…because Chaddis are Forever.(PHOTOS)

Once there was a lecherous lout
He wanted power and clout.

So he got his criminal gang to molest,
To save our culture from the West.

Molesting filmed by camera crews,
Everybody thought they’d get their due
But instead of jail,
They were given bail.

He is better known than he had hoped
When he defended the goons who molested and groped
Now he will forever be associated
With Pink Chaddis Muthalik’s name will be quoted.

And this shared by Indyeah –

Some ppl think chaddies are very cheap…
Lemme tell you they’ll make him weep
They say sending chaddies ain’t our culture
Well this is how WE deal with a vulture

Muthalik thinks hes a true mard
For us hes just a sir dard..

Itni pink chaddies muthalik kya karega
Ab toh pehnega ya marega

What an idiot and a mistake of a man
Send him as many chaddies as you can

[Thank You Indyeah :)]
For generations when kids see Muthalik’s face
They will picture pink, satin and lace.
Β More by Indyeah-Sabhyata ka paath hame padhaoge

Toh badle mein chaddi hi paaoge
Chaddies are vulgar and beating is not?
The people who say this have let their minds rot!
(Indyeah you rock!)

Now Muthalik pleads attacks will be but mild,

But pink panties continue to pile,

A Muthalik-nightmare,

Of Pink hosiery ware.

Edited to add: Collected and dropped gift wrapped pink chaddis at the collection centre in my city today πŸ™‚ Found other Sisters In Sin writing messages for our culture saviors πŸ™‚


38 thoughts on “…because Chaddis are Forever.(PHOTOS)

  1. Ha HA. Good one. You ryhmed them really well. I wonder if he’s going to start his own “chaddi” business. πŸ™‚

    Keep Blogging!


  2. Oh IHM!!LOL!Oh man!This was so worth the wait!:D
    YOU ROCK!!
    You have created images for posterity!!

    The images!Oh man!!all those chaddies!!
    IHM!you clever soul you!:D
    awesome!!pinkie pink!
    Guess whose blog and pics the search engines will pick?:D

    and the sidebar;)
    ”Chaddis Make Molestors Switch From Pawing to Offering Saris.”true..!!!:D

    *applause*coz of all the work that you put!



  3. fabulous! πŸ™‚ Did you know fox news and Nytimes have picked up the news as well πŸ™‚ I have a few american friends asking me about ‘pink chaddis’!! πŸ™‚


  4. @Sur Notes Yeah!!! Grrrrroovy!! Constructive anger I would say, these girls were bust scribbling notes on their valentine’s day gifts!

    @Biju Mathews What will his business be called? Or they might make Pink Chaddis the new Ram Sene uniform!

    @Indyeah Thanks for those rhymes!!!
    And we’ll take pictures on Valentine’s Day also πŸ™‚

    @Piper Yeah and it’s great isn’t it? Actually we should link those in our blogs … will try…


  5. Hugs to u IHM,I was just waiting for the kids to sleep so that i can read ur suspense post.
    It is rocking dear.
    Muthalik is put to shame.
    he will start a shop to sell exclusively pink chaddies.
    Out of curiosity before checking ur post i checked pink chaddi in the google lol i found many sites and few sites against pink chaddies


  6. Brilliant.. the rhymes, the pictures, and esp. Indy gurl’s πŸ™‚

    So this is what you have been doing? The suspense..?

    I can just imagine tomorrow and day after, M. is going to be deluged in pretty pink lingerie.. :D!!


  7. haha IHM…
    “Now he will forever be associated
    With Pink Chaddis Muthalik’s name will be quoted…” thats Good
    They should adopt this pink chaddi as their party logo. Afterall they are now synonymous with it.


  8. This Pink Chaddi thing is gonna be huge!!…already is …no the size of the Chaddi…just the campaign! The pictures are priceless!


  9. HURRAY! I am proud of you IHM. See I already knew you would be doing something like this.

    Did you check mine? Muthalik in a new avi.

    Now next time any fanatic idiot thinks about moral policing women, he will think twice. This time it is chaddis. Next time it should be sanitary napkins.


  10. Awesome!!! This is great! Heres to woman power πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the pics…makes us a part of it. I pray that this campaign is a huge success!


  11. move it move it just move it move it!!! yeah!! the pervy leper, the dimwit muthalik… he ll now know not to take panga with Indian women…


  12. Lol.

    Muthalik’s an idiot, you’ve showed him his place.
    He ideally should not, dare not, show his face.
    But being a politician, he sure will.
    And fun of him, make we will..


  13. I so wish this post gets featured on National Television. It is definitely worth all the attention it can get…

    And finally I hear, Muthalik has taken back his threat of forcefully marrying off couples on V-Day! His tail is between his legs but the women aren’t giving up.

    Though initially, I thought the campaign is actually outrageous but I guess what they did deserved exactly such a response. And what a hit it has been.

    Hope politicians learn a lesson or two from this.


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