What would Taliban say to Juno?

This video can be very disturbing.

\”Please stop it,\” she begs, alternately whimpering or screaming in pain with each blow to the backside. \”Either kill me or stop it now.\”

A video showing a teenage girl being flogged by Taliban fighters has emerged from the Swat Valley in Pakistan… The two-minute video, shot using a mobile phone, shows a burka-clad woman face down on the ground. Two men hold her arms and feet while a third, a black-turbaned fighter with a flowing beard, whips her repeatedly.For being seen with a man.

The girl in the video is 17, same age as a girl studying in class XII. How old is that? Girls at 17 are giggling and gossiping about which boys they think are cute, and if the giggling is reciprocated maybe they go out. Sometimes without the parents’ knowledge. They might bunk school or college, maybe deceive the \’authorities\’ and ruin their future either by neglecting school work, or by getting into ‘serious trouble’, and since we do not live \’abroad\’ they cannot hope to have the baby and find her loving adoptive parents like Juno could.

(If you have not seen the movie yet, please do.)

There are chances of their being put in a situation where they take their own lives, because we believe that for girls there is no life after dishonour. Nothing happens to the boy.

Without getting into how wrong or how unacceptable it is for a girl to behave so immorally or irresponsibly, I wonder if WE have the moral right to have such control over another human life and body, for any reason, even for ‘ her own good’?

And then how is it good for her that she can be beaten in pubs, flogged in public, or offered the option of marrying her rapist.

How is it good for her that we have created a society where another rapist declared the victim ‘too used’ to marry his son.

We have made so much of a girl’s virginity and her reputation, that she will not be able to tell if the rapist is not a stranger, but her own father? Malayalidoc, a doctor in Kerala, wrote a post about incest leading to AIDS here. And we see how we have enough control over her life to decide if she is better dead.


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  1. In the beginning all of us thought this video is a real one and were shocked to watch this. Almost every channel in this country displayed the video; in their regular news hours, talk shows and specialty anchored programmes. So It has received a tremendous coverage from the media, from the civil society and almost every conscious human being in Pakistan.
    Pakistan though an Islamic country, thank God is not that primitive and conservative a society which they have in Afghanistan. Hence there has been a spate of anger and protests by almost everybody in every walk of life.
    I have been myself been to this beautiful Swat Valley many a times and people there are as peace minded, law abiding as anywhere else. The things we hear now, watch on our tellies and read in newspapers are quite strange and unknown phenomena there. The sense of shock that has prevailed over this recent incident has resulted in a full fledged enquiry by the president and prime minister of Pakistan. The country’s reinstated Chief Justice of country’s highest court who earned a repute amongst the masses for his valor to initiate Sou Motos even on such cases or events where the former president (who was also the army chief then) and his hand picked prime minister were found playing fishy.
    Let us hope facts start coming out of a highly hyped situation where Taliban have been painted as the villains in the whole episode.
    The fact remains that Taliban are a creation of the US. Whatever they did, was put into their minds in such a scientific way that they have evolved themselves, an Islam to their own taste and liking. This Islam stands in no way the belief of the majority of the nation of Islam.
    In today’s report, the Head of civil administration in Mingora, the district headquarters of the vale of Swat has confirmed on a solemn oath that the video has been tailored to malign the situation in Pakistan to fit into an agenda of the power that be, so that what the neocons had been trying to do in Bush era, would now do it with even more freer hand under Obama administration.
    Let the final verdict on this video come to surface. We would then perhaps be better placed to comment.
    Should however, this prove to be at ruthful event, and then there is no question that this will go unchecked. Pakistani society at large is now more modern, more knowledgeable and more alert on these issues than ever before. The perpetrators who ever they may be, should be and will be brought to the book. Taliban or no Taliban, they will have to face the wrath of the people. Because as far as our governments are concerned, for them it is a matter of just the deal with the power that be to get a “fee” and then get silent over the matter (as the ex president Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf did) by handing over about 700 people to the Bush administration and no body knows what happened to them. Thanks to the Human Rights Watch in Hong Kong and Yvonne Ridley of the UK who raised a voice and we have learnt at least of another innocent cage bird, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in US prison for a fault which even a third rate lawyer in Pakistan would say is ‘flimsy’ + ‘fabricated’ and hence not winnable in the court.
    Nayyar Hashmey


  2. It was horrible.. I dont know as to how people do this… they must be insane…..

    Yes Ajit this has to be insanity.
    Is is possible to get all the newer comments from blogspot to here Ajit?


    • i dont know ihm…. the import option does state that redundent posts would not be imported….. so maybe you could give it a try once again…. but i am not sure! 🙂

      Ajit I imported all the newer comments and also the newer posts, it worked: ) -IHM


  3. IHM, This video is horrible.. It is unbelievable that people are capable of such cruelty and how the ‘blame’ and the onus of the ‘sin’ is on the girl!
    Girls being asked to marry their rapists – Can’t imagine the logic behind it!!

    I have seen Juno – and it is such a heartwarming movie.. The parents are so understanding.. Wonder when things would reach that state in our part of the world..


    • I loved Juno and it contrasts so completely with the tribal, primitive attitudes we seem surrounded by… But I saw women in Pakistan protesting against this and that gave me hope. I feel they must be going through such hell right now. .. . it will be like ‘A thousand splendid suns’ for them. have you read this book by the author of Kite Runner Smitha? I prefer A thousand splendid Suns to Kite Runner, (though I loved both).


  4. The latest news on the subject tells that Chand Bibi who is presumably the girl who was flogged by the Taliban, has denied that any such event occurred to her.
    Simultaneously the C.J. of Pakistan’s apex court has ordered for a detailed report from the concerned authorities including the police and demanded the home secretary GOP to produce the girl in the court.
    Let us see if this video has been “cooked” up or is a real one. I have seen that video clip and can’t imagine a girl having been flogged thirty four times by men and then she stands up straight and starts walking to her home at a brisk pace. But should this to be a true, then it is as much a matter of shame for us to have allowed such barbarism in Pakistan, as it is shameful for the US authorities to have done cruel justice to that cage bird called Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in the US. We would not be able to exonerate ourselves from this shameful act within our own home if it turns out to be a truthful event, but again as I said before, let the truth come out of this smoke screen which has been erected all over the country through the media.

    Nayyar Hashmey


  5. Love your new blog space IHM. very nice!
    About the post, its is just so scary, really!

    Goofy Mamma welcome to my new home online 🙂
    The post is brutal – but I saw women in Pakistan are protesting, so there is hope. Don’t you think this should be an eye opener for those who support ‘saving the culture’ and ‘religion’ kind of leaders? From beating and molesting in pubs, to flogging in public is not very far? Also I think this spills into the thinking of those minds that are conservative anyway ….


  6. No place is free from sickos. They roam free because of official blindness and public apathy. Only the civil society of that place Swat or Mangalore can teach them a lesson.
    I agree.
    Why not send Pink Chaddis to the Taleban and mortify them a bit more?
    I think Pink Chaddis Campign has served it’s purpose, this will require a different approach. Not sure what that would be, though I did see Pakistani women protesting.


  7. 😦 Poor girl, lets export some of the rapists from India to Afghanistan, that will be so nice of “us” 😀

    Oh you mean that is what Taleban will say to Juno?! I didn’t understand it first!


  8. Welcome to WP IHM. Great decision. Now I don’t have to shift to firefox just to comment on your blog 🙂 Btw, the blog theme is pretty cool. Are you using CSS ?

    A lot of people complained that they faced problems in commenting, I hope this solves that … and for me it will be a million times easier to replying to comments here 🙂 -IHM


  9. @indianhomemaker – that anonymous comment about sending pink chaddis to the Taleban was my comment – I don’t know how it didn’t feature my name. 🙂

    See now your name is there but no url! I feel it’s better if your comment is linked to your blog… I can visit your blog quick!


  10. I loved the Juno trailer! And why should we feel morally superior to the Swat valley? We kill our unborn baby girls! Its sick

    Yes, absolutely LOVED Juno 🙂
    I didn’t mean we are superior, I have said we are no better, look at what happened in Mangalore … and I agree our girl baby killing is no better.
    And these taliban men …. too sick to watch, I wanted to snatch the whip and thrash the men with the same thing. They are no better than serial killers, they enjoy another living creature suffering. We couldn’t watch it, they did it.


    • Whats happening in Swat is legal according to its law.

      What happened in Mangalore was illegal . Nor is female foeticide legal in India.

      Thats the difference between the two.


  11. Dude I can watch the video, if you get time, email me the link.

    I will send you the links, for both the videos, ok.


  12. this what they calll ” Good Taliban” .. the bad Taliban has guns you know …

    I feel so bad Dinu… and always in the beginning some people will say they think these guys are their saviors! By the time they realise, it is too late 😦


  13. Am late here 😦

    But… glad to see you too, at WordPress… 🙂
    Could not bring myself to see the first video; and yes it is such a shame that here and now, this new millenium, such primitive practices and backward ideas flourish….

    Sad sad sad…. with no hope?

    Yes, heartbreakingly sad. I saw on TV when I last found time to switch it on, that women were protesting, I hope there is still hope, what will we do without even hope?


  14. Nice blog IHM! and you already have my comments on this one- on the blogger post.

    WELCOME :)))) how delighted to see you here!!!!
    I would to have your comment on the post on the Lesser Evil please!


  15. These comments from Blogger did not get imported despite numerous attempts, so I am copy pasting them here, to be able to have the discussion in one single place.

    Sahaja OMG!!!!!!!! thats def no where near GOD….cant even say its men behavign as animals,arghhhhhhhhhhh

    Indian Home Maker And Sahaja compare this to Juno, and her life and the choices she had.

    hitch writer – Why is every one showing this video all the time…


    These talibani’s are perverts and nothing more…

    what is amazing is no one in Pakistan wants to stop them…

    I havent seen that movei Juno… may be i ll see it…

    These days it seems the number of perverts are growing like nething… its scary really… !

    Indian Home Maker I just wanted to show the contrast – compare this with Juno, do take a look at the video, you will see the difference. It conveys what the movie wants to convey.

    hitch writer i get it IHM, just sick of these perverts…. they seem to haunt me…

    and they are everywhere !
    Indian Home Maker Pathetic situation .. and it seems to be creeping towards us.

    rm what shall i write?? where does a women right begin? where does it end? from laws made to protect her..which are now used to oppress her

    bind by notions..virginity, respect, obeideance…

    Indian Home Maker – rm Laws made o protect are the ones that usullay imprison. It’s better to let her be free and independent, like in the West, and only make laws that treat her as an individual – she is human first.


    Am not surprised. I mean, what’s different between what the Ram Sene did to the girls in Mangalore and this video? Not much. Or for that matter what Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sean and the rest of the chaddi gang does during Valentine’s day? Not much different.

    Both are different versions of taliban. We have a copy of them here in our country too. Sad. And we boast that we have a free judiciary and free press.

    Indian Home Maker Yes Philip I absolutely agree. We do have our very own Taliban right here, and many of think they are good for us 😦

    Sahaja and U know what IHM?? Juno is more about how best to bring out the Baby since she felt being a teenage mom, she might not be able to take care of kid soo early!!
    Its entirely a diff perspective….the way her parents react and all…its just soo different!!

    Its a different problem here IHM believe me!! Nothing is soo good……All teenage moms are not as sensible as Juno! Support ya, she got a lot from parents positively….Not all get that…but ya atleast they are not cursed like this! This is deff worse and inhuman !!

    I agree Sahaja, we kind of consider that the end of a girl’s life, because she is no longer a virgin. We can forgive murder, drugs addiction, cheating, bribking, but we refuse to accept that a young girl can sometimes be irresponsible. And more importantly she wasn’t alone in this irresponsible act.

    Excess of anything is bad IHM haina??Thats what I believe in….

    hum apni marzi ki maalik tab honge jab humko apna marzi patha hai…

    Sahaja I feel it is important to raise our children to think for themselves, and only guide them. (Parents can not and should not hold a child’s hands all their lives), See …like how mother birds teach their children to fly, we need to teach our children to take decisions, sensible decisions, and also accept that sometimes their decisions will not be what we would have chosen for them – and respect them and love them enough to still support them. Like Juno’s parents supported her, no parents can want a teenage pregnancy, but the choice is between whether to let her ruin her life, ostracized and condemned (no such rules for boys) or to stand by her side, and help her take serious decisions which will affect her entire life. In India we almost write off a girl’s future – if something like this happens. Again no such condemnation for boys. The issue is not teenage pregnancy because thousand of young girls are married off and have more than one child as teenagers! The issue is virginity..

    patha hai IHM, last month i was searching for a new flat to move in na, then i saw a flat which i liked the most…but when i enquired abt area and all…i was told, the flat row next to mine are of council’s n they gave it to rehabiliating teenage moms….and my collegues said you better dont take! these collegues were english too IHM….and these girls are may 16-19 , drugs and all coz of bad company and dont have enuf strength to come out of it, neither are aware of what they are losing….but they keep babies with them amongst all this not out of love but for the allowances and money they get from government….and so govt had to change it from money allowance to services allowances like baby food, goods, clothers etc!

    Uh – oh !! I did generalise a bit but my point is not all girls are as sensible as Juno !and none of us have the right to spoil a baby’s life !!

    R.V .

    Arrrgh! This is frustrating. When I see things happening here in India, I cringe. Then I see such things and wonder if we are really better off. What is the cause of this disparity?

    I saw Juno and my first reaction was : Would this really happen in India? And now you echo my thoughts..What is happening here? and there? What is the future I wonder!
    The biggest thing about Juno is there is no one judging her for her loss of virginity, the issue is her baby, and here also she has a say in what happens. I loved the movie too!

    Sunita That was the most disturbing thing that I have ever seen.
    In every whimper and scream I hear my daughter.
    I fear this world that she is growing up in, increasingly intolerant and self-righteous. Increasingly sadistic and feeling it has every right to be so.

    Yeah Sunita I feel exactly the same way.


    Thats the worst inhuman thing happening in the name of talibanism IHM… i dont know why the people were not protesting against them. they have done enough damage to human race… its time for them to get lost.. no pakistan or UN or US will help these poor people… they must act… and I didnt watched the film juno yet.. heard its a nice one

    Kanaguonline I agree, they are so dangerous!


    Taliban is a big demon .
    Every demon has to die one day, as death of taliban is near they are struggling and trying to show there powers by beating female.

    Yes sm I also really hope so!

    Winnie the poohi

    😦 😦

    I feel so profoundly sad.. I dunno what to say really .. the outrage i generally feel seem to be deadening.. its like I want to believe that nothing would change and umm move on

    And yet the other part of me wants to may be start some secret society to combat this shitasses and kill them as brutally as they do 😦

    how can anyone be soo soo cruel ? so so evil ?

    I feel the same frustration! Couldn’t watch the video either…. it’s frightening and it seems to be happening in India too.

    RGB “I wonder if WE have the moral right to have such control over another human life and body,”

    No government or any other organization should have any right over personal life of a citizen. Family of the person can exert it to a certain extent.

    I totally agree!


    The Video has been heart wrenching… and it’s being shown way too many times…
    Juno is an awesome movie – I loved it! 🙂

    Oh yes! I loved Juno too and the contrast is sad. Why can’t both the girls have the same choice in how they live their lives.


  16. What indeed can one say to this?
    There’s no point even reasoning with people like these.
    Killing them ALL will only create more such crackpots.
    What is the solution? Even if its imaginary…what is it?

    I know this is maddeningly frustrating! The solution might be being aware of the traps. When we accept gender bias in the name of religion/culture/traditions, we encourage such attitudes. We have the power to change it by never gossiping about women who do make bold or unusual choices in life. We can let women just be … something as little as that can make a difference.


  17. The Pakistan incident is totally inhumane; but if one remembers, after the immense uproar created by media and Human rights activists a Pakistani lady finally managed to have the courage to fight back. She even started a school. The last we hear about her is that she finally consented to marry the policeman who was asked to protect her. Seems he was smitten by the courage shown by this lady. But then this was before the current “Talibinisation”. I do hope the sane ones left in Pakistan will do something…

    but then there was even a worse video and I could only blog helplessly

    This gender equality will continue in the name of religion or culture and we can only pray that it does not spill over to India. The B’lor incident was an eye opener to many.

    As for Juno. I think the below review sums it up
    “This is the course followed by most coming-of-age stories, though not many are so daring in their treatment of teenage pregnancy, which this film flirts with presenting not just as bearable but attractive.

    Kids, please! Heed the cautionary whale. But in the meantime, have a good time at “Juno.” Bring your parents, too.”
    The cautionary word for the kids is to be noted. As much as we agree with the film, I would like to join Sahaja in saying that there ought to be a balance in everything. America and other countries are now grappling with the “fruits” of the freedom that was liberally given to it’s citizens. Freedom is great but an unborn child also has the right to live in a good environment. Most of us were lucky to have parents who were there for us.. to shield us from tough choices or to give us a word of caution. Hope I am not being judgmental in saying that every “Juno” mother would have been happier if they never had to face such tough choices.

    Happy Kitten I partly agree, but in India a girl like Juno would have been thrown out of her house or forced to abort, unless she was married because in India teenage pregnancy is only condemned if there are moral involved. Her health or her choices are not even a consideration. So the rights of the unborn child are no consideration! I wanted to show how in one part of the world a girl can expect respect, and rights and dignity and freedom as a right, she is not doomed for getting pregnant, while in another she can be treated like the girl in the video.

    Guess in the end how much we cry over the unfairness the following saying holds true… “if a thorn falls on the leaf or if the leaf falls on the thorn; it is the leaf that suffers”
    We can take a step towards changing this, by admitting it need not hold true.

    (it is a mallu saying to keep the girls in their place 🙂 and I still resent it for it’s unfairness)It is not just virginity
    It is virginity if is found out, if nobody knows no problem! And no such rules for boys. But aren’t both equally capable of making mistakes, and shouldn’t both have an equal chance to move on … I feel we just refuse to support our daughters, out of habit… no?

    but it is the precious time in their lives that the girls lose. (9 months can be tougher if accompanied with pregnancy related ailments)
    Happy Kitten just think, if after the loss of 9 months, should they be allowed to, encouraged to move on, or should they be made to feel like the worst criminals in the world …

    And even in case of “Juno” mother the final loss is only for the girl…. I am sure she would love to keep the child if she could…. gender inequality at its worst, we could say..
    The boy also could not keep the baby, even if he wanted to!

    So as parents (not any Sena’s) let us also remember the “not so smart girls” who needs words of caution. In fact “Juno” can be an educational movie.

    Absolutely! Juno is an educational movie for not just the kids but also us the parents 🙂
    The not so smart girls can go on to live happy lives the way it seems Juno would… but the girl being flogged in the video, she has no hope. We are only a little better than them when it comes to judging some of our children, the other gender is given dangerous amounts of freedom – with a generous dose of over-hearing how it’s the rose not the thorn who must pay the price, we can’t expect hem to respect the other 50% population as equals… that ‘one of them is just a disadvantaged gender holds true’ is an unhealthy conditioning for both the genders.


  18. 2 B’s mommy

    I couldn’t even watch the whole video and that poor girl was going through it 😦

    Haven’t seen Juno, will watch it if I find the DVD here.


    lets all collectively commit suicide…let the men live alone and lets see from the heaven’s how they cope…

    feddabonn @pinku: can some of us join you?


  19. Lets say we live in different worlds. And I guess we will continue to live in them as long people are quick to start condemning “the problems of permissive societies”. I do not think IHM was talking about promiscuity here,rather about understanding humane societies that are not quick to condemn. I do not know about other people, but for myself, the Westerners I see are as against teenage pregnancies, premarital sex and the rest of the baggage promiscuity(!!!) brings as any one else. Even as much as the very value oriented societies that are very brutal to their women are. The difference is , people and society are more realistic. They do not sweep it under the carpet as a problem to be dealt with brutally. Rather treat it as something that should be addressed. And even here he very values oriented groups foist the same kind of “abstinence only” or “true love waits” coupled with no comprehensive sex education on youngsters- don’t see that working. What works is a realistic treatment of sex and all the taboos associated with it- a grown up way of dealing with mistakes young people can make and a support system in society to deal with- a support system that comes not of categorizing women either into the goddess or whore category, but into treating people as people- capable of making mistakes.

    IHM Alankrita you express it the best! I couldn’t agree more. I agree with everything , and this is what we really need to keep in mind, “What works is a realistic treatment of sex and all the taboos associated with it- a grown up way of dealing with mistakes young people can make and a support system in society to deal with- a support system that comes not of categorizing women either into the goddess or whore category, but into treating people as people- capable of making mistakes.”


  20. Gauri Gharpure

    and now she has refused to come up in court.. such is fear.. I hate to think of ‘the pact’ to ward of terror and problems in the region. the pak govt. has literally put a stamp of approval on Taliban thus.. And they insist they are the ‘good taliban’ they have trusted.. makes your head go dizzy


    • Yes Gauri and what I (rather selfishly) worry is that in subtle ways we see it reaching it’s tentacles in our society too … I hope I am wrong of course!


  21. Happy Kitten

    Did understand what IHM was trying to say and I am sure the free societies are trying to “deal” with their problems in a realistic way, but let us accept the truth that it is not working as it should.

    What I tried to convey is that when we can make case studies of such free societies who have tried and tested their freedom, it is only prudent for us to have a cautionary approach. India has her own culture which in earlier times did not take a restrictive approach to women.
    Happy Kitten Indian culture has examples of Kuti who had to float away Karan.

    If that was the case, we would not have a women Prime Minister (second only to Sri Lanka) even before any other Western country would we?

    List of Women Presidents, Prime Ministers and Heads of State
    In order of the year they took office.

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike, prime minister of Sri Lanka – 1960, 1970, 1994

    Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India – 1966, 1980

    Golda Meir, prime minister of Israel – 1969

    India is a land of extremes, we also have a 7.5:10 gender ratio.

    Guess I was only being realistic, since prevention is always better than cure.
    I agree about prevention being better than cure, but I was talking about everybody being given a chance to move on.

    Mistakes can happen and they definitely require a humane approach, but within the framework of our own rich heritage, let us find a way out.
    Why do you think we should find solutions within the frame work of our heritage, why not take the best from all over the world? And how happy Kitten?


  22. When I saw this video, I was numb. To think that we are living in the 21st century!

    So, it’s not okay for her to leave the house with an ‘unrelated’ man, but perfectly alright for three unrelated men to touch her, pin her down, pull up her burqa and whip her. Wah! What justice!

    Exactly how I felt, couldn’t watch it. These things are beyond everything civilised or sane. Fundamentalism is so sick and dangerous…


  23. IHM you have moved! Congrats on your new home!
    As for your post, you know what my feelings are. Absolutely with you on this one. Alankrita has put it well.

    Yes I know we feel the same way on this Shail. Alankrita expresses our feelings brilliantly here.
    Hey but you are here for the first time today!
    WELCOME to my new home in the blogosphere Shail 🙂


  24. Ok, I feel up to typing some now. When I saw this video, I wept so much. My parents were upset both by the video and how it was affecting everyone at home. My bro said, “I’ll kill the f***ing b******s” and my Dad didn’t even wince at his language. He used the ‘f’ word the first time at home. But he didn’t realise, and nor did anyone else. We were that shocked.
    I really don’t know what we can do for those people, especially the women but also the men who are forced to see this happen to their women. I also don’t know when this will end for them. What could anyone have done to deserve to live under the Taliban regime? Why does no nation, no person, no organisation do anything about this?


  25. why are we being so hypocritical?
    – if i remember right 48% of all women married in India are below 18 yrs of age.
    – Mangalore happened
    – A women journalist returning home from work at 4 am is killed in noida and all sheila dixit can say is ” women should not be out late”. wtf.

    So many more examples. The Taliban are asshole but there is a difference. We claim to be a “democracy”, have rights blah blah blah and abuse women – physically and emotionally . The Taliban is a bit more clear in saying women HAVE no rights and punishing them. Take your pick.


  26. IHM – nice blog.

    Talibans are insecure people who are scared that their women may elope if not caged at home. @Satya, I agree to your point that we are being hypocritical when we think we are in a better state. These atrocities are happening everywhere. Our Bajrang Dal is no better than Taliban.

    These people think they are god sent people.
    I sometimes wonder what could be an ideal solution for this.
    All those staunch believers of GOD rather fundamentalists should be given an option to transfer them self to a place where some temples are built for them and declare it is their country or else should renounce their beliefs. . I know it’s very silly..all these dont work in reality.
    Huh! …. Its a big network..If every government in the world whole heartedly wishes to end this, It would not take much time. …


  27. it is sad,brutal,against no only woman but against human being!
    Juno /talibans….
    but we hope one day …..”A thousand splendid suns”…will be raise there!
    sorry for my poor english

    Isabel Thank You for commenting. I also hope so!
    If this video (and other videos like this) don’t open our eyes then nothing can.
    And hey Isabel, your English is fine 🙂


  28. heyyy! wont comment on shifting to wordpress or about the video. rest of the junta has done that in the last 37 comments 😀

    how are you? I tried but couldnt stay away from the blog for too long, so just published something new yesterday 😛 all for perseverance and being with book. blah!

    tell me how the wordpress experience is…ive been considering this for a while too. and does that mean your blogger blog will be put to sleep? 😦


  29. I don’t dare to watch the video as it will leave me in a state of mad rage. The post and the thoughtful comments thereafter have well exposed the different intricacies of the matter. When I watched Juno, I didn’t think about the matter with this perspective. But what struck me that the movie was not intended to make you feel-good. The way the adopting couple splits up!

    A lot of comments have rightly talked about the ‘Talibanisation’ of India. The Mangalore incident, the Valentine’s Day miscreants….. and the talk of Westernization. To all such people, I have only one thing to say, any culture is fluid and it is bound to change. If we like some Western influences, there is no one authorized to question it. I decide my own culture.

    Moving to a more focused topic — gender inequality. What pains me is not that our ancestors have had this practice, but my peers show no sign of moving beyond it. I will give you the most common example — many students (and this includes many from high-profile co-eds) just don’t talk to girls unless for some very specific purpose. How will they go on to have a normal working relationship with them!! There is no magic wand here.

    In my family, which is a fairly modern in thoughts, I have had some intense debates on what the role of women is supposed to be. In my opinion, exactly equal. So I often joke around that some time down the line, when you come to my home, don’t expect to be served food, because I don’t cook and will not expect my partner to cook for me.

    I am a great proponent of social media, but I don’t think we are at a level where we make a difference to the masses. If some group attacks girls like the way they did in Mangalore, what would I have done. Putting up a fight would have been in vain because we would have been outnumbered and out-thought. We aren’t used to fighting physically, are we? I don’t have an answer, and unless I have it I feel certain hypocrisy in my comment.

    I hope I do well enough to buy some guns and then shoot them all down. Is it practical? No, but there isn’t anything else in my thoughts

    I didn’t see any hypocrisy in your comment Rohit. Our thoughts are what motivate us to act, when we think right we are already on our way…I think you are amazing in your thinking. It’s the thinking that accepts the fluidity of cultures, and equality of genders that is going to see us through these politically tumultuous period. Do blog about you views, we need such write ups. You never know who is reading your views, and who you might influence, do blog about why it is okay to change for the better.


  30. Not sure if I am late in commenting.. dint know that u moved to wordpress and hence missed ur posts in my reader…

    IHM; If you and many other woman bloggers have turned out to be what they are now, do I thank the Indian culture or the Western? So I guess most of us know what is good for us; we have chosen it ourselves in the backdrop of our own culture I assume.

    Happy Kittten I understand what you mean. I think we grew up in a very progressive environment, with strong parents, and we read the right books, including Reader’s Digest… my parents always said, we are so quick to take the drinking from the west but not their respect for individual liberty. I see some people who condemn the west do that only selectively, like they don’t mind men wearing western clothes, or learning English… so it seems more a case of picking what they find convenient… I think the best thing about the western culture is there women are freer than we are. They take crimes against women seriously. They don’t blame rape victims. Women there are not forced to kill their unborn daughters, they value both sons and daughters, no dowry, no bride burning, and where ever their is atrocity like domestic violence they do have support. A rape victim will not be forced to kill herself. Girls are not forced to marry men they may not like. And husbands there are more supportive. In laws respect their son’s wives. … these things we can lean from them, no?There is no doubt Kerala women have better rights, but even here we see gender bias.

    but what I meant to say is that America has not won the fight and hence it is not wise to follow their mistakes. Iran would be a good example since they went from one extreme to the other.
    As for As for me, I never had any relatives in Amercia during my growing up years and hence my exposure to the American culture was only through “Readers Digest” and maybe all those fiction and non fiction books. Besides, the state of Kerala is not really opressive for women and hence my knowledge of the Indian culture could be wrong? Maybe I need to move to another state to really know the state of affairs or try to think differently.

    A state can be considered respectful towards women if they can go out alone, shop alone, if required live alone …and if there is no dowry demand, and having a daughter is not considered a curse (Kerala scores here no doubt), also if women can choose who they wish to spend their lives with, or what careers they wish to take, or whether they wish to work or not…how many children they wish to have or not to have.


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  34. First video and one link (last one) isn’t working.
    I want to see the first video.

    Me – In the fist video a brother is holding his sister down and a creepy man is also holding her down and they are flogging her. She is screaming… It is horrible. The video was working, I will try and see what is wrong and I will try and correct it.

    I appreciate IHM for the Attempt on the issue.


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