This Can Become A Turning Point …

It’s up to us. If there was ever a time when we Indians were seriously disillusioned with our representatives (politicians), it is now.

First the Mumbai Terror attacks, when we were shaken awake by the indifference of our representatives.

Then came the jolt of a violent attack on citizens in a Pub by some men who belonged to a political group, who not only broke a law (laws?) by attacking innocent, law abiding citizens but also claimed to be doing it for a good cause (And till then we thought only Taliban did that.)
Now there is a chance that they might win elections when they should not be fighting elections in the first place.

I have always felt that if we put curbs on freedom, the ordinary citizens will be the first to loose their freedom…

Sounds like a hopeless situation?
Fortunately we can still make a difference.
We can encourage educated, law abiding citizens to join politics by voting for them. We will be setting a precedence and helping others, many others who fear that Politics is not for the ordinary citizen.
These elections can be a turning point.

1. Neelam Katara (mother of Nitish Katara, who was allegedly murdered by a powerful politician’s son and nephew), who won national fame for her fight against the alleged killers of her son, may contest elections in Delhi… sources tell CNN-IBN

We do know this woman is a law abiding citizen and that she showed exemplary courage in the face of the worst nightmare a mother could have faced.

2. Then there is Arun Bhatia from Pune, who speaks of transparent participatory governance.”
Read more about People’s Guardian” party formed by Arun Bhatia here, he says,
“Our ideology is simple. It is to give every honest Indian a better life and freedom from fear.

3. EDITED TO ADD: Lok Paritran (from Bones‘ blog) …’new party with a vision and wanting change’

There are many other such candidates, even if we do not think they are charismatic, if they are just honest, let’s vote for them to begin a process of cleansing this system.
For more information, or to find out if the candidate you wish to vote for has any criminal antecedents, click below.

If we manage to vote in some candidates with clean records, many more will be encouraged to join.
If we don’t wake up now, I fear we will forever be ruled by … FEAR.

Do add more names of vote-worthy candidates here…
We need to know there is hope for non-violence and democracy still.


45 thoughts on “This Can Become A Turning Point …

  1. this is a good initiative. it makes sense.. dont vote for the criminals, clean out the system. if u dont like any of them, vote to say u dont vote for anyone.
    i cant think of one politician to add to that list of honest politicians.


  2. A very informative post, it would get highly spread by this place. I’ve visited the website before, and appreciate these initiatives. Though i wish we had some changes in present structure of choosing of representatives, but for that we’ve got to face and do accordingly the present situations.

    Besides, i would appreciate your views on this query of mine that: Whom should I vote for, PM or MP ? I mean should i vote for MP of my choice, or for MP who supports the PM of my choice?


  3. good one IHM… and these words are great:
    If we manage to vote in some candidates with clean records, many more will be encouraged to join.

    let more people with clean records come in…


  4. This is a good initiative and hope with all of us bloggers joining hands we can make a difference. Just a little too much optimism I guess still..

    Media these days always leans to a political outfit of their choice and hence become biased when it comes to this issue and several others which includes big names.


  5. Being optimistic is the first step and just like the protests by bloggers and then in turn also the non bloggers who came out with combined effort on the streets to support valentine’s day, we can achieve little by little and there is no better time than now. IHM, thank you for this post!


  6. Being optimistic is fine, but I’m afraid, this is a bit too far fetched 😦

    And secondly, what may be vote worthy for one, might not be vote worthy for another.

    Every election there are scores of independent candidates who believe they can make a difference but sadly nobody else believes in them.

    (Somehow, feeling very cynical today)


  7. @Rakesh What choice do we have? Either vote in some decent guys belonging to any party and sort of give a message that we don’t want criminals … or live in fear. Do take a look at People’s Guardians’ party’s web site, ours is a country where we need minimal encouragement to start anything, Miss Indias, Cricketers, good engineers, astronomers, just give us na opportunity, I am sure once (and IF) the trend sets in we will all kinds of good and bad people joining, why not try … ??


  8. @Ajit Yeah, he looks good. Do add more names if you know any …

    @Pixie We can make a difference, and may be this is our last chance …

    @Angel’s Flight Do vote and do vote for someone good.

    @Sandhya Being optimistic is the first step and just like the protests by bloggers and then in turn also the non bloggers who came out with combined effort on the streets to support … Yes, and it isn’t impossible either!


  9. @Solilo No, not, ‘Just a little too much optimism ..” .. No hope, no efforts, no action … thousands who are planning to vote in these elections, are only doing this because there is hope.
    So let’s make an effort and be positive. Join the campaign online. Tell everybody to vote, and vote for the right guy. On and Off line.

    @Mandira Yes! ..clean out the system. if u dont like any of them, vote to say u dont vote for anyone. But try and vote for the best …

    @RK We must all talk about it not just online, but also offline, to friends, family and we must all vote.

    About, Whom should I vote for, PM or MP ? I mean should i vote for MP of my choice, or for MP who supports the PM of my choice? let me ask everybody and do a post on this .. let me think also … I was tagged to write on this Good question … would like to know what you think also…

    @Piper Let’s do our bit and spread the word, and if we do manage to elect clean guys … gradually these worries will be sorted out..

    @GM YAY!!! All your initiative and enthusiasm has finally rubbed off on me too … :))
    And this is the only thing that keeps us sane in these insane times!!


  10. Hey this is a great initiative. I will definitely add when I come to know, any good ones. Some times I also dream that I’ll join politics, but I guess I am too chicken.

    As you said, I will definitely vote my card is also ready.


  11. @Chirag Consider joining seriously. It isn’t as difficult as it seems, I have also heard of a of a party created in NOIDA by ex IIT Engineers. Will add more details .. but your joining is a great idea. Think seriously about it.


  12. IHM, this is great initiative but this site has not been updated since 2004. How can this site help then? And none of us can edit and add details there? Do you guys know any of the admin guys who is updating this Web site??

    I wrote this same comment at Goofy Mama’s psot as well.


  13. very timely post.. informative and encouraging.. I have heard a lot about Arun Bhatia and his standing for the elections, he has got a lot of support too.. they held a candle light vigil to support him some years back in pune, if i am not mistaken


  14. Its kinda sad that the parameter for a good leader is not a criminal.. But it is a start isnt it??

    Well soon we shall rise from here! Slowly, I’m sure!


  15. IHM.thanks:).we need more such information…because most of us who blog dont know about such sites at all…all of us can do our researches and do posts on this..I am sure we can build somekind of a database and maybe add the links to the India database that Chirag has suggested in his latest post..

    hoping to do a post on related issues soon:)



  16. @Poonam Sharma Yeah I am going to see if we can get in touch with them …
    In the meantime don’t you think if we all do not vote for politicians with criminal antecedents that will help to?

    @Vishesh Maybe not actually join, but help support those who have no criminal records?
    Makes me feel less hopeless 😦


  17. @Nikhil it is not too late for the upcoming elections, we can vote for these guys, I read about Arun Bhatia … he has a support in Pune.


  18. @Gauri Gharpure I have heard he is popular with the educated urban voters. He is against violence and corruption and is an ex IAS officer.

    @RV Yes, very sad! But like you say, it is a start .. if at all, otherwise we go further down!


  19. @Indyeah Yes, absolutely, a data base is the best option, otherwise at least a flood of information on linked blogs … I added one more such party from Bones’ blog πŸ™‚


  20. Good Post. But a word of caution. Most of the leaders of religious extremists Organisations and even Naxals are highly educated with no criminal records. Ultimately what the candidate/political party stand for is the most important thing. One who do not believe in hate politics or violence,who is reasonably not corrupt and have a pluralistic and broad view of India should get our vote.
    If a candidate with a clean record who is an IIT graduate or a Doctor contesting on a ticket of a Party which propagates hate against another religion or caste will not get my vote.


  21. Great initiative. And we should definitely go out and vote, even if, in 2009, our votes will not amount to much. We should aim for 2014.

    BUT: For all the people out there, here’s my question: how do we make a concerted effort? The problem is there are too many splinter groups, too many well-meaning organisations and people(Bhatia, Professionals Party, Agni, Lok Satta, ADR and god know how many more)to make this another futile effort, restricted to our blogs and the effort is diluted. How do we create a common platform (and please don’t even bring up the GOG), that is focused on the relevant issues, and has goals practical enough to achieve?

    Any suggestions?


    Quirky Indian


  22. 3 cheers to this..well what if all the candidates in my constituency have criminal record or are not really responsible ones? do we choose the lesser of two evils or simply not vote?
    p.s.. in that case maybe the wrong with more clout will win so guess choose the lesser of 2 evils..


  23. @Charakan Completely agree!!

    @Quirky Indian Yes I think that is what we need to do!
    And no harm in starting the initiative but being prepared to see no serious results till 2014.
    Please also read Indyeah’s comment above.


  24. governance is not the only issue in national elections. we have to appoint a PM who will frame the national and international policies for the next 5 years.

    even assuming that arun bhatia wins the election, he is not going to form a government. will he support any government? what are his national and international policies? he should elaborate these issues as well before contesting the elections.

    first he should contest assembly or may be city elections first to prove his credibility in winning elections and governance . otherwise a vote for him in lok sabha elections will be a waste of the vote.

    process of trying to bring a change should be bottom to top .



  25. IHM,
    Yup, we can and must be vigilant and aware citizens. Thats the only option for us.
    Also its wonderful to know that you missed me. I think of your blog and ideologies often. And I will not stop following you.
    My home is going through major renovations. I am stay put at a hotel suite right now. This will go one for a while but result will be gr8 I pray.
    Hence, going through a writer’s block. I will be back soon. Again, I will never stop following you.


  26. I’ve been reading your posts for some time now. Trust me when I say this – I think YOU should join politics and make a difference. You seem to be the right person to do this. But I hope with time you don’t get pulled in by the party and “bow under pressure.”

    We bloggers will do the ultimate political campaigning using the power of the blog for you which India has never seen!! Try!


  27. Have you heard about Bharat Punarnirman Dal ? It is somewhat like Lok Paritrana , consists of professionals . But they are very small right now . I think LP and BPD should join hands and merge into one . BPD


  28. Sorry IHM, got a bit tied up yesterday.

    @Do read Indyeah’s suggestion on my post, can’t we have a database of
    the kind you have in mind, also for our politicians … their criminal
    records and all?? Totally unbiased, and reliable…and we will ll
    publicise it… – Consider it done. Will start working on this. Let you know.

    @Joining Politics: Yes, I am giving this very serious thoughts.

    @QI:How do we make a concerted effort?

    Well QI, if we look at the past revolutions, there is a common thread is all along. Single person supported by everyone. Don’t get me wrong, but people would rather choose to follow that lead, its in our DNA. So to answer your question.

    Things which can be done to bring all this under common platform few random pointers:

    1. Bring all these isolated efforts under a bigger umbrella.
    2. Start teaching women who are under privileged. See a educated mother will always make sure her children do well.
    3. Start creating jobs for more blue collar folks. I know outsourcing is simple business, but doesn’t create jobs for the folks who couldn’t get good opportunity in life. They feel they are being taxed for they being poor.
    4. Create better large community by which people can talk to each other, which is btw, my effort when I say lets create a book, initially we’ll be just 5-10 people working on the book, but as soon as we are 5-10% done, their will be multitude of folks chipping in.
    5. Don’t fight the system from outside, its best to fight the system from the inside.
    6. Again, make sense, to everyone. we need to speak the language which people understand.
    7. Discourage, irresponsible media and mall culture, creates more riffs in economy, encourages criminal tendencies.
    8. Identify honest teachers…public official and give them a sense of achievement.
    well I am sure you know these was just repeating them.
    9. What ever we do should be done as 1, we must always remember individual is always smaller than the idea of a nation and Nations is just a collection of brilliant individuals.


  29. @Nik We have to begin somewhere .. let good guys come into power, and then see…one step at a time.

    @Spontaneous Mini I agree, ‘we can and must be vigilant and aware citizens. That’s the only option for us

    @Mystic Margarita True, I feel if we all join hands we will make a difference.

    @Monika Added Lok Paritram, THANKS πŸ™‚

    @Kislay I will google Bharat Punarnirman Dal … and add the link here πŸ™‚

    @Biju Mathews Hey No πŸ™‚ But I will join any campaign that promotes good, non-criminal, non-violent leaders!! In fact let’s all do that, talk about voting for such people, do take a look at Chirag’s and Quirky Indian’s comments above : )

    @My space That is a real worry … maybe you are right choose the lesser evil?

    @Hitchwriter Thank You πŸ™‚


  30. @Chirag Thank You!!! I believe a data base will be very useful.

    And I like your suggestions, and yes it is a good idea to bring all efforts into one umbrella. Right now we are desperately looking for a leader, in protests, in changes, in politics, everywhere,… in this huge nation of brilliant, determined, successful, though (oppressed also) people … I think we will.
    We need young, intelligent, and also unprejudiced minds with clear thinking and progressive thinking ..


  31. Elections are so expensive these days even if some educated people really want to contest, they would just be shown the door out of the closed room called politics. Education plus willingness to suffer plus capacity to endure long gestation period will constitute resolve and people with resolve can only think of politics.




  32. sure it has to begin somewhere. but lok sabha is not the forum to make a beginning.

    governance cannot be the only issue in lok sabha elections.



  33. I am worried that they will turn the place into something like the middle east. We need to speak up. Criminals and bullies should not be in power at all


  34. Yes, I agree with you. I too believe what you said so beautifully in your post.

    You can arrive at the destination only by taking the first step and then the next, and so on. Let’s forget our cynicism and remember that every RIGHT vote counts and focus our energies on ensuring that. Blog, word of mouth, education of easily misled people, and everything else that we as individuals can do. Let’s do our karma…. I am confident the seed will germinate and flourish. Bravo IHM.


  35. @Phoenixritu That’s my fear too!

    @Mr J P Joshi Thanks, and I think I too believe in ‘let’s do our karma’.
    Yes, every RIGHT vote does count!


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