Look what Raj Thakre has done!

I wanted a teak wood, Chor Bazaar (Mutton Street, Crawford Market) Table repaired and trusted no other carpenter. I called our regular guy.

“The carpenters have gone back home, they’ll be available in May.”

“Have they ALL taken a break at the same time? Haven’t you got any karigar?”

“They have all gone back home, because of the riots in Feb…”

Oh My God! I hope they are alright, I thought. I tried to remember their faces. Couldn’t. 1984. 1992-93. 2002. Now this. What’s happening to this country?

Last week, when I had almost given up, I got a call from the carpenter.
But now he wants to leave by 5 pm. When pressed to finish some work before they leave, he looked scared, they had to go in time, he insisted, then hesitatingly revealed the reason. Local hooligans catch them in the bus or on the bus stop, and harass them.

“What do they say?”

“They ask us, ‘Why have you come here? Why don’t you work in North India?’”

“What do you say?”

“What can we say?” He kept adding nail after nail to make sure the mirror stays in place.

“You should have a two wheeler to commute independently.”

“No, we know how to ask for ticket in Marathi.”


“Did someone beat you?”

“No they just ask for ten rupees.”

“Ten rupees for what?”

No reply.

How helpless they must feel. Who do they turn to?

“One bewda snatched my mobile, he asked for ten rupees to return it. They do such things.”

“You gave him ten rupees?”

People here are very aggressive.”

Raj Thakre should hear this!

I said, “He is doing this for Marathi votes.”

“What Marathi votes? We have a Marathi worker with us, he learnt to speak Bhojpuri like us, he has his Voters I-card also, but they beat him so badly, when he escaped, he did not even know which gali (street) he ran to.”

Think about it, what right has any local citizen to demand that other locals or so called outsiders learn the language? Now we have decent hard working guys being bullied and hooligans ruling. Raj Thakre has given these people a kind of sanction to take hafta from non-marathi speakers even if they are actually locals!


My driver told me how he was being threatened by a kannad fellow who did not want him to bring any outsiders to take up jobs here. The driver feels safe because he is Marathi but he was upset when one of his ‘outsider’ friends was not allowed to meet someone looking for a driver! Here the bully is not even a Marathi guy!

Does this Kannad guy speak Marathi?


Why is your friend afraid of him?

He knows all locals; they beat up so many outsiders.


The carpenter is grateful to a couple he worked for.

“In February I was working for them, they used to drop us in their car every day. It was not safe for us to go on our own.”

I thought Pune-Mumbai were the safest cities in the country!


I think we all need to wake up to what is actually happening. Are we going to just sit and watch a Frankenstein’s Monster being created?

There is no doubt that Raj Thakre will get votes. There is no dearth of power hungry, emotionally charged bigots in the country. Sad to say, I have seen people in Kerala talk about how Kerala should be an Independent country. So it is not surprising that people in Maharashtra believe that Maharashtra should be an independent country or at least a place where only Marathi culture is respected, only Marathi is spoken and only natives should reside. Have we forgotten Punjab and Khalistan?

Why do they say outsiders should respect Marathi culture, why not say, “Let’s respect each other’s cultures.” Although I really wonder who is disrespecting any culture except these politicians…they use ‘culture’, ‘language’ , ‘tradition’, ‘religion’, ‘caste’, ‘region’ for votes. And WE live in cities which are getting more unsafe every day.

What will become of Maharashtra without ‘outsiders’, who are equal contributors in creating these cosmopolitan cities?

Edited to add : We should SAY NO TO VIOLENCE…no matter what the justification.

Read a BIHARI point of view, read here. It’s hilarious 🙂

Edited to add this brilliant link, do read it!

Added another link – a must read, if you wish to understand what’s actually happening.


37 thoughts on “Look what Raj Thakre has done!

  1. The biggest loser in this anti-outsider farce being played out is Maharashtra. Already construction activities are taking a hit due to all the ‘outsider’ construction workers fleeing the state.

    Maharashtrians will pay dearly for the way they are treating their fellow countrymen. And I really hope they do.


  2. This is so disgusting. What happened to the concept of India as a nation?
    People like Raj Thakre have a helluva lot to answer for. Bah.


  3. SS and MNS has open a Pandora’s box.
    this is very sad, the really problem is that even so called educated marathi’s are also falling pray to raj’s religionlistic politics……


  4. It IS really very frustrating. It used to be a matter of pride that Mumbai is so cosmopolitan, now these politicians are threatening the very essense of Mumbai.


  5. i think blogger loved eating my comments!!!arrrgh…
    the alst comment i made basically said i cant figure out these politicians and their strategies to save my life. how can they even think of dividing people for the sake of a few votes, it a mystery to me…


  6. Krishna Aradhi I agree that there are some Maharashtrians who also support MNS/SS, but if the situation is not controlled fast, even those who oppose MNS/SS will suffer from the consequences. Biggest and most visible is increase in the violence and criminal activities of all kinds.Initially only the labour class will be victimised but eventually the whole populace will bear the consequences.


  7. Dipali Nobody is controlling them, and Raj Thakre had the gall to compare himself with Mahatma Gandhi, saying ‘Even Gandhi, Bhagat Singh had to break the law’!


  8. Sachin Doesn’t this show how easy it is to instigate us against each other!I wish we’d remember to simply to SAY NO TO VIOLENCE, because violence against anyone today will lead to power to the VIOLENT and who are violent? Criminals.
    Do we want powerful criminals?


  9. priyanka Anybody who loves the place would not want it falling prey to such devious politics:( I hope good sense prevails.


  10. churningthewordmill LOL yes blogger does seem to relish your comments:)
    Oh the politicians know what they are doing, very well, their only concern is votes. It’s we who do not see through it sometimes…


  11. That man is sick in the head. And an asshole. Just to forward his political agenda he’s screwing aam junta’s brains. And people are actually getting fooled. I wish they just send him to the electric chair. He disgusts me no end.


  12. This man has the gall of comparing himself with Mahatma Gandhi? I guess his mind cannot differentiate the diff between leading a country to freedom and discriminating between Indian’s on the basis of geography!

    What a LOSER!


  13. I didn’t know the situation in Maharashtra was so bad!
    Since nothing appeared in the news I’d got the feeling that things had gone back to normal.


  14. Chandni Everytime I hear the likes of him condemned by a voter, I feel optimistic about this country’s future:)Thanks!


  15. Imp’s mom – Mahatma Gandhi taught non violence to the world, but these people in his own country didn’t learn.They want princely states again. If they have their way we’ll need visas to go from Colaba to Dadar.


  16. Sarkywoman On the outside all is fine. But the damage has been done. The most effected are people like this carpenter; others like dhobis, drivers, masons, plumbers …many have not come back, those who have, live in fear. Work is still suffering, but who cares? Maybe Raj thakre is hoping to be bribed by the industrialists and builders, before he will let them come back.


  17. This son of a bitch has created quite a ruckus… I just hope that some one shoots him!
    The marathi manoos will suffer in the long run… no carpernter, no bai, no dhoodhwal, no dhobi!
    Let the jerks do all the work themselves


    • The marathi manoos suffers from day 1 of this nonsense but people don’t seem to get it. When they go on a rampage breaking people’s cars, they don’t know which cars aren’t ‘marathi’! When they beat and shoo away factory workers and factory owners are marathi, who suffers the big losses? I don’t know any marathi manoos that has actually benefitted from this ‘campaign’ other than being able to bully people who are ‘outsiders’ and act as if they are superior to others.


  18. IHM & EVeryone Else,

    You don’t know what a relief & ABSOLUTE PLEASURE it is to read your comments after the kind of commenters the Mutiny attracts!

    There are sane people in India after all!!!

    “Mahatma Gandhi taught non violence to the world, but these people in his own country didn’t learn.”
    Are you forgetting that it was these people that killed him???


  19. I have gone through a few posts in your blog ( which is good , btw ) and I gleaned that you are not an ethnic Marathi . But you have spent some time in Maharashtra . How many ethnic Marathis do you know of , who oppose Raj , blatantly , without hesitation ? By ethnic Marathis , I am referring to the people with surnames like Sawant , Gore , and the names ending in Kar . I have been through quite a few blogs , and till date have encountered only 1 such Marathi . Do you know any ? I just want to know how many of my fellow Marathi Indians believe that I am really a scourge , a scum of the earth , by virtue of being a Bihari .


  20. k10 There is only one way to shoot a politician in a democracy. By voting against him. My hope is that if the electorate could see through Shiv Sena, perhaps they’ll not be fooled by MNS either?


  21. 1conoclast Sadly, there are good and bad people in every part of our country. I wish we would wake up to what Mahatma Gandhi taught us and live in peace. Prosperity will swiftly follow.
    Anybody who has read ‘A thousand Splendid Suns’, can picture how fast we might loose our freedom,(and nothing is as precious). These Modis, Thakres, Sangh Parivars and religion and region fanatics talk about making changes in the constitution. We know what happened when Indira Gandhi tried that….


  22. Kislay I know many ethnic Maharashtrians who condemn Raj Thakre. They do not approve of violence and disruption of peaceful life that he caused. Many businesses have suffered, including ethnic Maharashtrians.
    Many Maharashtrians I know have married Punjabis, UPites, Malayalees, Gujratis, how can they NOT condemn him without hesitation? Their own children do not speak the local language. They don’t put the state before the country.
    One friend (I think she was a More until she married a Punjabi) said, “What’s this? Now is it going to be all Punjabees live in Punjab, Gujratees in Gujrat?? My children can barely speak in Hindi, can’t bother them with an extra language when they are under so much stress with Maths and Physics!”

    I don’t think they have anything against Biharis alone, many educated ethnic-Maharashtrians seem to resent ALL non-ethnic Maharashtrians/outsiders. But no more than Tamilians, or Malayalees, who refuse to understand Hindi. (We Indians are great). That is why Raj Thakre succeeded so easily, he just needed to fan this resentment.

    I have seen folks from MP and Tamil Nadu call Biharis ‘outsiders’! People use such opportunities to get even. I have witnessed this.
    The whole situation reminds me of Hitler and his Nazism…I was not aware of the extent of the damage until I heard our carpenter’s story.


  23. I see no light at the end of this tunnel . Civil war , maybe ? Mr. T is an admirer of Adolf Hitler . Maybe he’ll make Biharis and UPites the jews of India . Maybe he has a “final solution” for us as well . 🙂


  24. Raj Thakre is an excrescence on the name of humanity as are all the “regionalists” out there. Have you read the furore about the Shivaji statue wherein an editor who wrote against it had his home vandalized? The story is on communalism.blogspot.com.

    WHen will people realize that these politicians are anti-society?


  25. alankrita I just finished reading Khaled Hosseini’s books and realised how easily religion can be misused for extreme fundamentalism and fascism.


  26. manpreet Riots caused during Football match between, The State of Pune and the United States of Ghatkopar,Chembur and Sion. 😦


  27. Thanks for writing this post IHM. I lived in Mumbai for most of life, speak marathi, studied marathi, but I feel utterly bullied and disgusted since this ‘marathi manoos’ wave came about. I remember going to BMC offices and seeing hand written notes saying only marathi speakers will get service there. I actually am a marathi speaker but the point they’re trying to make is to threaten all ‘outsiders’ (who decides who is an outsider anyway? The Thakerays came from outside Mumbai one generation ago, what makes them insiders? Even the name Thakeray is anglicised from their original last name!).

    I hate calling it Mumbai, it will always be Bombay for me. Mumbai is a place filled with cultural chauvinism where xenophobia and harassment are carried on in the name of ‘tradition’. The bigots package it such that even people who wouldn’t normally be bigots fall for it. I’ve seen it myself. They go ‘but this is not like racism, they’re only we should ‘uphold’ our culture, sounds right na!’. It’s disgusting. People are so easy to manipulate. If you look at the reactions to Thakeray in Mumbai even from educated folks.. and the reaction to NaMO.. you begin to see how someone like Hitler could come to power.


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