the silliness of loving!

I was thinking of my favourite sounds for the Me Me Tag ….this is even longer than my other favourites, so decided to post it while I decide if I want my hair coloured Russet or Burgundy.

My Favorite Sounds:

The thump, thump of my dog’s tail, and some ridiculous, tuneless singing heard in this (mad) house.

(Being sung to the tune of kabhie tu Julie lagti ha, kabhi tu chandni lagti hai…tu jo achcha samjhe yeh tujhpe choda hai, tujhse ab jeevan bhar ka meine nata joda hai…)

Tu mera idli dosa hai, (THUMP)

tu mera garam samosa hai

tu meri aloo poori hai,(THUMP THUMP )

tu meri garam kachori hai.

tu meri finger khata hai (THUMP and SNEEZE IN EXCITEMENT )

tu mera big toe chabata hai.

dheere dheere karke

tu mujhko kha jaata hai. (LOTS OF DELIGHTED THUMPING)


28 thoughts on “the silliness of loving!

  1. LOl Mandira I have never coloured my hair! I fear I will be tied down and will have to maintain and I have seen many friends ruin their hair, and I get scared at the last moment!But I coloured my sister in law’s hair Burgundy once.


  2. How cute :))) is this a part of an uncompleted tag?

    Guess what?? I’m scared of coloring my hair too…don’t wanna spoil it and plus too high maintenance 😛

    btw..did u read my email?


  3. imp’s mom Yes, posted it here because it was so long! Tomorrow I will post the completed tag.
    I got your mail, replied it too:)


  4. Loveee this one IHM!
    So cute, just like that pic 🙂

    Me – There’s another pic I couldn’t find – of them rolling on the floor, I will find it and put it here too 🙂


  5. Ah! my day has just began and I have read your post first thing..the THUMP THUMP has made my day IHM…Thank youuuuuuuuu…

    I am scared of coloring my hair too. But go for Burgundy.

    Tu mera garam samosa hai..tu meri aaloo poori hai…Thump thump…humming the song now…….

    Me – I had gone for Burgundy then …but now back to natural black.


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