
    which regularly changes
    when he makes me want to shout

    Then he’s MIAMA
    The Man I Am Mad At

    I never thought about it
    till today
    your blog gave me that jog

    the man is a dude
    no wonder he’s in my blog

    Okay, so bad poetry. but great blog. loved reading it : )


  27. Wow IHM this is great,
    Lets get one thing straight,

    I made my wife a star,
    But the blogging started a war,

    While I wrote poems for her,
    The star was too busy to bother,

    Eventually I thought of some evil,
    Out came from within the devil,

    May be its time to tie her up,
    and force her to read my stuff,

    However these are IPL times,
    so be weary of the wives,

    the volcano’s can go up any time,
    As it is cricket over time… !


  28. On my blog he is neutrally ‘the husband’
    because in my life he is both a foe and friend

    I am a blog-addict and love to read various views
    And love the opportunity it give me to think and muse

    I blog from home only when his work keeps him occupied
    He gets buried in his work and in the blog world I hide

    I love blogs but who knows this is just a phase
    The husband is my first love and this a new craze

    Between him and my blog, he still comes ahead
    I never blog if I can spend time with him instead


  29. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog since before it was on Word Press! Now I think I’ll finally comment!

    My Bear
    How I love your hair
    And how you are always fair
    Never ever do you dare
    To ever let me have a care
    And to me, your love you always share
    Oh My Bear, My Bear!

    HAHAHA completely dorky rhyme…but so much fun!

    Dorkiness factor is what makes
    Rhyming such a peace of cake 🙂
    Laughter riot is what we accept,
    the sillier, the better, we say, in fact!


  30. 🙂

    I simple call him M
    and tho it might sound lame
    i love him all the same
    and his comments on my blog show he is always game! 😀

    for him, being a good Dad
    is not just a fad
    so much he loves our l’il lad
    that sometimes even I feel bad!
    no wonder he calls me mad! :p




  31. Still single and def not ready to mingle
    havent met the ONE who makes my palms tingle 😀

    If you find him please do show him the way
    once love strikes it’ll be as clear as day 😀

    for now I am clueless about what to call this mythical creature
    still if push comes to shove we’ll call him my blog’s special feature
    SF would be the name and his mention would be rare
    coz I would have more interesting things to share…


    PS:-like so many friends I pray that the day doesn’t come soon…

    LOL Indyeah when you mention Special Feature,
    Spring to my mind two love-struck creatures,
    Hitchwriter’s brother cleaning his wardrobe to make space
    And OG’s friend with gore beauty-pack on his face 😉
    SF will be your TKISA no doubt,
    What’s TKISA? … not sure????
    The Guesser’s Cup is yours,
    If you can tell me what I am talking about!!


  32. I guess I was the winner,
    The one who objects is a sinner….

    he he he /…

    lol 🙂 You def took Rakesh’s post on humour very seriously, somebody is getting funnier by the day comments!


  33. Yeah you are right, he is Mr. Ex
    Life with him was crisis up to the neck
    I hoped it would be better now, but by heck
    Crisis remains, methinks he put a hex


  34. Thank you, for giving me the incentive to write a Rhyme…..

    Sometimes I do not understand my so called better half,
    But yet it is always with him, that I love to laugh.

    When Life and Living, is nothing but a test
    It is he only who gives me the peace and rest.

    32 years ago as a young passionate man, he came into my life,
    And soon I was his wife.

    Life for us has not been a joyride,
    But together, we learnt to swim against the tide.

    There are days when we are at logger heads,
    But very soon our temper descends.

    He is so hooked on blogging,
    And Poor Me is left to do the slogging.

    The world is not peaceful and right,
    And this gets him all cordite

    Man of Principles, no malice, no spite.
    I hate to say this…Yes ‘Joe’ you are my Mr. Right.

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh I did it.We should do more stuff like this..Thank you, once again.

    Thank YOU Poonam for this heart warming rhyme!!
    Made me feel I have known you for a very long time…
    Reading this rhyme made me feel so good,
    God bless you, and ‘Joe’ your dude 🙂


  35. Joe……my dude [all of 56yrs. old] made me smile. I call him Joe becaz thats how he was known in the IAF. …All Joshis are Joe in the IAF. …I am still smiling..Thanks IHM.

    56 Years!!! And I thought I am the oldest blogger around 🙂


  36. Was just going through your archives. Great idea for a post. Oh well, she doesn’t know I blog or I’d be dead by now! 🙂

    Me – But she will find out sooner or later… look forward to reading about it then!!! 😆 !!!


  37. Oh I have been amiss
    How did I ever miss this!
    Especially when my name is
    The very first in the list.

    Yes, tongue firmly in cheek
    To pull his long feet I seek
    So refer to him as the Lord and Master,
    But reality is a different matter.


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