Not Pink. He hates Pink.

What did you think this post was about? I know pink is generally associated with …. blushes but…

This post is about the handsomest cat in the world, he doesn’t like Pink, he has been neutered so he has been called GAY, but I know he is MACHO, because I found he hates pink. He chose to sleep on a blue cushion.

Edited to add: Ms Renuka Chaudhary asked this! 🙂
Some of us might want to apply for Ms Nirmala Venkatsh’s post, because she has been sacked.
I will be responding to Ms B soon.


21 thoughts on “Not Pink. He hates Pink.

  1. The cat is so kewt!

    And ah miss B’s post.. i read it through.. and commented there! I feel so angry on such ppl who give “present society” as an excuse for every damn thing!


  2. Just read the post Ms. A and Ms. B. This is indeed a confusing issue, one that doesn’t really have crystal clear answers and I guess, she’s got some clarity of thought.

    But again I think, there can be no excuse for molestation and hence my objection with the term “provocative” dressing.

    Yes, if the discussion is on Modesty and appropriate dressing, fine, few of her arguments are valid but not in defense of Men who are animals.


  3. I read all three links. Renuka Chaudhary rocks, really! You should respond to Ms.B really, I would love to read what you have to say on that!


  4. @Winnie the Poohi – Yeah and how women are expected to adjust to this men getting provoked from country to country, culture to culture … sari is most modest somewhere, immodest elsewhere, salwar kurta is modern somewhere, traditional somewhere – and all in the name of protection/modesty/provocation/tradition/society!

    @Monika :)Check out the Renuka Chowdhury link, you will have Monday morning Pinks tomorrow 🙂

    @Goofy mamma YES! She truly rocks 🙂 This made my day, suddenly everything turned from blue to pink 🙂


  5. @Rakesh Sometimes you know the logic is wrong, but need to think why is it so wrong… we have been fed a lot of conditioning, sometimes it can confuse, Just saying ‘what crap’, won’t be enough. Such questions actually help in organizing your thoughts.

    …but I agree with this much…’but not in defense of Men who are animals.’


  6. Adorable!

    I have a cat which is adorning a blue collar in spite of being a chic female!

    Well.. she is the forward kinds with no colour defining her feminity! 😉


  7. @Nimmy -Muthalik? Oh yeah, no this post is about my cat 🙂

    @Reema I saw on your side bar!!

    @Solilo Should I change our lab’s name from Gubbhar Singh to Pubbhar Singh?


  8. I agree with Chirag IHm:))your cat looks like Garfield:)such a baby!aww….and look at the the contentment in the second pic…:) Roylaty couldnt have had it any better!:D
    He’s a darling!pink or no pink;)


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