Cats & Mynahs. In my Home.


My cat and Mynas,jpg

My cat and Mynas2cat staring at mynas

…………………..My cat watching myna shadows!

I read Chandni’s post about her Chidiyaghar. We too have pigeons outside my bathroom window, sometimes a feather floats down in the bathroom and my cat stalks it like it was a real bird. One shivering, petrified paw reaching out to touch the dangerous feather, and he will swell twice his size if a leaf stirs and makes a murmur at that moment.This is the closest he has ever come to a real bird.

He spends hours staring at the mynah shadows outside my daughter’s window. We have placed a bird-house on the AC so the cat has a gala time watching the birds shadows and, rarely, actual birds. The birds occasionally spot him and make a racket!


19 thoughts on “Cats & Mynahs. In my Home.

  1. Wow, That was the first word that I uttered upon looking at this pic.
    and I add another word:
    Wonderful !!!
    The Stalker and the Shadows-I would call it.


  2. priyanka I have heard the reason for disappearing sparrows is our cellphones…no idea how true it is! We do see fewer sparrows today then some years back:(


  3. 1conoclast Thanks and Welcome to my blog 🙂 The chilman(or chik/bamboo blinds) are put in the window, behind the curtains, and next to the glass panes, for privacy and protection from strong sunlight, and I guess to create an ethnic look 🙂


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  5. Oh ! this is cute. you know IHM there is a miracle and a joy in each moment if we turn towards nature.
    I want to meet this cat of yours . ( may be the owner too) Sigh!!! 😛

    Haaaaappppyyyy watching.

    Me- He is one crazy cat who thinks our dog Mutt is his mom 🙂 He has never purred in his life and he wrestles with Mutt and keeps Gabbar Singh, our Lab, in his place, but is terrified of birds 😆


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