Driven by tradition, Kanjarbhat elders force Virginity tests.

Headlines in DNA, Pune today:

Driven by tradition, Kanjarbhat Elders force Virginity Tests

If bride fails she is beaten up till a youth’s name is ‘revealed’.

The youth the girl named, (after being beaten mercilessly) was made to go through ‘agni pariksha‘ – trial by fire.
The girl’s father was made to pay Rs 1. 50 lakhs as she ‘lied’ to the Jat Panchayat
Former Pimpri-Chinchwad mayor and city advocate are members of the panchayat.

Community members, who requested anonymity out of fear of retaliation, told DNA that all brides are subjected to the virginity test. If they fail, they are thrashed till they reveal the details of their past relationships.
“The bride must bleed during her first intercourse with her husband,” a community member said. The community is unwilling to believe that the girl’s hymen can rupture due to household chores or cycling.
Some community members who are now trying to get rid of the practice, said a bride who is thrashed often names some innocent youth with whom she has never had any physical relationship. He said as is common in many castes, “the panchayat runs its own judiciary and resolves issues”.
Rarely will a community member approach the police or judiciary with complaints.
Last year at Yerawada, the jat panchayat had forced a similar agni pariksha on a youth. He was ordered to walk on burning charcoal. The police later intervened in the matter.

We are an enlightened lot!

This is why I don’t like our blind faith in TRADITIONS. Tests by fire! In this time and age? And educated elders are involved, who should know better. And if they don’t, then it only proves that age and education are no proof of intelligence and wisdom. Imagine beating a girl, in all probability innocent (they marry at the age of 14) into naming another innocent victim, who is made to walk seven steps with a five kg heated iron axe placed on his palms. If his hands remain unburnt he is declared innocent.

Edited to add: Read thought room’s opinion on this issue here.

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27 thoughts on “Driven by tradition, Kanjarbhat elders force Virginity tests.

  1. Trust women to still be the moral benchmarks of the society, to carry the weight of being chaste, obedient and deserving of the occasional beating. I dont dislike India..but such happenings do dent my feelings. Why oh why!! And this happened not too far from India’s hi-tech ‘developed’ city of Pune. Disgusting.


  2. Virginity, what an issue over a tissue…

    But this is really sickening. Yes traditions need to be carefully evaluated. And kept or discarded. But the culture police would rather have blind obedience, it maks us easier to control.


  3. Oh,God, that is just so horrible… horrifying.. and what is this obsession with a girl’s virginity… why is it we dont demand the same of a man???? hmmmm….

    Today infact had a discussion with mom abt one such tradition-girls sitting seperately, eating seperately when they have their period.. gramma said she wnts to make a table for us to use during “those “days.. i just told mom “bad enuf u treat us like leppers those days, now we need a table…stop it plss..” and she backed off knowing she was broaching rough terrain… sad world we live in… 😦 sigh…


  4. Thought Room I had read that report. There is no mention of the guy being chaste…I am sure the girl’s fragile ego is crushed to find she wasn’t the first and only woman he ever knew!


  5. Alankrita It’s simply a means to control. I wish there was a world law against any human controlling another human like this. It’s abuse, and it must be so degrading and humiliating. Where do these girls go when there own people treat them like this?


  6. Dipali And some of them are city bred, educated men. Maybe they do this to make some money from the victim’s family?


  7. I think all this talk of virginity comes from women being treated like property. I think there is a strong system out there which supports these heinous things, and I keep wondering how it got set up.


  8. Hi

    I did write a little bit, but I feel it is a bit incomplete. It feels like a jigsaw puzzle, which is not yet done. If you still want me to link it up after reading, then I will


  9. Primitive…
    Well Jat panchayats have been known to be horribly stupid. Add to this those marriage issues leading to husband and wife being forced to live like brother and sister even after having a child out of their marriage – all because they happened to come from same village. THey are aptly named Khap Panchayats . Khap in Panjabi means ‘un necessary noise’


  10. Sachin Culture Police and Moral Police kind of governments are taking us right back to out shackled past.Why is no serious action being taken against these people?


  11. s.m.a.r.t. It is said to have started with men’s insecurity, not sure if they really did father their children etc, since earlier there was no way to know, and gradually grew to include total control over women’s lives. How come women have no power over men fathering children outside their marriages? Sounds more like our culture is all about might is right!


  12. Manpreet Yes…and we should all watch Triyacharittar, to see true colours of Khap Panchayats.
    Direction: Basu Chatterjee (1997)
    Production: N.F.D.C. Music: Salil Chaudhary. Artistes – Naseeruddin Shah, Rajeshwari,Om Puri


  13. another stupid mindless disgusting demoralizing and degrading tradition. And we call ourselves a progressive nation! sheesh….


  14. Sadistic and Barbaric! And sadly, the reason why some people want to stop this ,is to stop the bride from naming some innocent boy! How about stopping it for the girl’s sake too!


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  16. This is some part right and some part wrong. I am karam bhat. I belong to this community. In our jat panchayat in its whole history since so many centuries, there is no law of walkin on fire. And now no one forces to marry a gal before 18 yrs of age.


  17. HI this is kunal Bhat…
    as above commetnt i also belong to this community and i agree with above karam’s statement…

    Please don’t dominate anyone…its time to choose free will.Hope you will all understand….


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