Why Indians Don’t Hate Hitler.

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Hitler was never unpopular in India because he was considered the ‘Enemy’s Enemy’, i.e. Britain’s enemy. School principals or strict teachers in India are nick named Hitler all the time. All we knew during our school years was that he was a dictator.We were ignorant. Unlike now, Indian schools did not teach European History we never learnt much about exactly what Hitler did. Hitler’s Cross Restaurant in Mumbai is an example of our ignorance, not malice.

CBSE syllabus has changed recently and WW I and WW II have been included. Thank God! Why do I care whether we study Hitler or not? Because the biggest benefit of studying history is to learn from the mistakes our ancestors made.
Here’s a video that shows what the allied soldiers found when they reached one of the concentration camps. Holocast crimes were taken very seriously and even today you will not find any statues of Hitler anywhere there. India could learn this lesson from the West, human life and human rights are taken seriously over there.
(Graphic images. User discretion is advised.)

Do you know, there are many in India today who quote Gandhi one moment and next talk about Hitler as a role model, Raj Thakre and some History text books are two such examples. It’s sad because the guy they worship would have sent them to holocaust too. Hitler was strongly racial, he was against Romanians, Blacks, Slovakians, Gypsies, (we come in this category, for Hitler, no matter how much ‘fair & lovely’ we apply), homosexuals, physically and mentally disabled and anyone who opposed him.
I also doubt the veracity of the sporting folklore that Hitler was so impressed by Dhyan Chand’s sorcery with the stick that he offered him an officer’s commission in the Wermacht.

1.Here’s a book that is not just about Jews but about a Polish woman (although I have provided a link I recommend don’t read it, it’s a spoiler), just read the book, called Sophie’s Choice. If you don’t wish to read the fat book, follow the link. The book was so disturbing it was banned from some libraries (Wikipedia), no banning is required they should just warn the readers. It isn’t physical cruelty but a choice the mother had to make that made me not just cry but for a while hate the book.

2.Night by Elie Weisel is a young boy’s story , about how he is afraid to help his father because he is afraid of the soldiers….read summary here. It’s a part of syllabus in many schools.

3.Anne Frank’s Diary – I think everybody has read this one. It’s like reading the teenager’s blog posts.

4. Boys from Brazil by94 men must die, all around the same age, 59 if I remember correctly, all in similar jobs, living in many different countries all over Europe and America…all have young wives and sons around the same age. The sons are all light skinned, blue eyed, artistic, sensitive, very bright boys who are very close to their mothers…
What’s this book got to with Hitler? Well if you know enough about Hitler you should have guessed by now! If you don’t then the book will be a learning experience. It’s a thriller. Very engrossing.

5. Shadow Life – (Bought from Scholastic book fair, basically meant for kids) What happened to Anne Frank after they were discovered by the SS Guards? Read about ‘the final days of Anne and Margot, as well as other rarely seen details.’

Do add some more books and movies to the list.

I wish those who talk of Hitler’s achievements will talk of Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon …


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  1. oh this is a post that should have LONG been posted…I guess growing up during the ’80s in a country that was a quasi-American colony (courtesy the Cold War) we were innundated with American lit. and considering the Jewish diaspora (and their influence when it comes to American popular culture) we grew up well-versed with the Holocaust…not so much now. Ive seen the red black swatsika displayed on bed-linen (!!)..chatting with Indian kids and their problematic understanding of an ” Aryan ” past and commonality of interest when it came to the Nazi regime ..yup they dont understand that us desis would not have been part of the Aryan brat pack!!


  2. I think ‘they’ know really know the idealogies of either Gandhi or Hitler really well. That’s why they support both in one breath.


  3. Well, get on a copy of Mein Keimf, and it will give a proper insight of what Hitler was, a psychic, nothing else.

    Some fotos– http://www.taringa.net/posts/imagenes/1906709/Fotos-de-la-Alemania-Nazi—-Parte-II.html

    Than one may start reading some Subhash Chandra Bose biography, theres alot of Hitler in it.

    And it is the main cause why Hitler was/is not chided by indians.
    As a matter of fact, Hitler had a surge for welfare controlled state and Subhash Bose had a surge for Dictatorial state, even since 1980’s people used to debate how better it might have been if Subhash was alive and was dictating India for a great future. (My elder cousins says so).
    it also suggests why the idea of liberty is so difficult for Indians.
    Hitler is epitome of collectivism. And the people who can think of liking Hitler, how the hell they will like the voice of liberty, its just opposite.
    Than Indians have had some fake idea of aryanism too, the greater and better race.

    By the way, you might have made the heading as “why most of the Indians….” I mean should i call myself indian? But i never liked Hitler, He was always the villain. Ok then I won’t call myself indian. I am Libertarian.
    This is the Holocast timeline–

    Should i tell you a certain truth which most of the people do not realize?

    Hitler was not the most dangerous villain of that era. He was BAD.
    The ugliest person of that era was STALIN.
    Nazism, is despicable, socialism is hell.

    here is a story about socialist and nazi salutation– http://history.verdeserve.com/the-official-american-flag-salute-used-to-be-a-hitler-salute/
    Nah, i am not saying it shows they are same.

    Nazism and socialism has a great difference. Nazism is welfare Big brother system, so is socialism, thats similarity, socialism is atheist, Stalin killed jews, christians, muslims all irrespective of religion. Nazism is religion oriented.

    Nazism is more like National-socialism, while Socialism is not nationalist in particular. But India is national socialist state. Indira gandhi slated it in Indian constituion.

    And here is another controversy regarding henry Ford and hitler.

    “That Henry Ford, the famous automobile manufacturer gave money to the National Socialists directly or indirectly has never been disputed,” said Konrad Heiden, one of the first biographers of Hitler.


    Ahh theres alot. Will come back to add in again!


    • Interesting perspective. I have read Mein Kampf as well and in spite of it getting branded as ‘hate literature’ in most of the western world, it is anything but and no different from some of the right wing theories in the west about immigrants, foreign people and neo-liberals.
      As far as I am concerned Hitler was just a politico-military leader who pissed off the Allied powers, thats all. And who in a period of xenophobic ultranationalist frenzy committed atrocities which were rather commonplace in human history. There is nothing unique or utterly demonic about Hitler’s crimes, unless one falls into selective emotionalism over the Holocaust as opposed to the massacres under the regimes of Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, the Ottomans or more recently, the Rwandan Genocide. Even the United States, which is ignorantly championed as an idol of human rights by some of the readers here, has a rather murky history of backing, financing and aiding genocidal and fascist right wing regimes all over the world which makes is responsible of the deaths of over 11 million people in the post-World War 2 era.
      I think rather than getting sweeped by popular ‘truths’ and media propagated emotionalism, it would pay to anaylyse and assess wars and history more critically and objectively.


  4. you are right IHM, I personally know many people who admire him (for his good side)….
    and by his good side, I mean his passion, courage and his force for character… but for me personally, he will remain in the worst category…….
    I have read his Mein Kampf and though he does outline a lot of views in the book, the sheer extremism of his actions started only when he started ruling…..
    but yeah, good one IHM……


  5. Schindler’s List, IHM. Anyhow, one can just do a wikipedia search on the Holocaust. I just cannot understand how a mass murderer can be idolized by any one. No matter how much of an “enemy of the enemy” he was. The British did not gas children to death and call people a “Jewish problem”.


  6. @Just call me A – They know, but would use anything to support their ’cause’!

    @How do we know – Thank you 🙂

    @Goofy Mamma He barely had full majority, I forget the details but it was something like Gore and Bush case …and that is why WE must vote.

    @Unpretentious Diva I have Mein Kampf at home, but haven’t read it … my daughter bought it off the road side because a friend of hers was a Hitler fan …
    Please do add more information, I will go through your links. Thank You 🙂

    @Ajit Maybe I should read the book.. but for me, just like for you, not any books or thoughts but his actions speak louder than anything… I think, as GM above puts it ‘Hitler was a monster, and unfortunately a powerful, motivating one at that …

    @Aneela Z This was informative! I never realised you studied a different History! Shows how much influence politics has on everything! I agree, and I wish all those Indians who support him will see too, ‘yup they dont understand that us desis would NOT have been part of the Aryan brat pack!! 🙂 (a bitter smiley)

    @KPJ I bought a lot of books from Scholastic International to make up for the lack of information in the History text books … and I am also no fan of any people who kill innocent civilians, just read Charakan’s post.
    on this …

    @Alankrita Will add Schindler’s List to the list above.
    I was wondering if somebody might defend him…
    But it’s good to find that we don’t learn all our history from history books alone.

    @Maya Not just that, we also take pride in calling ourselves the Aryans! Hitler would have shown us in the gas chambers how much he thought we were Aryans.


    • aryans word is taken by the hitler from orientalists. this word not inveneted by the hitler /nazi people..i think you have limited knowledge of the history of india and history of world at large. hitler used swastika also that means we are glorifying the nazis and there atrocities. we use swastika everyday of our lives. hitler/US/britshers/alxander with invasion to other countries they want are showing there supremacy over the world. why dont you consider US and Britishers as same kind of evil people. when US bombarded Japnese with the two atom bombs. britshers try to cleanse ethnic people in the Australia and American continent. because you don’t have any idea what happens at that time.


  7. A very well written post.
    But I feel that the admirers of Hitler in India are not that ignorant, they admire certain qualities of Hitler. It’s sick isn’t it. About the shopkeeper he was I am sure doing it partly to be sensational, to attract business.


  8. Indians dont hate Hitler ? Well may be But I am not sure Indians love Hitler either..

    However the fact of the matter remains he did to the British what a lot of Indians wanted to do in that era !! The british ravaged our countries, dividing it, killed thousands, inflicted rapes and what not (http://www.massviolence.org/India-from-1900-to-1947?cs=print) … Albeit at times using our own people.

    When you talk of us as Indians well as Indians we don’t have to care about Hitler…

    When you will talk of us as Humans, yes Hitler was one of the sickest Mind ever to have born and the fact that he was in a position where he could inflict so much damage was catastrophical.

    IHM, I noticed that you also put Modi in that list of people who admire Hitler. I am not too sure if it is the right thing to do. I would like to take an exception to it.

    He may be a fan of the determination of Hitler however admiring traits of a person should not account for admiration for a persons deeds.

    Modi is an Autocrat and not a dictator. He made a huge mistake in Gujarat, although he himself has never tried to make amends for that mistake, he has paid the price of it as he has been left out as a regional politician and will never have any role ever in the Centre.

    The fact that the man is non corrupt and progressive is the reason why he is elected again with thumping majority every time. Don’t tell me that he doesn’t get any Muslim votes.

    Muslims in Gujarat don’t love him surely, but let me tell you a lot of my own Muslim friends tell me it is much better to have him as CM than any one else.

    I am not trying to justify him on Godhra, He should have been sacked and made to serve in Jail but India is not an ideal country and no other country is. The world is not ideal, Bush lives as President and even retires inspite of the fact that he has blood of children and women on his hands, more so than Narendra Modi.

    In Gujarat why decisions get taken faster or why the policies are becoming clearer are actually due to the transparency and non corruption traits of this man. He is simply unrivalled and has no opposition. He has cleared the hurdles by removing all ministers from the decision making process and put in bureaucrats. That is the reason why his own party workers and party people are also trying to get him out, But the charisma is now beyond the BJP. Without Narendra Modi BJP cannot win in Gujarat.

    Also Modi is not even claiming to be a Autocrat, it is people like us who feel he is functioning in that way….

    We can learn the good things even from people like Hitler as long as we keep the vices away!!!


  9. Painful film – reminded me of a movie dialogue

    A : You are an animal
    B : No!!! I am worse than an animal, I am human. Animals kill for hunger, we hunt and kill for entertainment.

    I love this song – it is Lennon’s finest moment


  10. “What luck for rulers that men do not think.”
    -Adolf Hitler
    A really relevant post IHM….specially in today’s times…
    Teaching my students for the first time about this topic ,presented a major dilemna.because yes..Hitler was ‘evil’as all of us know but how does one get through that message to the new generation?
    How does one get children/teenagers (some of whom seem to consider him a hero due to lack of knowledge) to see this gruesome side?
    Do not emphasize Hitler’s persona…rather emphasize his ‘ordinary’ status….how he rose from being just another citizen to being the tyrant that he turned into later.
    How ‘mein Kampf ‘was written while he was still in his formative political years.
    How some historians now believe that the book which was a national bestseller in Germany could have given a warning to the world of things to come had the book been allowed to be published in English and other languages for the rest of the world
    How he used the sense of outrage and wounded German pride to fuel his own fire and reach his own’goals’.
    How this man had a personal life so twisted.Di that turn him into the lunatic that he was?
    His own personal resentment while wandering the streets of Vienna (when he was unemployed) and watching the well off Jews .
    Now ask them questions about what it takes to be a democracy and how some countries turn to totalitarian rule.
    AND ask them about any leaders today who are doing the same…..using identity/religion/caste/region/pride as an excuse…..(they say most of the leaders today:D)
    How he used the swastika (something all of them know)and made it a much reviled symbol .How the rest of the world views the swastika as a’Nazi’ sign.
    Are they good orators?capable of fooling the general masses with false promises to further their own ends?etc…etc….(Modi /Thackerays/some esteemed so called’muslim cause’/dalit cause/hindu cause/ champions and muslim leaders..the students figure it all out on their own….:)
    A good book on Hitler by Joachim C Fest (the link for Fest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Fest )
    Is this one called Hitler
    There are other works also by the same author on Hitler
    And a film based on the bestseller by Joachim C.Fest and which has been made by Joachim and Christian Herrendoerfer is ‘Hitler a career’(includes rare footage from the era)
    Though there is controversy regarding this as well as there is for everything regarding Hitler.
    PS-I started the class by showing them a cute baby photograph of Hitler)
    and later telling them about his passion for painting…….most of them were astonished …Hitler as a painter and a’ cute’ baby?
    It kind of drives the point home……
    ‘’In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
    -Friedrich Nietzsche


  11. More recently there was a family in News who have named their son. Adolf Hitler and the bakery refused to write “Happy Birthday to Adolf Hitler” on the cake. Infact last year they also wanted a Swastik sign that Hitler adopted fromHindu(Aryan)culture. I still wonder what that one was about?

    and I have a cousin who is very bright, was obsessed about Hitler(must have read every book written about Hitler) as an adoloscent. Now we know he suffers from Schizophrenia, although I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.


  12. i reproduce a part of a editorial view in one of the leading newspaper in muscat on the recent gaza war…

    It is illustrative to browse through the relevant pages of history to know the real history of the Jews in Germany. You would then come to know why Hitler had taken harsh measures against them. The entire economy of Germany, including banks, publishing houses, jewellery stores, light and heavy industries and almost all economic organisations of consequence, was under the total control of the Jews.

    They muddied every aspect of the economy by perpetrating fraud after fraud on common people. This unprepossessing situation annoyed the German citizens no end and impelled Hitler to punish the Jews for their bad deeds.

    full text : http://www.timesofoman.com/view_point.asp?details=on&ratopic_nd=238


  13. I think Indians are enamoured by Hitler because he adopted the Swastika as the Nazi Party logo …Swastika=Hinduism=Aryans…Who knows if the ‘Aryans’ actually settled in India and where they came from but Indians especially some North Indians consider themselves to be Aryans, therefore as white as Hitler’s German Aryans (I can see the resemblance!!!)…Way to go ,man!!! I know Bengalis (I am a Bengali) are enamoured by him because Subhas Chandra Bose sought his help…As you said, Anti-British=Pro Hitler…

    People should read ‘Mein Kampf’…I still haven’t figured out why it’s banned in India but believe me, it’s an interesting read…If you don’t want to become another Hitler, it’s imperative you read this book…He was basically an average guy with average talents who became jealous of people who were better than him i.e. the Jews…


  14. and of course before doing all of the above, the children need to be shown some movies/images ..gruesome though they might be (of course keeping in mind their age)
    because only then does it come as a shock to them when they learn so much about this ‘demented being’ who was not an exception (as they think)but rather an ordinary person just like them.
    that ‘oh ”’Hitler was a one off..these things don’t happen.anymore..” attitude is shaken and gets a jolt…(Though I think that at that age in 9th and 10th they are ready to learn about the ‘world’ however gruesome a place it might be…)
    and most of all they,the new generation needs to realize that unless they are not vigilant new Hitlers can and will rise..

    and Hitler can NEVER….NEVER have good points…How in god’s name can people justify THAT????
    ”OH HE DOES THIS and he DID that but he’s PROGRESSIVE and isnt that enough?”
    Try losing a loved one…just another statistic or a number in the ‘official’ records….but a void in one’s own world…
    People who can spout thses theories are the ones comfortably sitting as a majority in this country…
    TRY BEING THE MINORITY AND FEEL THE FEAR..THE SHEER TERROR of knowing that you’ll be killed just because you don’t belong to the majotrity
    This chalta hai attitude is what I detest…


  15. Lovely post! We just watched Valkyrie. You know even I didnt know about Holocaust till I came to the US. I knew Hitler was bad but didnt know the extent of his villiany. But my husband …. like unpretentious Diva says that Stalin was the worst.


  16. So far as I can tell, Hitler in many ways behaved like someone afflicted with a severe mental or emotional illness. That seemed to work towards the benefit of the Allies — especially towards the end. The British Secret Service, for instance, refused to try to assassinate Hitler on the grounds his decisions were so poor they were helping the Allies win the war. I wonder, though, how commonly known all that is about Hitler?


  17. Hitler was always viewed as a potential ally during the world war and the ongoing freedom movement! Netaji Bose had initiated contact with Hitler and was rumoured to have met some of his deputies! It is popularly believed that he was assassinated by the British Intelligence due to his proximity with the Germans and the Soviets, thereby posing a direct threat to the Brits!

    Hitler on the other hand was a monster like none ever! Nothing ever justifies the holocaust and the attorcities commited by the Nazis!

    Thanks for a mention of these books, I will be sure to read them


  18. @IHM, All I can say is, that to me, there is no two ways about it – Hitler was all bad.. We have enough and more good people to learn from – without having to find ‘good qualities’ in monsters like Hitler. To look at redeeming qualities in him – is a little too dangerous. It is good that WWI and WWII is to included in CBSE – hopefully, it will re-inforce the true scale of what Hitler did.


  19. IHM,

    Valid points all.

    It’s not surprising at all actually.

    I very clearly remember knowing about Hitler’s atrocities through our NCERT Social Studies books. A picture of a STARVED, naked man was in there. That’s the most they could allow 12 year olds to see I guess.
    We all knew how much of a @#$%^&* hitler was!

    Those who didn’t know, didn’t have the benefit of a modern education (something that the sanghis scoff at, because it is against their hero-hitler again). Indian facist/race-supremacist groups will obviously admire hitler. And quote him. It’s not surprising. A lot of Maharashtrian teenagers are proud to have read mein kampf. That they’re ignorant about Gandhi’s, Nehru’s, Voltaire’s, Tolstoy’s, Neitzche’s books is hardly surprising.

    Now you will probably know what I mean when I keep harping about the indoctrination in shakha schools!!!

    Inka bhee time aayega…! I would’ve added something, but my dog would take serious offence!


  20. Ha ha we disagree, finally.

    First A useless fact: Subash C. Bose was allowed to sit next to Hitler, when they met and it was a really big deal to sit with him.

    My take:
    If separate three
    a) Hitler the Human – had a bad childhood, married his long-time mistress
    b) Hitler the Dictator – Bastard
    b) Hitler the Administrator – Sucessful and A great leader

    Hitler had a troubled childhood, as his father was violent to him and violent towards his mother. He wanted to become a painter instead of a official what his father wanted. Hitler had always admired Germany, and during the war he had become a German patriot, although he did not start as a German citizen. Rest is history so to speak…Anyways…We may hate this guy for killing innocent people. he enabled greatest expansions of industrial production and civil improvement Germany had ever seen. Finally he united a country for one cause didn’t he?

    Most netas today don’t even know what they stand for. We’ll leave Mr. Gandhi for this one.
    IHM, Raj Thakre and Modi are like foot solders in Hitlers camp, you know cheap imitations. Don’t give them any due at all.
    Hitler wanted to unify Germany and how clould he have done what he did without people’s support, these idots don’t want to unify India, they just want to remain in power.

    Finally yes the ways he used and methods are spine chilling and bloody shocking. I just want him to have a fair fight.


  21. It is the stupidity of our times that people do not read. Not in libraries or on the net.

    Why stop at Hitler. There was Lenin, Stalin, Id Amin, Pinochet, Mussolini, General Franco and now Mugabe to learn from

    Sanjay Gandhi / Indira Gandhi combination also tried their hand at taking absolute power in their hands to set matters right subverting the rule of law and the constitution.

    Modi if you take a poll of the merchant bankers, industrialists will emerge on top of the heap to be the leader. Someone who can cut corners and do the job. Who cares for civil liberties.

    Islamist terrorists also share traits with Hitlers superiority of the Aryan race bull…with the present lot believing in irreconcilable differences between people of the other race and religion and the avowed superiority of theirs.

    Haven’t changed much, have we?


  22. absolutely true…We Indians actually know very little about Hitler because very little is written in the texts we study in school. All we come to know is he was a dictator and a very ambitious person whose aim was to rule the world. We are also informed of how Bose tried to get help from Hitler in his quest to evict the Britishers from India.

    I actually read very little but being a movie aficionado I have seen quite a few movies about the ‘Holocaust’ and they have continually thickened my gut wrenching hate towards Hitler.
    Some of the filma I have seen are:

    1.Sophie’s Choice(Meryl Streep in an unforgettable performance)
    2.Schindler’s list.
    3.The pianist.
    4.Night and fog.
    5.Life is Beautiful.(very ephemeral view of the Holocaust)

    There’s one movie named Shoah(9 hr long) which exclusively details on how Hitler went about in his job to exterminate the Jews. I think calling Hitler Satan would be an euphemism.

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  23. right time to read it .. just read on ibn that Mittals, and Ambani saw India’s future prime minister in Modi !!!

    so, no wonder, they just look at money … and if you send these people to those concentration camps shown in the video .. we just need to think about how much money/stuff will Ambani or Mittal find out among those dead bodies, nothing else matters ~~~


  24. @Nita Yeah I agree Nita, it is sick 😦

    @Pinku Imagine our leaders are comparing themselves to someone who is ‘brilliant at many things but not human!’

    @hitchwriter let me quote Smitha here, “We have enough and more good people to learn from – without having to find ‘good qualities’ in monsters like Hitler. To look at redeeming qualities in him – is a little too dangerous”


  25. OK… bottom up…


    DEPLORABLE! Got a link or something??


    Remember the opening scene from Constantine…? 🙂


    No, sadly we haven't changed much. Which is why I keep yelling EVOLVE at people!


    1. How many children in India grow up brutalised by their parents & watching their Mother's being brutalised?
    1.1 How many of them grow up to be hitler?
    You get my drift I’m sure?

    It’s important to read Dr. Thomas Harris’ “I’m OK, you’re OK” to know how one shouldn’t blame the parent or the child for the actions of the adult.

    Can’t we just say hitler snapped somewhere along the way, that he was in fact cuckoo?

    2. Gandhiji also united a nation for a common cause.

    My purpose is never to let any apology exist for the likes of hitler-bal thakre-narendra modi.


  26. @Ritu yeah, that is why added that warning, but Ritu this book Sophie’s Choice was much worse …
    I love the song too 🙂 Deep down most of us want just some peace.

    @Sponataneous Mini I think who we admire does say a lot about us! No? So there maybe a connection 😦
    Will come and pick the tag pronto 🙂

    @D Oh yes Mayawati!!!But there is a difference, unlike Hitler, Mayawati will have many statues everywhere 🙂

    @Indyeah!!! You are brilliant 🙂 I am going to add these links to the post.
    I agree with everything you have said! Thanks :))…


  27. @Sunder
    //The entire economy of Germany, including banks, publishing houses, jewellery stores, light and heavy industries and almost all economic organisations of consequence, was under the total control of the Jews.//
    Just like North Indians are ruining the economy is Maharshtra?
    They muddied every aspect of the economy by perpetrating fraud after fraud on common people.
    If this was true how does one handle this? By throwing their children and families in gas chambers in huge fires?
    This unprepossessing situation annoyed the German citizens no end and impelled Hitler to punish the Jews for their bad deeds.
    And justice was done?
    full text :
    Times Of Oman
    These are points of views, we need to see that no matter how angry we are with the Israel, we can’t start justifying Hitler’s inhuman acts.


  28. Thanks to my wonderful History prof, i know about Hitler well and still hate him. I used to wonder how can such a man exist. My teacher also showed photographs of the survivors of the Nazi camps. I still remember them. They looked nothing like humans, they were practically skeletons and looked straight out of a horror flick. Such torture and brutality is glorified here. People in India love power, they dont actually see it’s bad or not. We call our teachers who are strict as Hitler, this itself shows our ignorance.

    Modi idolizes Hitler and RT idolises both Modi and Hitler. In an interview with Shobhaa De, he also said that what Hitler did was right, clearly suggesting that he might as well like Hitler if he gains power.


  29. Indians probably do not feel very strongly about Hitler as much as Europeans and Americans do because he did nothing to us – but had his vision of world conquest been a reality he would have gassed Indians except for those he considered the pure Aryan strain .
    We did study European history in school and our syllabus covered both world wars.
    Conquerors for time immemorial have committed atrocities on the conquered . The Jews were mercilessly tortured in Czarist Russia . America has perpetrated atrocities in the Middle East and Vietnam. However ,since Nazi atrocities and the genocides they generated have been so well documented both by themselves as well as Americans and the British , we know so much about it . But how much does the world know of Soviet gulags in Siberia .
    About books , The Diary of Anne Frank has to be read and understood in its fullest context , I feel and not like a teenager’s blog .Sophie’s Choice has disturbed me tremendously every time I have read it . The Wall has been a favourite book as is Spiegelman’s Maus . Among films Sophie’s Choice ,The Pianist,Schindler’s List and Night and Fog .
    There must have been something in Hitler that enabled him to mobilise an entire nation .


  30. I was going to say that a mandatory visit to an Polish/German/Ukranian etc etc concentration camp should be part of syllabus for everyone! Eye opening that!

    But then I thought…. perhaps a few mandatory days in a slum or a village sharing space and time with the lowest of low, will be more effective. Let everyone experience how others below them in the economic and social order live and work and then lets see how many people do not have empathy after that.

    Sometimes doing and experiencing is more important than all textbooks in the world.

    For the record I am glad they are including the horrors of world wars in the syllabus. When I graduated high school, a million years ago, we didnt know crap about crap in History. It was all Amar Chitra Katha to pass the exam.


  31. eve's lungs…

    "There must have been something in Hitler that enabled him to mobilise an entire nation ."

    I've said before that good & bad exist in all human beings. Those who inspire men to do evil deeds are politicians. Those who inspire men to good deeds are Saints or Prophets.


  32. @Bones Love this!’ …some North Indians consider themselves to be Aryans, therefore as white as Hitler’s German Aryans (I can see the resemblance!!!)… Way to go ,man!!!’ 🙂

    @Indyeah People who can spout these theories are the ones comfortably sitting as a majority in this country…
    TRY BEING THE MINORITY AND FEEL THE FEAR..THE SHEER TERROR of knowing that you’ll be killed just because you don’t belong to the majority
    This chalta hai attitude is what I detest…

    And not to forget anybody can become a minority… caste, region, language, anything can become a reason for hate. Once this becomes a trend it is only a matter of time …

    @Solilo For that read this 🙂

    @Homecooked I need to read up on Stalin.

    @Unpretentious Diva Some photos you gave the link of.

    @cafephilos Thanks for this, info, I had no idea! 🙂

    Rakesh Vanamali I am so glad you think ‘Nothing ever justifies the holocaust and the atrocities committed by the Nazis!’

    @Smitha I just don’t understand why we try to find excuses for such horrible crimes … 😦
    I have quoted you in a reply above.

    @1conoclast Mein Kampf is available openly, even on roadside stalls, but I have not read it… I like Indyeah’s ideas about how to teach students about Hitler.
    Indyeah says ‘How some historians now believe that the book which was a national bestseller in Germany could have given a warning to the world of things to come had the book been allowed to be published in English and other languages for the rest of the world.
    How he used the sense of outrage and wounded German pride to fuel his own fire and reach his own’goals’.


  33. IHM, what is worse than Hitler coming to power is how the people tolerated him. He was one demented person, but he managed to build a country where people helped to gas to death other people, women children even. His “doctors” performed experiments on living human beings without anesthesia often. A single person cannot be that effective. He appealed to something very ghastly in people- which is what I find very scary. It is that kind of “otherization” of Muslims, of minorities, or outsiders that political parties do which is the culprit. Stalin and the rest also were like that. They played the communist and anti-communist card….the scary thing is people listened to them.


  34. Nice post IHM…
    I had seen ‘Life is Beautiful’ a few years back and was moved to tears.
    I guess i should read sophies choice.

    SADLY even these days you would find people who lay so much emphasis on the color of the skin, race, ethnicity etc. There are undercurrents of racism even today in Germany more prominently and other places maybe a little less prominent.
    Of course we see that being played by Indian Politicians for cheap publicity..
    It was also palpable among the republican supporters in US.

    @ Smitha..well worded


  35. Thanks for the appreciation IHM..:)
    I thought that the statement you made was VERY powerful…
    ”And not to forget ANYBODY can become a minority”
    Yes,…so true..and so terrifying in its sheer intensity…
    As they say…
    ”Tomorrow it could be you.”

    This poem is by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.(Wikipedia)

    “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
    And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
    And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
    And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

    Link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came

    and you know what strikes me now ,as I sit here?
    The sheer irony of it all……when the world should have read ‘Mein Kampf’ and should have known (or atleast tried to)of what could or would happen,at that time the book was banned from being published outside Germany…..
    ….and today it sells like hotcakes all over the ‘global’ village……..


  36. @Chirag You say, ‘I just want him to have a fair fight.‘ now Chirag be really fair to him. Does he deserve that we look for some goodness in him?
    When we look for goodness in such evil there is a risk of justifying what he did ..

    He saw no goodness in the babies who were thrown into fire alive. Any talk of a few drops of goodness in such an ocean of evil might sound like he was not so wrong after all …
    If somebody kills our family and gives us a truly peaceful, safe, luxurious, perfect and prosperous life after that, will we accept it?

    If you be really fair to him, just think Chirag, does he deserve any admiration. AND also be fair to all those millions he got gassed, experimented on, tortured, separated from families before getting them killed.
    (ha I am rambling now…)


  37. @astralwicks Agree with everything you've said here. No we haven't really changed 😦

    @Abhishek Thanks! That is a useful list and I know many of us will prefer movies to books. Will add all the names to the post, for easy reference 🙂

    @Dinu Yes I saw and I am puzzled => Anil Ambani is Amar Singh and Amitabh Bachchan and Mulayam Singh's friend/supporter? =>Mulayam Singh support minorities in UP successfully => Modi has committed, unrepentantly, the worst crimes against minorities? => Do they have integrity to anything except money?


  38. @Freya You are right, ?People in India love power, they dont actually see it’s bad or not 😦
    I fear glorification evil even more than the evil.

    @Eve’s Lungs We should remember,’but had his vision of world conquest been a reality he would have gassed Indians except for those he considered the pure Aryan strain’!!
    We really are such … So most of us with blue eyes and golder hair would have been safe 😦
    Thanks for the list of books, you are right , the Diary of Anne Frank has to be read in its full context

    @Another Kiran I agree, sometimes we only understand something when we go through it.
    And ‘When I graduated high school, a million years ago, we didnt know crap about crap in History. It was all Amar Chitra Katha to pass the exam.’ Ditto here. I think the syllabus was different everywhere …

    @Alankrita “It is that kind of “otherization” of Muslims, of minorities, or outsiders that political parties do which is the culprit. Stalin and the rest also were like that. They played the communist and anti-communist card….the scary thing is people listened to them. ” I can only agree.

    @N Yes it is 😦 I so agree with you on all this, undercurrent of racialism in Germans, Republicans are a lot like our BJP here, conservative and prejudiced. Nice to meet people who see through all this.

    @Indyeah great minds think alike! I blogged about this


  39. @Indyeah I clicked submit accidently without finishing the comment above 🙂
    That poem gives me goose bumps, we should make an Indian version of it, we have all the reasons,

    In Gujarat, they came for the Muslims and Christians,
    Kerala and Orissa too.
    In Mumbai first they came for Gujratis,
    Then they came for Madrasis,
    Then Muslims (1992-93)
    Then they came for Biharis …
    In Kerala, in BJP time, my Hindu maid’s Christian husband asked if he could hang a white star he had made himself on a tree in our garden and I was so sick of all the news of hatred against this community and that community I got him to take out all our Diwali lights and do up the tree. I know for sure I had never before thought of people as Chrisitians or Muslims or Hindus … same way, Hitler made Germans aware of their differences. It shocking how easy it is to make people hate!

    I haven’t read Mein Kampf, but I know nothing ever justifies violence for me.
    ‘….and today it sells like hotcakes all over the ‘global’ village……..’ Yeah I know so many people reading it and defending Hitler …


  40. First of all , I second what Ajit said . But I have more to add .
    Hitler had quite a few qualities that make a great leader .
    He was a deep thinker and brilliant orator . But whenever , I think of him ,
    and I start to develop an admiration for the man , I have to remind myself that
    Holocaust happened . And that is it , Period . He was great , true , but more evil
    than great . I always bear that in mind .

    Mein Kampf is NOT banned in India . I bought it . And I see it everytime I go to a book store .

    And the enemy of an enemy is a friend , indeed . China and Pakistan .
    But you have to be sure of the motive of that friend .
    I do not think Japan and Germany were helping out Netaji out of compassion for the Indian people .
    But I am grateful for whatever help we got . And I hope , that had we been victorious the way Bose wanted , we would not
    have been colonized by our “friends” or become a satellite of them .
    And Hitler’s animosity towards jews was deeper than that , I guess . He somehow blamed for Germany’s loss in
    WW I . I am not sure why . And that is what “he” says in his book . No idea how true it is.

    For those who haven’t , do watch the movie Conspiracy . Bottomline of the movie , Hitler and his gang initially
    did not want to exterminate the Jews . They wanted to throw them out of Germany ; but nobody came to their rescue then .
    Nobody was willing to take the Jews . Not even the Vatican . Just imagine if the jews had been given shelter then . But when
    there were no takers , this Nazi-in-Chief, his name slips me , came up with diabolical plan to annihilate the Jews on an Industrial
    Level . The rest as we know his history .

    The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness – Joseph Conrad


  41. Awesome post that one IHM..@@consider yourself warned.”
    true,if only people thought as much…

    and we HAVE to get a patent/copyright/or something on ‘the great minds theory’ IHM!!:D


  42. “But when there were no takers , this Nazi-in-Chief, his name slips me , came up with diabolical plan to annihilate the Jews on an Industrial level”

    answer is Himmler….and another small detail….about this loser…..
    He carried around with him a copy of Bhagavat Geeta with him all the time as he is said to have felt like Arjuna….. against evil and he also felt that he was only doing his duty…..


  43. mentioning gandhi and hitler on the same page is like a crime… these guys need to understand what gandhi stood for and what hitler did


  44. It’s a horror, but right here and now, there are ever so many intelligent young persons asking the history teacher at school about Hitler, and telling her that he is a sort of hero. And nothing she could say managed to convince one particular young chap.. he went on to write a drama about the last days of Hitler, and wanted to put it up for the cultural competitions at school 🙂 Had a tough time dissuading him, and asking him to read the other side of the story through some of these books too. He had, and yet had this fascination for the man. Strange, that even today in this time of reason and knowledge of facts that not just children, even grown ups find reason to think well of him.

    Though it is said that one has to look for the finer points of a man’s character, which has both good and evil, nothing, for me can condone, or in any way make me think kindly of him, for the crimes of genocide and holocaust that he, individually was responsible for!


  45. @Ajit
    Himmler and Geeta ? Amazing man . Did Himmler had any idea of what “Dharma” really is all about ? 🙂 Where did you read this ? Please tell me about the source .
    And do you know about Savitri Devi ? The Nazi who sought to bring together Nazism and Hindusim ? Google her if you haven’t heard of her . Very interesting .


  46. @1conoclast – Not really . At first what Hitler said pleased the Germans – it was a little local thing of getting the economy back from the Jews , before Hitler had his huge political vision and by then ,the guys who cheered him on as leader also contributed to the whole picture . So it was not the little man with the toothbrush mustachio who co ordinated the whole thing himself , but yes he acted as a binder much like egg yolk which you use to bind meat for kebabs and suchlike .Binders are most important – they are also loosely termed leaders .


  47. 1conoclast


    1. In your earlier comment you say that hitler was great. You say this objectively or do you say this with admiration for his great qualities?

    2. SO savitri devi is responsible for this virulent form of hinduism plaguing our country today???

    eve's lungs,

    a) But you get the difference I refer to right?

    b) Do you see the similarities between the german hoopla around hitler's economic turnaround, and the gujarati/hindutvi/bjp hoopla around modi's achievements in an already prospering gujju economy?

    There's no point in looking for great leadership qualities in edi emin, gaddafi, general zia, osama bin laden etc.??????

    If we have to discuss leadership, can we not discuss Lincoln & Gandhi?


  48. @Vikram Alexander was just like many other conquerors of his times, he did not kill millions of any innocent people … in fact his soldiers married and settled down in some of the places he conquered. Including India.

    @Kislay //’They wanted to throw them out of Germany ; but nobody came to their rescue then .
    Nobody was willing to take the Jews .’//

    I have also read of this,but I have read that this is not entirely true. It isn’t possible to accept a huge population into your country and nobody knew – could ever imagine – what Hitler was doing to Jews. He in fact prevented Jews from escaping later. Babies were smuggled out, families escaped, I am sure you have read about this. if he was so ken to just let them go, why did he stop them from leaving?
    Also what right did Hitler have to try to throw them out?

    @Indyeah LOL 🙂

    @Monika I agree :))

    @Usha Pishaody Sad!!! And I completely agree with you, “Though it is said that one has to look for the finer points of a man’s character, which has both good and evil, nothing, for me can condone, or in any way make me think kindly of him, for the crimes of genocide and holocaust that he, individually was responsible for! I am puzzled by people wanting to see something good in Hitler …


  49. @1con
    Hitler had some good leadership qualities . I say this objectively . And yes , he was great , or the greatest , of all evil men .

    Please read about Savitri Devi before asking me these questions . And I see virulent forms of all religions , in the World .

    What you say is true . But they were denied help , where they could have got some . And I never said Hitler had any right to throw them out .

    And objectively speaking , even a mafia boss can have great leadership qualities . That doesn’t legitimatizes his work , but he wouldn’t have made it to the top , without it . What he uses them for is what makes him good or bad , in a general manner of speaking .


  50. Thanks Kislay.
    That's satisfactory.

    One more set of questions, in case you're game?
    1. Should we seek to publicize his leadership qualities the way some people do?
    2. If yes, should we also seek to publicize the remarkable leadership & military capabilities of guys like Changez Khan, Timur Lane, Babur & that most reviled character by gujjus… Mahmud Ghazni (was it?)?


  51. I do not think Indians have any particular affinity to Hitler. During the Second World War, he was the enemy’s enemy and for some time he helped the Indian Independence movement.

    There is a lot more awareness about Hitler’s actions against Jews in the West than in India. But there is hardly any Indian who has justified the Holocaust . Not even the Thackerays.

    What Hitler did is not too different from what Stalin , Mao have done or what the British did India. And we have quite a few who hail them as heroes .

    If Hitler had any good qualities, there is nothing wrong in acknowledging those particular qualities and trying to imbibe them. It does not amount to condoning the Holocaust.

    It sounds reasonable, but I would rather look for good qualities in the more deserving. What would be the purpose of looking for good qualities in Hitler’s twisted, cruel mind? It’s like looking for something good in a child abuser. No, I would not waste my time looking for anything good in him.
    What I meant in his post was that many Indians thought of Hitler as the enemy of the enemy – that’s all. Those who know of what he did, some of them have openly attempted to find something good in him… but why?


    • “It sounds reasonable, but I would rather look for good qualities in the more deserving”
      It need not be mutually exclusive.

      “What would be the purpose of looking for good qualities in Hitler’s twisted, cruel mind? It’s like looking for something good in a child abuser.”
      Usefulness of any idea should not be dependent of the originator of the idea. George Washington owned slaves. So should we throw away the Declaration of Independence?

      RGB can we seriously compare Hitler to George Washington ? It’s like Gandhi lied as a kid, so he can be compared to Hitler… he learnt and made up for his faults in his lifetime , what good did Hitler do for anybody? What is the use of strength or goodness if it does so much harm? Think about it, there has to be some reason why somebody would like to see goodness in a mass murderer? Or a child abuser! … it’s like saying although he tortured the child, he offered him a chocolate first.

      “What I meant in his post was that many Indians thought of Hitler as the enemy of the enemy – that’s all. “
      He was the enemy of the enemy during the Second World War for the Indians.
      Yes, that is what I said in the post.


      • “RGB can we seriously compare Hitler to George Washington ? “
        I have not compared the two. The example was given just to show every idea should be judged on its merit alone and should not depend on the person advocating it.

        “what good did Hitler do for anybody? What is the use of strength or goodness if it does so much harm? “
        In the final analysis he did not do good to anybody and neither do I have any admiration for him. He was a good orator. Sadly he used those skills to make inflammatory speeches. We should disregard that but we can study his oratory skills.

        “Think about it, there has to be some reason why somebody would like to see goodness in a mass murderer? “
        Some people are attracted to fascism and hence may try to follow him. I am not talking about such people. My contention is that even Hitler can have some positive qualities which can be imbibed.

        hmmm : )


  52. There are so many people in history, so much more worthy of the title “Hero” or “Role Model”. I had never heard that some people in India thought of Adolf Hitler as just such a man. I think the reason why America was also so ingrained in the hatred of Hitler, was because we suffered through his racism and imbecility by taking in the refugee’s and survivor’s that managed to escape. Our men saw the horror that was the camps in Germany and came home and talked about it and shared it. And then we had the “white supremacists” men and women who were living amongst us…spouting out words of anger, segregation, hate and racism. The acts that they committed in the US were evil, plain and simple. Thank god, we had people (both white, black and brown) who were brave enough to stand up against the KKK and say enough is enough.

    Another person to read about would be Rosa Parks. With one single act of defiance, she became the ‘mother’ of the civil rights movement in the US. In 1955, if an African American were riding a bus and if there were no more seats when a white person entered (be it man, woman or child) the bus driver would demand that the African American get up from their seat. They would be forced to move to the back of the bus and stand if there were no other seats. Rosa Parks refused. This one little thing, this one little refusal, sparked the movement for civil rights in to high gear. Read more here….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosa_Parks

    Thank You Auroracoda 🙂 This was informative and I agree Rosa Parker is someone we should read about!!


  53. Well as Indians we wouldn’t care about Hitler so much because we have grown to learn that Britishers were colonial (and cruel ones at that), so naturally we would not despise Hitler so much becuase he hated them too.
    Infact (I am not comparing Holocaust to anything, I know it was the worst event of the century), Britishers were cruel to the Indians too. They were guilty of harassing Indian people through their acts of rape, murder etc. They too murdered thousands of innocents.
    They also sometimes killed Indians randomly (like in the event of a raid, to round up criminals)… and people in Britain talk about Auschwitz, lol!
    I am sure every Indian knows of the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh. Some might argue that they didn’t gas children like Nazis did, but hello, a lot of children(not millions, but still) died there too! I bet their past crimes are not taught to the British children…
    Anyway, all I am saying is that we should not care about Hitler or what he did. He did us some favour by putting Brits in war. Yes, we are sorry about the innocent Jews but he didn’t harm us a bit (the Britishers did, by the way)…
    Anyway, these are just my opinions…
    Its a whacky world. Hitler was a monster, and so were some of the Brits…

    Me- And not to mention slavery. I think humans have become comparatively civilised and humane … but we still have a long way to go no doubt.


  54. Also I would mention another evil that perpetrated at that time. Surely killing 6 million Jews is ghastly, but dropping atom bombs on two cities (not one, if you are into the greater-good-crap)
    is no act of love. And the time the Americans chose for this heinous act… with Berlin already fallen and Japs starting to feel weak, they kill what, lakhs of people just like that!! I mean, why not drop the bombs on , I don’t know, a military base or something! And as if they didn’t hit Japan badly enough, they do it, AGAIN!! They destroy Nagasaki ,which, pardon me, is as evil as Nazis killing Jews.

    I am not favouring anybody here, I am extremely happy that Nazis were defeated, otherwise who knows, I might be speaking German !!
    I am pleased to be living in a peaceful, democratic country devoid of any dictator and I am proud of my country. I do not have any hatred towards any American, British, German, or Japanese … all I am saying is that we all have been cruel to each other. And we should learn not to be do those things again because God is judging us.
    Leonardo deCaprio says in Blood Diamond: “God will never forgive us for what we have done to each other.”
    I hope god does, though…

    Me- I agree Vikas. I hope God doesn’t forgive the ones who have known what they were doing and still done it Vikas 😦 …and those who live should know there’s no forgiveness for deliberate cruelty against innocent and helpless 😐


  55. The simple fact of the matter is that Indians saw Hitler as less evil than the British Empire. Congress under Gandhi refused to fight Hitler alongside the British and even started the Quit India movement in the midst of the 2nd world war. After the war, it took another four decades before Congress appointed a former RSS member – Naramsimha Rao – as Prime Minister. It was only then that India established full diplomatic relations with Israel.

    With such mixed emotions towards Hitler reflected in the political leadership under successive mass leaders – MK Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Morarji Desai – teaching people about Hitler’s atrocities was never high on the agenda.

    Me – I guess you are right. We were not taught in school about Hitler’s atrocities at all, but my kids are.


    • Our children should also be taught the atrocities of the Brits in India. Children are still dying in their thousands as a result of the British legacy of extreme poverty. I am sickened when I see fellow Indians pretend they are superior by trying to imitate the Brits. It is ridiculous. Can you imagine the jews imitating the nazis!


  56. How are all these old posts coming up in my reader ?!!! Great article, needless to say 🙂
    Ps: Indians are the most racial people I’ve ever come across. Hitler could learn a lesson or two from us on the number of factors based on which we can differentiate people and screw their lives!


      • The Brits are still today glorifying what their invasions and thefts of many nations. They still sing ‘Rule Britannia’ , ‘Land of Glory’ etc at ever opportunity. Try mentioning the British atrocities to them in Britain and see what happens!


  57. History is written by the conqueror. I think if Hitler won, we would never have come to know about Auswitch and Dr Mengele and those horrific mutilations and experiments. Less said about the gas chambers the better. His atrocities are mind numbing.


  58. Children are dying for lack of clean water, food, medical attention. These thimgs are missing because India has been very poor for hundreds of years. It was the richest country three hundred years ago. How did it become so poor? The Britis robbed and raped it for two and a half centuries and left it the poorest country in the world. So when you see all the babies, children, the elderly dying for lack of clean water, lack of food,….. thank the Britis.


    • Was it only the British that are responsible for our poverty? We were not exactly rich, united or peaceful before the British occupied us… and we need to look ahead now and analyze and see what we have achieved in the past 63 years and what we need to focus on.


      • Yes! only the British are responsible… we were not united as a single ‘nation’ before British colonization.. But we were rich… take a brief search on Indian history… we had trade relations with almost every countries in this world…

        Do you think the europeans were crank-head to sail months through risky sea to find sea-routes to India?.. they got knowledge of enormous wealth in India from traders and merchants of different countries.. Also they came to know India was rich in gold..

        British built roads, railroad transportation facilities, ports etc in India not to help Indians… but to make them help transportation of looted commodities easier… It took more than 200 years for British to loot India, and when they left, we are one of the most poor nations in this world..

        We can proudly say we had progressed a lot more in last 64 years from ground-zero level to what we are today.. India is still growing, not in great pace but slowly and steadily… factors which affect the pace of our development and growth are those corrupt politicians.. Fight corruption and eliminate corruption, we will be a great nation in no time! 🙂


  59. I strongly admire Hitler except for his Antisemitism. I still don’t understand why we possess no objections on Britain who rape-tortured us for damn 150 years, isn’t that enough??? We should feel good that Hitler fought against the British till 1945 (That he committed mistake so grave by targeting Russia is a different issue). Britain was our enemy and an enemy’s enemy is actually friend! Death come to that rascal Churchill!!!


  60. I don’t completely idolise Hitler; what he did to the jews was not quite correct…. but after the defeat at World War 1, maximum Germans faced with same mindset. They had a rage towards the Europeans and it could have any Kevin or Larry rather than Adolf!! And Gandhi…. I really don’t support him…..I believe he was the person responsible for the Partition. He always hosted a flag of peace….but with what success?? N.S.C. for once asked for dictatorship after Independence to organize the country…..but he was rejected of the plan.I do not support Violence but I do agree with the fact that always problems cannot be solved by just hoisting a fact of Non – Violence. Hitler was strict and knew how to organize but his policy was not correct. According to my research, he was not a bad person at heart. He took the aid of Sacred Bhagwat Gita to detach himself from the crime he committed.But again as I have said at first I do not completely support him, I believe he had a bad grooming, a child inside him craved a true companion!!! He could have been a much batter ruler if he had a friend very close to him.


    • Do you know many abusers, perverts and murderers are good at heart, they just lose control sometimes and then become abusive which they generally regret later?

      And how much would you like to be an Indian (i.e. a colored person), a Jew, a homosexual, a mentally or physically disabled person, or the mother of any of these, in a Hitler ruled country? In a dictatorship, we has to accept that we could be that one person who the dictator for some reason did not want to see alive.


      • hey you are a colored indian not me there are still aryans in punjab and kashmir…everyday is lamented for my forefathers accepting black chamars and rakshas in society…and see what we have…why country ruled by white and aryans develop and by black indians and africa stuck in poverty and rapes…this is what made hitler realize his mission


  61. One cannot help admiring certain aspects of Hitler’s rule: His massive public works programs and his restoration of German honor and pride.

    His tackling the massive unemployment that was rampant in Germany from 1929-1933.

    We Indians also admire his fight against the world scourge that is Marxism. Marxism is an ideology which is an anathema to mankind.

    Nazis were always way better and less oppressive than communists who did not allow you to practice your religion or own private property.

    Hitler failed only because he did not know how to bring WWII to a successful conclusion having started it.

    We Indians understand very well that had Hitler defeated Russia in 1941 or 1942 he would have been seen differently.

    We Indians also know fully well that the English were no less racist and barbaric than the Germans when it came to dealing with subject populations in their dominions.

    Also Hitler did India not harm and only helped us by weakening the dastardly British to an extent that they had to abandon their empire after WWII.

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  62. Umm.., Perhaps you should read about the Famine of Bengal, where 1.5 million people died, the aid denied to them by the hero Churchill (now talk about ignorance, why is that **** considered a hero, when he is as bad, if not worse than Hitler?),
    Some less famous Churchill quotes on the Bengal famine, “there is a famine in India? Why isn’t Gandhi dead?”
    He also is responsible for blocking aid from Canada, US, heck even the enemy INA wanted to give aid, he is responsible for the death of 1.5 million Indians, he is India’s Hitler
    on Indians in general, ” I hate Indians, they are a beastly people with a beastly religion”
    His pearls of wisdom against my people
    His hatred for gay people is evident from the treatment of Alan Turing, the man who broke the naval blockade of the German u-boats through the breaking of the enigma code.
    Perhaps you should consider writing a blog post about this ignorance as well

    If one can sing this guy praises (majority of books covering world war 2 do), then why should Hitler be singled out?


  63. I agree Indians do not need to really name cafes with Hitler’s name. What about Stalin? He was responsible for a few million deaths too? Or how about so many of us wearing Che Guevera’s t-shirts? Was he any less ruthless?

    Every culture relates to histories of different countries in a different ways.

    At the risk of pissing of a lot of people, Hitler as a historical figure is someone Indian’s relate to as much or as little to say Ghengis Khan, Atilla the Hun or Napoleon for that matter. The west has taken the holocaust a lot more seriously but only after the war. Allies did not attack Germany because of the holocaust. They probably did not care at all.

    Germany did something like extermination of a minority which was unheard of but their attitude towards minorities were hardly surprising even for the West.

    Rome stopped the Jewish Ghettos officially only in the 1900s – Ghettos were introduced to literally lock up the Jews at night into a single locality and allowed to visit the city for work during the day.

    Most European countries banned Jewish people from owning land – which actually forced them to take up urban skills. It also led to massive immigration into the US about a hundred years ago.

    England that honorable country of the west had a nice record of locking up entire communities in labor camps in many places. Our Tea estates in the east had effectively legalized slavery, labour camps were set in South Africa during the Boer wars, Carribean history is full of it too.

    And finally the U.S – well they did end up killing much of the bison population in the US to basically starve the Red Indians to death. It was too risky to go about attacking their settlements after a while.

    And about minorities well even the US has a bit of a chequered history against the Jews – here is an article on how U Grant expelled Jews – though the order was changed over by Lincoln later
    . http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/history/2012/03/ulysses_s_grant_and_general_orders_no_11_how_the_infamous_order_changed_the_lives_of_jews_in_america_.single.html


    • “The west has taken the holocaust a lot more seriously but only after the war. Allies did not attack Germany because of the holocaust. They probably did not care at all.”
      Exactly. It doesn’t make sense for non-Jews or people of the east to demonize the Holocaust given that it is not a part of our history. It is rather sad, that instead of being realistic and objective about the issue, a lot of Indians fed on Anglo-US pop media mutter the same kind of dogmas that American zionists are prone to playing with.


    • The west has taken the holocaust a lot more seriously but only after the war.

      That would be because they didn’t know of the Holocaust until late in the war. It was a rather well-guarded secret and even concentration camp inmates were not supposed to know about until the very end.

      The deception was carried on to the fullest extent possible; many new arrivals in Auschwitz were told to remove their shoes and other personal effects into numbered dockets, so that they could be retrieved after a ‘shower’ and the gas chambers were equipped with fake shower heads, so that the inmates would offer no resistance. It was only once they were inside the chamber that the gas was released, but by then, their fate was sealed. The sonderkommandos, whose job it was to remove the bodies from the gas chambers afterwards reported that the bodies were not spread out through the room, but formed into a pile from floor to ceiling, because the gas spread upward only slowly and people climbed over each other to try and escape it; many people were stampeded to death before the gas could kill them.

      The Holocaust was cold-blooded murder perfected into a science; I may not be a Westerner, but having read survivor accounts and various commentaries, I personally find it just about the most horrific thing I can think of – there are few acts which compare in terms of the sheer amount of well-planned, well-executed malice, and if you can honestly claim to not care about it at all, no matter what your cultural identity is, I can only say that your personality is far less emotional than my own.


  64. Hitler never had anything against the Romanians…As far as i know Romania was an ally of Germany till 1943 ….After the tide of war turned against the Axis, Romania was bombed by the Allies from 1943 onwards and invaded by advancing Soviet armies in 1944 , King Michael of Romania led a coup against the Antescu Government and switched sides which resulted in entrapment of many German soldiers defending the Line….Hitler used to hate the slavs, Gypsies and even Blacks ( some of dem fought for wehrmacht during africa campaign ) , He never expressed hatred against Indians …He was highly influenced by the Indian culture and history … A German research conducted during that time even concluded that we Indians and Germans are of same lineage i.e Aryans…..The feared and deadly Waffen-SS , the military arm of the Schutzstaffel ( nazi pretorian guards ) actually had a division made up of captured Indian soldiers who defected towards Germany to fight against the British…The name of that battalion was SS Freewilligen Indische Battalion…Many saw action against the allies during the Invasion of France

    P.S -I’m not a fan or supporter of Adolf Hitler….just correcting the mistakes written in the blog


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