Beauty Without Cruelty

Thought Room‘s comment on my last post made me check if the eye pencil I was using had blinded a monkey, or my shampoo had been poured into a rabbit’s eyes (forced open) to keep my eyes safe. Did I indirectly support animal testing?

Peta (People for Ethical treatment of Animals) says:
‘Hundreds of thousands of these animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in outdated and ineffective product tests for shampoos, household cleaners, cosmetics, hairsprays, and other personal care and household items. Although more than 600 companies have banned all animal tests forever, some corporations still force substances into animals’ stomachs and drip chemicals into rabbits’ eyes.’

Companies that conduct cruel tests on animals.
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Cover Girl
Dial Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Lever Bros.
Olay Co./Oil of Olay
Sally Hansen
Hindustan Unilever (Lakme, Vaseline Intensive care etc.)


To my relief I found I could still use shampoos, eye pencils, lipsticks and moisturizers and send a message to companies that are still testing on animals. They need our support to continue their cruel experiments. If we refuse to encourage them by buying their products, they will stop their cruel testing on animals.
We do have a choice.
Buy only from companies that DO NOT test their products on animals. Here are some easily available good products that have not been tested on animals.(click on the names for more information)


Bodyshop (there’s some controversy, judge for yourself)
Lotus Herbals Ltd
Fabindia (written on the label)
Liz Clairbon…and many, many others. (click to read a longer list)

Would you use human placenta for eternal youth?


63 thoughts on “Beauty Without Cruelty

  1. A very commendable research IHM.
    Another thing to avoid are the excess chemical products- you know the ones with parabens and non-biodegradeable poisons. Those, even in the minuscle quantities they are in cosmetics , are dangerous. I switched to very “simple” personal grooming products- with minimum chemicals and scents and found my skin and hair improved a lot.


  2. Alankrita Thanks:) If your favorite products, without excessive chemicals, are available in India, do give their names. I also prefer products with minimum use of chemicals, Biotique, Lotus Herbals and until this morning Vaseline Total Moisture. I also used Maybelline because it was easily available, and picked it while grocery shopping:(


  3. yup , Say no to company’s that are doing animal testing……..
    To my own relief there was only one product (Vaseline) which i am using fall under those cruel company’s…….


  4. Sachin: Thanks for visiting Sachin:) I am so glad to know there are other people who feel the same way! Lotus, Biotique and Himalaya, are easily available everywhere. I have to go out today and I plan to look for a substitute for Vaseline Intensive care, Total Moisture. (It’s the family’s cold cream cum moisturizer). Will post my findings here.


  5. I know we have all used Lakme. Lakme, as a brand by Hindustan Unilever Ltd, (HUL) also tests on animals.
    Wikipedia says: Some of its brands include Lifebuoy, Lux, Breeze, Liril, Rexona, Hamam, Moti soaps, Pepsodent and Close Up toothpaste, and Surf, Rin and Wheel laundry detergents, Pond’s talcs and creams, Vaseline lotions, Fair & Lovely creams, Lakmé beauty products, Clinic Plus, Clinic All Clear, Sunsilk and Dove shampoos, Vim dishwash, Ala bleach and Domex isinfectant.Rexona and Axe deosprays.

    What’s left? Fortunately we have Biotique, Revlon, Oriflmae, Vicco, VLCC (not sure about his one), Lotus…and many more. Take a look at the list above:)


  6. Hi

    Thanks for linking to my blog, I dont mind at all. Yes Lakmi was one of the first targeted for animal testing. As for skin moisturising, A little bit of coconut oil, at night for the dired up portions of feet and hands helps to replinish the oil loss in the body.


  7. Good post IHM. And quite useful too. Hmm I’m all for herbal and ayurvedic stuff nowadays. Turning to home remedies for most of the things. I don’t know where the conscience came from. I’m also avoiding taking polythene covers at stores/shops. Hope everyone is realizing the hazards things are causing and contribute their bit.


  8. hmm… i hv been using maybelline nailpaint for ages now…wil hv to find a subsitute soon..

    thanks fr this informative post..

    btw, im blogrolling ya..



  9. Lively I have also become conscious of all the damage I have been doing to our world and to some of the creatures on it. Another advantage of herbal and natural products is you protect yourself from harmful chemicals…


  10. Mandira Thanks!!!!!!!for blogrolling me! 🙂
    And I am also looking for a substitute for my Maybelline (fawn) Make up!
    For Vaseline Intensive care Total Moisture, I found Biotique’s Aloevera sun and pollution protection with SPF 75 + an excellent moisturizer:)


  11. Ohh. . . 😦 I have been using several of those products. . . colgate, close up, pepsodent?? What do I brush my teeth with?? (Will have to find substitute).

    Thankfully, I use many himalaya products for other things.


  12. hey that great research! and :((( I’ve been using so many of these products all part of the HLL family.

    and what about nivea and st. ives? nivea does not mention that they do not test on animals, nor are the ingredients related to the animal products, unless they are not mentioned!

    St. Ives promptly mentions that they do not test on animals, and their clue again..their website says they are botanically tested…

    gotta switch my brands now.


    • Hi! Just to clear your doubt, Nivea is part of the Beiersdorf ( corporation. And it is clearly mentioned in their website that they do not indulge in animal testing. Hope that clears your doubt! =D


  13. Thank you IHM, i have two dogs myself and i love them the most:) your list made me aware of the cruelty and thank fully i can still to Biotique and Himalaya as i always did.
    I am reading your blog past three months but never delurked but now i did:)


  14. sarkywoman Yes, I have been using some of these products too!I will have to look for another tooth paste too, just didn’t think of it:(

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Imp’s mom- unless they specifically mention that a product has NOT been tested on animals, chances are it is tested:(I found out that Fabindia products are also not tested on animals, it is written on the label.


  16. Alpana Welcome:))) I love dogs too, and I hate cruelty to animals.When we have options why look at any product that causes unnecessary suffering…


  17. Thanks a lot for this. I’ve been looking for such a list for some time. I’m sorry I have to stop using Vaseline – but I definitely will!


  18. hey nice post, by the way REVLON, CHANDRIKA SOAPS, AYUR, AVON, BATH AND BODY WORKS are some products which are not tested on animals.
    can anyone please provide me a list of soaps, ditergents and toothpaste that are cruelty free?
    also what about Shahnaz products ?


    • All Himalaya products are free of animal testing. Also LURE – they write ‘never testing on animals, never will’. Not sure about Shahnaz – although being herbal these products could be free of animals testing too.

      Please do leave any links if you can, for the products you have mentioned above.


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  20. Hey thank you soo much for this. i have been searching the net for ages on anti animal testing products and hardly anything came up for indians. Im moving over to ‘Himalaya’ from now on 🙂 More people should be aware of this, i shared this on facebook hopefully it will change a few people


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  22. I think the best cosmetics are still the age old ones, like haldi (turmeric), chandan (sandalwood), besan (chickpea flour), etc. Just ask your grandma and you will get all your answers.


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  24. I am certainly pro-animal safety, but before we even ban such companies, we should put a complete ban to non-vegetarianism as a consumption/nutrition choice and switch to a lot more,humane vegetarianism because it involves large-scale, gruesome killing of animals.

    I wonder how many PETA activists have shunned meat/seafood for life?


  25. Hi,
    Thank you for giving such a information but on some website lakme, loreal are considered as vegan products while himalaya, shehnaz hussains products. are non vegan inspite of vegan label.
    so please help me to find out the pure natural skin and body care products.


  26. Those company which proclaim ‘cruelty free’ are doing it as part of their marketing style ! Most of the chemicals used in these companies products have years and years of testing done,data obtained or standardised ! Animal testing has to be done for any new molecules to test efficacy on humans !Just the way drugs are first tested in animals before they are marketed for human beings !
    This is the most effective protocol the only option being no control over new molecules coming in the market !
    Though ,world over newer and better tests are being designed so that animals don’t have to be used much !
    I am for animal testing till better methods of analysis are developed ! I don’t want unregulated, untested drugs flooding market to be used directly by humans !
    Over the years, inspite of testing in animals, we have untold disasters of pharmaceutical drugs like thalidomide !
    If you want cures for cancers,HIV ,animal testing is necessary !
    Please understand that science has enabled us to live in a better,more humane way,otherwise there would be no way of feeding the burgeoning Indian population, children would be dying like flies ! Science has provoked us into becoming more ethical !
    Organisations like PETA have no better work to do !!!


    • How can you justify using animals for cosmetic testing? I squirm at the idea of using animals for testing drugs, at least something good comes out of it in the end. what good comes out of cosmetic testing? the fact that a lipstick makes your lips red? that a stick of kajal darkens your eyes? that a face cream makes your skin smooth? this is a clear example of speciesism where humans think they’re superior to non-humans.


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  28. Biotique is a good brand but with very less variants, moreover its products are comedogenic. I really want to know any company that is non comedogenic and against animal testing????


  29. Apparently quite a few companies that claim they don’t do any animal testing don’t do it themselves, but outsource it to other companies. So technically, they are not doing the testing, but animals are still harmed. I have no idea which these companies are though. It’s tough.

    My current fav brand is soultree. They try to be as organic as possible, and if not, it’s at least natural. Could well be true, their products have a very natural kind of smell. Even the lipstick smells of almond oil and castor oil


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