When Gabbar Singh met Veeru :)

[This is from those 104 unpublished drafts]

Enid Blyton created Fatty’s Buster – any child’s dream companion. I found mine at ten and she followed me everywhere for the next eleven years. At ten, I remember living with the guilty secret that if the house was on fire I would save this loyal and ferocious Pomeranian first.

On 26 Jan 2001 when the Bhuj Earth Quake rattled our french windows in Delhi, my daughter, then nine, won’t come out unless the dog and the cat were taken along.

Recently Husband was home after a long time and the-love-starved-dogs, Gabbar Singh and Mutt, (we torture them when he is away) were going berserk. One of them suddenly growled in jealousy and thinking they were going to fight, I shrieked loud enough to wake all neighborhood.

And guess who heard the shriek and came to the rescue?

A cat the size of the Labrador’s mouth.

He ran from between the table legs and under the chairs and charged at the startled Labrador, Gabbar Singh. It was a sight worth seeing!!!

Now somebody try telling me Cats are not loyal and protective 🙂 Shouldn’t we call him Veeru?

PS Nobody as much as got a scratch, the cat was picked up, still glaring, at the puzzled Lab, Gabbar Singh.


37 thoughts on “When Gabbar Singh met Veeru :)

  1. Cats are loyal, I can tell you tales!! Oneof mine came to my four year old’s rescue when a cobra raised its hood at him, thus diverting its attention (snippet from an upcoming post!) to itself.
    How I love this post! 😀


  2. Sahaja They are like little babies, all the love and cuteness, but also a lot of responsibility for us 🙂

    Shail Another cat lover!
    Look forward to your post about your cat.
    You should see him when he wakes up, still blinking, and dopey eyed .. he’s a baby.
    He really believes he is a tiger 🙂 We call him Sher Khan …


  3. Sher Khan is cute.
    I am an all n all doglover. Pliss dnt torture the pups also pliss put pics of the lab and mutt. Okie, loving hugs for all three and pix of the love deprived ones.


  4. I dont like cats…. 😛
    somehow I get the feeling that they are just putting up with you 🙂
    Did not know until now that a cat can do such things…… 🙂


  5. Wonder where these silly stories come from, Cats are not loyal…

    I remember my Dadi telling me if you are eating, a dog will think when will my master finish and leave the leftover for me…. But if a cat is watching she will wish the guys would get a stomach ache and stop eating and give it to me !!!!

    Surely it is not true…. lol !!!!


  6. Cat looks mighty.

    I am allergic to pets except may be Fish because it doesn’t have hair. Dilemma in the house..we can’t get a pet for my little kiddo because of my allergy.


  7. I’m not so much of a pet person… but IHM, I think your cat looks like one majestic pet… against those cushions 🙂

    From what I can make of your posts… you adore your pets… and I’m sure they’re more than happy about it 🙂

    Liked the post title!


  8. Cat looks like a crowning prince. So that is Brave Veeru:) you must have taken a pic of the confrontation.This adds a new angle to my knowledge of Cats. LOL, btw I love Garfield.


  9. Oh My! How regal Sher Khan looks on the pretty cushions. I have never heard stories about cats being loyal and protective. First time, and I am super awed, really!! Maybe living with two dogs had rubbed off on him?? (Don’t kill for the suggestion please.)
    Nice post.


  10. Cats are LOYAL as in ” looking out for you”…everytime I cry (and Ive been crying a lot the past couple of months) watching the news on tele my cat does come over and sit besides me…ditto when I have the horrible leg cramps in the middle of the night she will come running up (beating the husband who is still bleary eyed climbing the stairs) and be there for me…of course when I start feeling better she will sniff me and have this expression ” so you are not dying any more right?” and go away. but she is still so sweet…and every now and then she actually presses my legs like a ” good daughter/son”.


  11. LOL….and here I thought cats were indifferent towards humans 🙂 I always feel cats think of themselves as royalty…the way they sit,the way sleep and think of us as their subjects 🙂 By the way can I point a teeny tiny error (dont get mad,ok) Bhuj earthquake was in 2001…I remember cos it was a day before my wedding.


  12. Aww, it sounds so much fun! I always wanted a pet when I was young – but my mother never let me – it was either you or the pup.. I even tried smuggling in little pups I used to find wandering on the street – but to no avail 😦


  13. he he, so now you’ve 103 pending posts… What a pleasant departure from the passionate women rights activist that i’ve been reading lately 🙂 (Coz. doesn’t make me rack my brains enough)

    btw, talkin bout Gabbar and Veeru, do check my latest post on Satyam goes to Bollywood 🙂


  14. Scary cat. I believe you, this cat is protective.

    I have always been scared of cats and dogs and all animals alike. Not that they’ll bite me or something, but I can’t handle their affection. I love to see them from a distance and read stories about them.


  15. hehe..nice post! loyal cats n cool cats! 😀 me aint much of a pet lover thou!! yet, i liked this post! 🙂

    n yea, sher khan luks like a real tiger…!!


  16. Wow, he is quite a regal creature, as befits his name. I bet he also has a good sense of humor and allows you to pet him.
    Does he sleep on his back? Leo Licks has taken to that these days.


  17. oooooh such a cute cat!! I dont know if i have said this before but I love cats. Which breed is Veeru? I would like to know more tips about keeping cats as pets as I intend to keep one.If u can mail me sometime I will be grateful.


  18. a great pic and an equally great story to go with it..
    u are getting me to warm up to cats.. u really are..


  19. Ahem….*drum rolls*(an ode to his majesty….)The king of IHM’s (or his)..:D..lil kingdom..:)

    A REGAL BEING CONTENT WITH HIS WORLD…(The title for lil Veeru’s poem ..:)
    or as Fatty’s friend says…’pom’ without the E…:D…)
    ”There he sits with nary a care…
    Love or not..,he doesn’t ever share..
    Keep this in mind…as you silently observe..
    That you are here mortal,merely to serve..
    His highness is finicky to a T…
    But the bravery says its not all about ‘me’..
    Yes ,he loves the whole family,but don’t you forget
    That first and foremost, he’s mamma’s lil pet…
    The one who’s up with you with the first rays of dawn
    This little being of white and fawn….”

    I have never seen a cat up close as a pet…or at a friend’s place either..
    But I do love them…hmmm ..maybe later as an addition to the family…

    .always had the feeling they can see through you …deep down…
    loved the post IHM…:)the love you have for them shines through…..
    anyone who can understand an animal is a certified ‘good ‘soul..:)..and a winner through and through..:)..


  20. Salutes to Sher Khan, aka Veeru :D! for defusing a volatile moment! Very entertaining reading, and also visualizing 🙂 I guess it’s time I put up a post on the foursome canine gang and the long ranger feline I have at home, and the way we expertly tackle all those tense moments when two alpha males try and impress their dopey female counterparts:) The two visitors, my parents’ dogs, that I was baby sitting while they visited their son in Mumbai, have just returned home, and the two, mine, left behind have been moping all week. The only one who feels relieved is the cat, who belongs to me, and who doesnt get along too well with her naani ke dogs :D! She plays hide and seek with them, and we have an elaborate system of sheperding the dogs away, barricading the first floor for her, at mealtimes, till she goes walkabout. Lol. The logistics of such visits would put any event manager to shame.

    More on it in a future post at Overdrive. A Quest is gearing up for a versified feature on the menagerie 🙂 Shall ping you when it’s done 🙂

    Did I forget? I loved this one too:)


  21. Ah! I’m so happy to see you have a cat! I have heard that cats are not well-liked in India, that it’s almost impossible to even find cat food or a veterinarian for them. My Punjabi gentleman friend said that people disliked and feared them for bad luck in many instances. He said he didn’t of course; good Sikh that he is, he doesn’t go for that superstitious stuff! LOL

    Actually Kerie some Indians love cats better than dogs because they are considered cleaner, some people prefer dogs because they show affection more visibly. Some people say cats are not loving or loyal, and some say they are smart and very queenly, but I feel cats are just like little babies, they show affection (mine follows me around the house, and even now he is sitting on the newspaper right next to me!) but we should know them to understand what they are feeling.> 🙂


    • I have two, and have had a pair throughout my adult life. One is a Bengal, which is a relatively new breed that was crossed from Siamese/Egyptian Mau/Abyssinians and Asian Leopard Cats. he is spotted like a little leopard, and very very smart. He is more like a dog than a cat, he does tricks. He likes to play fetch like a dog and speaks on command. My other cat I adopted to keep the Bengal company. Here in the States, the more superstitious people (which sadly seem to be a majority these days) won’t adopt black or white cats because black cats are “bad luck” and white cats look “dirty.” So I adopted a black cat purposefully because I knew this. I took home a little guy who was 10 months old and had been left at the shelter when he was 5 months old.

      he’s the most grateful little thing. So sweet, a real lap cat where the Bengal won’t sit on a lap even if there was tuna on it.

      I prefer cats to dogs, myself, so I was happy to see yours!


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