Why I am jealous of the Americans.

Today Obama’s Victory Speech made me jealous of the Americans! We need a leader who can say this too!!! (change some nouns as applicable)

“If there is anyone out there who still …. questions the power of … democracy, tonight is your answer … It’s the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled – Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.”

“So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism; of service and responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves, but each other. Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything, it’s that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers – in this country, we rise or fall as one nation; as one people.

Let us resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long. Let us remember that it was a man from this state who first carried the banner of the Republican Party to the White House – a party founded on the values of self-reliance, individual liberty, and national unity. Those are values we all share, and while the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress. As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, “We are not enemies, but friends…though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection.” And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn – I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too.

I watched this on a full bladder, waiting for an ultra sound scan, delaying because I didn’t want to miss a single democratic syllable. If I was not in a Hospital waiting room, I would have written three (or more) jubilant posts to share my mad joy at the victory of all that Obama stands for 🙂 [And that has to be another post :)]
Yes I know he is not OUR leader, and this is not happening here in India. That is why I am so jealous.

If you missed it, if you don’t see why I should feel the way I do, watch him speak.


61 thoughts on “Why I am jealous of the Americans.

  1. Obama’s speech was amazing. I sat and watched it in awe.

    I’m not American, but I was very impressed and proud of the way America voted for its 44th President. They picked the right guy!


  2. yes it is amazing how he has ‘united’ in love (of the US) rather than in ‘loathe’ of which has been the mood du jour for the past decade or so.


  3. Yes, IH you bet it we need someone like that! I am quite apolitical on a daily basis, but seriously this victory made me feel surprisingly so so happy!I hope this brings change for not just AMERICA, but for the world! I was weeping,air punching and clapping! I just cannot believe it even has actually happened-an African American as President! Whoohoo!


  4. Indeed, as I just posted on another blog, it’s an inspired, inspiring moment, and I wish so, that we too , could just say…

    We can…


    We will..

    Rise as one, not fall as many pieces as there are religions and communities and castes and subcastes… !!!

    Jealous as hell, but happy that someone has at least given a chance to choice!!!


  5. Not only was Obama humble in victory, but McCain was also gracious in defeat.

    Awesome speech by both. Will an Indian policitican ever say this? Heck, no. We are mumbaikars, marathis, telugu, bihari,malayalee, tamil, hindi, hindu, christian, muslim, sikh, kashmiri, assamee…. before being an Indian.

    That’s what makes the USA such a great nation and us a mere wannabe who try to hide behind traditions and rituals so that we can condemn others.


  6. Sindhu Yes they deserve the President they chose :))

    aneela z Yes and he also talked about people all over he world, he relaises that what they do effects all of us.

    Indyana I had a tough time fighting tears, shouting, jumping with joy. I am so proud of what Democracy has achieved of what Americans have done… yes Wh00h00 :))

    @Usha Pisharody Beautifully expressed !!! And yes, ‘someone has at least given a chance to choice!!!’
    Now let me go read your post on this….

    @Philip9876 And you being a global citizen will understand the spirit …the jubilation, so well!
    Now we have lost one of our excuses to hate America and their culture.


  7. Oh Yes, so right.
    We have been harping upon the tune of unity in diversity for so long, but have not achieved anything; they have though.

    Hope you are fine.


  8. Finally someone read my mind 🙂

    @If there is anyone out there who still ….

    Can any Indian leader comprehend this? I doubt. But let not muddle today’s victory with obvious.

    May we have a better tomorrow. Good luck to Americans and the world.


  9. I am so glad that finally love and hope won over fear and hate. Last night was just amazing. Though I am not an american and cannot vote, I loved every moment of it. WHy cant we take some inspiration from this story?


  10. IHM, thanks a ton! Have been inspired to write with that uplifting spirit that surged today 🙂 The new post, on my blog.. 🙂

    And what i meant earlier, was a not i left behind on another blog, by Manasi, on my list.. 🙂 It’s called Thought Curry.. 🙂


  11. americans were too scared to speak in bush’s america. ( literally, like how we do not talk about shiv sena in the trains) they finally found their voice in yesterday’s election.


  12. I’m so glad Obama won! I do agree that it was a victory of hope and unity over fear and hate.

    I agree that both Obama and McCain had very gracious speeches.

    Indians still have much to be proud of…without Gandhi there wouldn’t have been a Martin Luther King Jr. and possibly no Barack Obama.

    We are all tied together.


  13. I’m so happy Obama won! When his win was announced people rushed downtown yelling and honking their car horns.

    I do agree it was a victory of hope and unity over fear and hate.

    India has much to be proud of though…without Gandhi you can argue there wouldn’t have been a Martin Luther King Jr and possibly no Barrack Obama.

    We are all tied together.


  14. I was all teary eyed as I watched this .. it was a reaffirmation of my belief that the world is not as cynical as some people think it is, that there is room for idealism.. it made me hope…and even as I write this I am a little teary eyed…


  15. IHM,
    2 thoughts on this.

    “Some Bradley Effect, huh?” grunted Republican pundit William Bennett. “The country has grown up.” Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/World/USA/A_Black_Man_in_White_House_What_an_idea_sirji/articleshow/3678838.cms

    And in today’s paper (TOI, I think), an article mentions a Congress Minister wondering how Obama could get elected President, because ‘how many blacks are there in the USA – 10 or 15%’ ?



  16. i love obama’s speech. whoever wrote that was a visionary himself. i’ve never heard such a profound yet grounded speech. makes me wonder when will we indians hear something like this. for those few mins i felt like the US was my country and I felt so proud. i wish India wakes up soon.


  17. I also liked McCain’s speech….can one imagine any politician in India, at any level, making a speech remotely close to the one McCain made, after such a tough – and often bitter – campaign? This is democracy at its best, unlike the farce we’re used to.


    Quirky Indian


  18. “……I may not have earned your vote but I hear your voice…I am your president too….” – it’s awesome. What a gentlemanly gesture to the people of different opinion ! I wish our politicians too speak like this.
    BTW, ma’m, hope you are fine.


  19. We should make our politicians and maybe all indians write this speech 100 times as am imposition for making democracy a joke in our nation..So sad state dear 😦

    We are all leechers of democracy for making use of feature like free speech,religous freedom etc etc..but when it comes to excercising the real issues,we all run away..If we had casted our votes properly,we would have become a great nation years ago..It is our fault that we have dramam writers as our rulers..Now every indian is waiting for Chocolate Rahul gandhi to act as saviour to bring up India..loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool dud,where did the rest billions die? otherwise we’ld ahve to wait for communal Modi -killer as our saviour…Are we so depreived of leaders..Is India such a samll resource-starving nation???? We badly need a re-enggineering in our political structure…


  20. @IHM,

    I still remember Obama’s first speech in 2004 when he said that America was not white America or black America or Asian or Latino America but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…
    That was the speech that made him famous and good for him (and America) that he has stuck to his guns for the past 4 years…..

    Obama’s victory is going to affect us Indians, whether from the business point of view or our social outlook…
    We will just have to wait and watch!!!


  21. what an awesome speech it was. I just knew you would blog about it 😛 was thinking of it while watching the speech…

    It was truly inspiring and made me jealous and I thought of how you would be feeling the same thing…


  22. @mampi And you know one of the things he has in common with Gandhi? Martin Luther King Jr :)I am a fan of all three.

    Odzer How many times in our lives do we get to see history happening LIVE… and he might just make that difference. Let’s wish him all the best.

    Chirag Yes, one reason why I admire him so much is he has proved all of us idealists right. He truly believes in Democracy. So if any of us dares to dream the impossible… they have an example to quote 🙂

    preetischronicle I am fine,just a check up, thanks for asking!
    It was a victorious moment!! I hope this happens in India too!

    Shilpa Exactly my feelings. Like all the good things I thought were just not happening, happened!
    I hope we do take some inspiration from this….

    Mandira Yes, he is everything I always felt a leader should be, I am sure each of us feels the same way 🙂

    Usha Pisharody Loved your beautiful, heart warming poem… your words gave me goose bumps.
    I visited Thought Curry too 🙂

    Anrosh He reminds me of Gandhi, who gave Indians ‘Abhaya Daan’ …Shows how courage is all in the mind!

    minnesotameetskarnataka Yes we are all tied together 🙂 I was thinking of Gandhi when I realised just how popular he is!

    @lankrita Me teary eyed too 🙂 And I agree with you, every word. //it was a reaffirmation of my belief that… there is room for idealism.. it made me hope’..!!! My feelings excatly.


  23. Why sometimes I wish I was an American , Reason # 17 . Need I say more ? And the best part is that the member of an oppressed community and a minority alone does make it good , but what makes it even better is that He deserved every inch of it . The only Indian parallel we can possibly have is Ms. Mayawati , and no matter how good her caste-math is , she is not even close . I haven’t heard President Obama’s speech , but I downloaded it , when told how great it was .


  24. IHM, sorry if I seem to come across as cynical in your recent posts. We did have people who gave a message like Obama, they were called Gandhi and Ambedkar. So before we lap up to Obama, lets remember those we have forgotten.

    In response to Phillip9876’s comment, being Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and Punjabi does not make us not-Indian. How does a Tamil person hurt India by being Tamil ? Being greedy, not politically active, not paying our taxes, not standing up when our fellow Indians rights are taken away and being imperialist (not have respect for people’s identities) is what makes one anti-Indian.

    America voting for Obama does not surprise me at all. If you carefully observe American pop culture, you will see that Americans go to great lengths to show that they are not racist. The euphoria following this election just shows how spineless the western and Indian (English) media are, its as if we were just waiting to ‘forgive’ America. Suddenly America went from being a reviled, contemptous nation to the hope of the world ! Wow, that was fast. America’s racial wound will be healed when my university has 14 % blacks rather than the 3 % (mostly athletes) it does now.


  25. Most of our politicians arent literate enough to think. All they aim is the chair and the means to catch hold of it.There are fights and exchange of words within the same party ; too many divisions and sub divisions under one single party !!! That itself shows how united our prospective leaders can be.

    Btw, im blogrolling you.


  26. Maybe, my last comment was a bit off the mark. I did not mean to say that American’s are racist in day-to-day interactions. But the real issues of minorities here (poor health, poor education, drugs, violence, alcoholism) cannot be solved by just having a black President.


  27. Vikram,

    I am surprised you choose to compare Ambedkar – since his strategies were more divisive, less inclusive. He did lead a stellar fight against the caste system, yes. But it is a matter of debate whether his legacy has been the current casteist nature of politics.

    Also, the complaints from other dalits that Ambedkar spent Govt funds on his own caste, the Mahar, rather than equally among all. If true, it negates so much of the good that had been done!


    Comparing Ambedkar to Obama is a stretch, the only common thread being race/ caste ‘disadvantage’. But, comparing Ambedkar to Gandhi borders on blasphemy.

    My 2-bits, and I know you may have different views on this!


  28. @Vikram I understand the cynicism. A friend of mine first refused to marry her American boy friend, because she didn’t want to have children who will be biased against, so first she lived with him, then she married him but was against having children, eventually now they do have three wonderful kids, and one learns to live and fight I guess.
    Choosing Obama and what he stands for makes a strong statement for nations like ours to take note of. Majority of the voters are white, if they are racial they do not have successful hate-campaigns, my sister, an American citizen, an immigrant, an Asian does not have to ‘lie low’ as Odzer suggested Bihari migrants should do in their own country! (http://lifeofanindianhomemaker.blogspot.com/2008/11/language-english-culture-cosmopolitan.html.)

    Obama admires Gandhi too 🙂 So do I. And Martin Luther king Jr too 🙂


  29. @Shail Yes 🙂 And we will try not to him on a pedestal and we will not expect miracles from him …

    @Kislay Yes, they voted for all the right reasons. What’s great is that they didn’t vote for his colour, colour just wasn’t a criteria 🙂 We all need to be colour-blind. (There’s a blog called ‘Colour Blind Cupid)

    @Vimmuuu Honored…I will drop by your blog too 🙂
    And if we wish we can refuse to let them divide us. The Americans ignored Obama’s middle name, his colour, the hate campaigns against him, the silly mockery like saying he needs some meat on his legs, they ignored comparisons to Hitler. .. they used their judgment. One day we will too. You just watch.

    PS Remember Indira Gandhi’s fall after the Emergency?


  30. Very impressive,isnt it? I had goosebumps when I was listening to his speech! I hope good things come in America’s way because it has been nothing but good to us 🙂

    By the way I hope you are okay. Why were u in doctors office. You can ask me to mind my own business 🙂


  31. i don’t think we have to be jealous of americans – we HAD our bhagat singhs, and subhash chandra bose and Tilaks and a gandhi.We HAD it. WE NEED IT now. GANDHI’s ideas still leave everybody mesmerizing and compelled to take action..but WE NEED THEM NOW. How many uncorrupt officials have been killed because they STAND UP to corruption —
    HOW many IDEAS are not BEING conceptualised because they are young or they do not have an experience of the past.
    WE are only killing our current gandhi’s and tilaks..
    ONWARD, FORWARD..that is how we need to be marching..
    one narayanamurthy for infoyss..i am sure there are multitudes of other names..
    Indian culture emphasizes on “grey hairs” and lost many a young..
    India just needs to be open …narsimha rao was one such but he hid behind the “[pallu}and loyalty of gandhis…that is happening even now…even our prime minister..O! why have we forgotten our dear beloved president ABDUL kalam AZAD …why was he not given another term. from the text books to creating a missile..WE have our ABDUL KALAM AZAD in recent times..i’ll blog this or this is going to be a long long comment


  32. First time visitor and a nice post. I was part of that large crowd in the Grant park to celebrate the historic night and a new era in Amercican democracy. I saw people crying, hugging and embracing each other irrespective of their color, ethinicity and origin. It was a great moment. However, I was one of those few in the crowd who saved their wifes being hugged by others and vice versa!!!!.
    anser azim, Chicago


  33. Anrosh: I believe you mean Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, the last president before Mrs Pratibha Patil. Maulana abdul Kalam Azad was one of those freedom Fighters who decided to stay in India and a great Nehruvite and who liked Gandhian Philosophy.

    anser azim, Chicago


  34. Hi – I’ve been so caught with moving back home (after a huge renovation project) that I couldn’t comment on your post. Despite things being hectic at present, my husband and I sat rooted to our seats watching the results unfolding and then cried when we knew Obama had made it! What a wonderful moment in history! Thank you for sharing your ‘wise-as-usual’ thoughts on this.

    Also, I’m glad all is well with you. Take care.

    A warm hug.


  35. I am a mother of a U.S. soldier that has done one tour in Iraq (so far). I voted for Obama, and wept through his acceptance speech. It’s an amazing time to be in this nation, and I wish that even those that are not happy with it could at least sit back and appreciate the historical significance of the day.

    Unfortunately, racism is alive and well in this country, and there are those that are very, very upset. I expected backlash, but my jaw has dropped sometimes, at the vehemence of the sore losers. I only hope that this country can move forward quickly, and that ignorant minds about the color of one’s skin will change.


  36. I watched his acceptance speech , and was blown away , with tears in my eyes every now and then . I dont know why or how , but he gave me hope . I know we cannot dream of such a leader now , but I am glad the US of A got one , because they are truly a great nation . We have miles to go before we become one . Long live democracy , USA and India !


  37. real silver tongue!
    a friend who was at the grant park called me immediately after and graphically described the electrifyng atmosphere-gave me goose bumps.
    my latest post is on Obama with a poser at the end of it. please check it out and respond


  38. @ analeeza
    that’s a very discerning observation. yes, in politics it is easier for hate that unites.
    wish i had seen this statement before i posted my latest blog on obama – –


  39. @ philip 9876
    yes. mccain was extremely dignified in his defeat. they say it is how a person behaves in defeat that shows his true calibre.


  40. doesitmatter Obviously they cannot even imagine why someone would vote for policies or unity in diversity. Who was this brilliant Congress Minister?

    just call me A Yes I thought it was a ‘profound yet grounded speech’, too. And he didn’t look victorious, he looked determined. Loved that speech 🙂

    Quirky Indian Absolutely ‘Democracy at it’s best’, and we need to learn from the Americans.

    Pinku Just unnecessary worry (as of now) 🙂

    Oreen Thanks 🙂

    nimis540 We should posts on ‘Who can be India’s Obama?’ … who would you choose? No never Modi, but Rahul Gandhi …. I am not sure… Anrosh suggested Manmohan Singh and APJ Kalam. I like that combination too 🙂

    Ajit And there’s some news just now that America may outsource cheaper medicine – maybe from India? He may or may not be good for us, he is great for Democracy, equality, equal opportunity … That his speeches appeal to so many people shows we still are sane and peace loving 🙂 That is such a good sign!

    Manju And we just aren’t used to just dignity and graciousness 🙂

    Monika Doesn’t that show we all want the same things in life! Peace, prosperity, justice, equality 🙂

    1conoclast I read Al Gore’s speech and thanks for linking me :)Really touched – not just because you linked but also how you linked , Thanks again 🙂
    By the way let’s all think of someone who could be India’s Obama … Is there anyone you can think of …???

    Imp’s Mom Hey! That’s really, really sweet 🙂 Thrilled to know we suffered from the same evil – Jealousy !

    Shail I’d also say, let’s hope this makes us truly look for our very own Obama. Will be doing a post on it… is there anybody who you think can unite us, because without unity there’s no hope for this great but disturbed Nation.

    Kislay Also, I loved that post of yours and could relate to it so well! And no, never Mayawati :(( How about Manmoham Singh? APJ kalam? I am sur we will find more if we look for them … will be doing a post on this, let’s all do and let’s all find an Obama for India.

    Homecooked Yes it was great, I hate treating people like they are perfect, and realise that Obama is not either, but just think, if a man could make all of us united – doesn’t it mean he has already achieved the impossible. We need someone like that in India too… can you think of someone?

    Anrosh I read your post and am doing a post on the same topic … I liked your idea of APJ Kalam and Manmohan Singh, very much. Both brilliant, educated visionaries.


  41. Corinne Rodrigues So how’s your place looking now after the renovation? Doing up your place can be most exciting ad a lot of fun. Would love to see some new pics on your blog!

    Sabita Yes we need a leader who can unite us and make us feel positive in India too!! Any suggestions?? Do you like Man Mohan Singh?

    Gnightgirl Welcome to my blog 🙂 It’s a pleasure to have a comment from you. Yes I really hope so too. Maybe the hope that Obama has brought will start the much needed change …


  42. What an interesting blog you have here! I am enjoying it quite a bit. Thank you for it, IH!

    It is my impression that Obama will in some way take into account the views and aspirations of non-Americans — as much as is politically possible. I think it is in his nature to do so. The man has compassion. And if he disappoints me on that account, I will never vote for him again.


  43. Paul Yes, he has compassion, I also feel that, he is fair, and looks up to Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi, which shows he is for their values … I respect anybody who voted for him, because obviously they share my basic beliefs 🙂

    momstir :)Thanks!


  44. I don’t know why such an old post came in my dashboard but it did and I am glad it did. It’s a great speech. I have only read it and it is inspiring. I will definitely hear it.


  45. this post appeared out of nowhere in my reader, so here I am commenting, though Mr O’s speech was great, most or all of what he said, he hasn’t stood by it, so in the end, once a politician, always a politician. The bi partisan divide remains, he has lobbyists and he supports them, and gay rights are pretty much where they were.


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