A Drive To Mulshi

Last week two friends and I drove to Mulshi.
A friend had some work that side, and I eagerly volunteered to drive her there. Since I was nervous about the distance, unknown place and highway driving, I persuaded another friend to join us. Husband helped with a list of landmarks and emergency numbers. Both the friends assured they knew the way blind folded. So on a lovely, rainy morning we packed the kids and husbands off to their schools and work places, left instructions with the maids, picked our water bottles, a torch (it was a day trip, but why take a chance?), fully charged mobiles, confirmed that the tool kit and car papers etc were there, in a bag, on the last seat and excitedly took off.

We drove to Chandni Chowk and from there to Paud village, then turned right to a long, narrow road.

This road went on and on … Green fields, some thatched huts, clouds, hills, mini streams, ponds and birds (the place we went to is a Biodiversity Reserve)…and the knowledge that I DROVE to this unbelievable green heaven!!! When they say heaven is not where you go when you die, heaven is moments like these…they are so right πŸ™‚
Our Reliance and Airtel phones became useless after this! Any other time this would have bothered me no end…

We saw kids going to school, they start an hour before school starts, and walk many kilometers – having lots of fun, all the way. A bunch of girls in school uniforms, and well oiled hair plaited neatly, asked us for a lift and enthusiastically sang “Sare jehan se achcha Hindustan hamara” with us.
They all want to become doctors when they grow up.

Lavasa next.


32 thoughts on “A Drive To Mulshi

  1. Mulshi at this time of the year must be simply amazing. Your pictures are proof of course. I’ve been there once but in the summer – it was dry and dusty but still very peaceful and pretty.

    You drove in the crazy Chandni Chowk and Paud Road traffic? Hats off!! πŸ™‚

    Simply love talking to village kids myself. Such innocent and mischievous little people they are! Have you seen the Marathi movie ‘Valu’ by any chance? You adventure reminded me of it – a bit. πŸ™‚


  2. During the monsoons, there are ‘heavens’ to be found at almost every turn in those parts, quite unlike any other in the world. Nice pics. Wish you had posted more.


  3. this just reminds me, have you joined the Teach India Campaign of TOI??

    the description of the drive spurs the runner in someone to go out on a drive and not come back . . . and the mention of the children makes you feel, this is where you belong . . .

    short and nice . . .


  4. Mulshi? Where is it? Chandni Chowk is a place in Delhi. I am from Delhi and have stayed there for 22 years of my life, yet have never heard of a place called Mulshi. :((((( Ignorant me!!
    Beautiful pic and hope you had loads of fun.


  5. @Devaki Mulshi was beautiful!I haven’t seen Valu, read the review just now, sounds like my kind of movie, I hope the Bull got to stay? Couldn’t find the story…and won’t understand, my Marathi is shopping for bhaji and instructing the maid level!

    @D Pune is gorgeous even if we drive nowhere. Like Jaipur, Pune is surrounded by interesting and beautiful places to see. During winters Agra won’t be too far from Lucknow? Isn’t Lucknow a lovely place, with beautiful palaces of Nawabs and markets…?

    @Vinod Sharma Now that I have realised I can drive till there, we are going there again, hope to spend more time this time. Will try and take some birds pictures. I just wish we would stop any more townships, industry and development in these areas, everyday you see another beautiful hills being cut to construct more buildings. Soon we will only have some pictures left.

    @Nimmy Pune is in Western Ghats, so there are just gorgeous green hills everywhere, beautiful birds too. It’s a trekker’s paradise:)

    @Mampi – LOL Yes I need to keep hearing that again and again. Do you know nobody including me ever thought I would ever drive? Still can’t get over the exhilaration:)

    @Oreen No, but I do want to:(
    The place made me wish we lived there…we did not have our heart full of the beauty, are going there again soon, this time with no other work, just to go and feed our souls.

    @Unmana You took some driving classes? I tried many time before I actually started driving, and what didn’t work for me was I tried to learn without a trained instructor. Finally I took classes and started driving immediately. Even if you took classes earlier and didn’t start driving for some reason, I recommend, contacting a driving school.

    @A rebel all the way – My fault! I should have added a link, Mulshi, even prettier than the famous Khandala, is around 35-40 Kms from Pune. There is a Chandni Chowk in Pune also πŸ™‚ I will add this information in the post right away πŸ™‚

    @Roop πŸ™‚


    • Guys, i am planning to go Lavasa city. Can you suggest me how we go to Lavasa city from Pune station. Personal cabs are too expensive. Any other mode of trasport?


  6. I did, about a year ago. But afterwards, I rarely drove because the Guy was around to drive, and I am terrified of traffic. I’m trying to get comfortable with it now.


  7. hey lovely pics…and after a long while a peaceful happy post from you….

    Hope you have more such journeys….

    I drove from Bombay to Delhi via the ghats and then MP…will try and post those pics….some of the most amazing natural sights I had ever seen….and for hundreds of kilometeres no sign of a town.

    It was beautiful!


  8. @Unmana That means all you need is practice πŸ™‚
    I took classes once in 1999 – left half way, then in 2002 – this chap in Kochi had a 4 wheel jeep for teaching, and I was so scared I left half way. Then in 2004 in Mumbai, I just decided whatever happens I was going to drive and this time, I was determined. Thank God!


  9. Mulshi sounded more like a Marathi name and was wondering about such a place near delhi since you had a mention of chandini chowk. It really feels nice to go on drives to somewhere all of the nature welcoming you.


  10. ah yes! mulshi dam during rains is sheer bliss!!!

    remember going for a day trip with my family once and loved it!

    waiting to hear about the next one! πŸ™‚




  11. wow!!! the photos look awesome and i know at this time of the year the drives are usually fantastic… ur happiness was just oozing out of every word… good for u πŸ™‚


  12. @Pinku Bombay to Delhi sounds like a dream! YOU drove? I am awestruck!!!!!
    …would love to read (i.e. know) more about this experience, we plan to do this, because we want to take the dogs with us. A post with details of the route, preparations, where you stayed on the way, how many hours you drove each day…and the pictures, would be of help to anybody planning such a trip.


  13. How wonderful and to think just a few months back you were nervous of driving…way to go lady!

    And you sound so happy and relaxed, I think this drive did you good..:)


  14. I’ve been there and in fact near chandni chowk is where we have a place, although we don’t live there. The area is beautiful and I am envying you.


  15. @Hemanth I wish I could say they might, but I fear they will be taken out of school in a year or two, to take care of younger siblings. Then they will be married off to work in fields like their mothers.

    @phoenixritu That’s what I thought:(

    @Sumana I added a link to a map. Yes it was great:)

    @Abha Yeah, it probably will become brown once the rains stop. Soon we are going till Lavasa πŸ™‚

    @Monika It was also the joy of driving till there.

    @Chirag Yes a little like Swadesh, because I saw kids walking an hour to their school for the first time. And not slum children, neat and clean, happy, village kids.

    @Imp’s Mom – Just the fact that I am totally mobile πŸ™‚ My dream is to drive till Mumbai.

    @my head trip – Take it, a break is totally refreshing.

    @Nita Going there again soon, Will post more pics.

    @Mandira It isn’t as well known as Khandala/Lonavla hence prettier…Indian tourists are sadly irresponsible, they litter everywhere.


  16. we are on…will post soon….though need a bit of preparation time as the pics I have are hard copies will need to scan and put up..but will pucca do it.


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