Offer seat to any woman standing in train/bus or elsewhere?

Just have to share Shail’s facebook status.

“What are Jaago Re, Tata Tea and Mohit Mishra trying to do? “Offer seat to any woman standing in train/bus or elsewhere” as “Choti Shuruaat” it seems. WTH! Try and pick up your own plate after your meal and/or serve yourself food instead of waiting for Mummyji or Wife or hostess to do it for you. Now THAT would be a real “shuruaat” in the right direction.”

Reminded me of a quote shared on facebook, about a feminist’s willingness to exchange all privileges with basic human rights.

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28 thoughts on “Offer seat to any woman standing in train/bus or elsewhere?

  1. Small beginnings lead to better ends. Why criticise such suggestions of mini gestures to respect women?
    Nothing wrong with such ads .. one should not take everything literally but see the intent. These are just awareness campaigns for the masses who have no one to teach them such basics and hence should be encouraged.

      • ‘beginning’ of another end, Shail :( most of us feel so happy about these moronic and halfhearted attempts at ‘equality’ that the word will soon lose its actual meaning ..

      • We anyways have all sorts of “reservations” for women in public transportation.Kindly spare us men the agony of travelling 20 kms in crowded,smelly local buses without getting the opportunity to sit.And yes i’m a man who definitely “respects” women ad have no qualms in marrying a lady who earns more than me as or likes dressing up in short skirts long as she cooks well :P

    • Do you think offering seats to women anywhere would empower women? Instead of asking men to indulge or be kind or chivalrous, would it not help to make men (and women) see women as equal people with equal rights?

    • Truwizard, offering a woman a seat in a bus is visible to everyone, but cleaning your own plate, taking your own food is not visible to the public. Hence men would prefer to be chivalrous in the bus. Charity begins at home

    • Women do not need to be offered seats. They are quite capable of standing in a crowded bus. Unless the woman in question is old or disabled or something. But in such cases, the person should be offered a seat irrespective of their gender.

  2. I felt the same way at their SRK ad about a “heroine’s” name coming before the “hero’s” during title credits in movies .. do we want this to be a privilege “heroes” can give away to show how sensitized they are? :( people are equating charity/pity with empathy/equality .. they continue to treat equality like a right they are now *willing* to ‘share’ with ‘women’ ..

    • very true. title credits can be shown alphabetically, or based on who has a prominent role. If a male actor has a prominent role in the movie then show his name first or vice-versa.
      This is another very apt example of style over substance. What we actually want is more successful movies with female actor in lead. I find the success of Kahaani very heartening because I liked the movie and the female lead. We need more of such success stories.

    • “they continue to treat equality like a right they are now *willing* to ‘share’ with ‘women’ “~Spot on…as for SRK,i think its a calculated move considering that all his recent ventures have turned out to be duds :P

  3. NO thank you, I do not want your seat, why don’t you offer it to someone REALLY in need like some really old person, or someone with handicap, or a lady with a little baby? Since I am neither, and was blessed with two perfectly healthy feet, just like yours, I can also stand, just like u!

    Also, As someone who frequently traveled in state run buses, the only time I have seen men get up and give their seat to a girl is if and only if that girl is a pretty-young-thing. And once this pretty-young-thing takes his seat, you would find the male stand right behind her, adjusting himself in order to get the best view of her assets, if possible, and randomly sliding his hand on her shoulder and laughing like a hyena. And this I have witnessed countless of times!

    • couldn’t have said it better .. you come across able-bodied men and women of all ages hogging their seats .. basics would be educating the mass on realizing who needs the seat more at that point in time, no matter what age or gender ..

  4. It would be much more useful if the campaign asked men not to molest or ‘eve tease’ women in trains and buses! Able bodied women are as capable of standing as able bodied men. Segregation or special treatment is not respect. We solve nothing by offering women a seat, especially when we knowingly look past the pinching/touching/leering that goes on in the same buses/trains in front of everyone.

    Women are half of the world’s population. They do not need special treatment, just the assurance of basic human rights will do.

  5. This is a feel good campaign that is trying to associate the “feel good aura” with the product they are trying to sell. They aren’t spending money to help women.

    • yes, reminds me of “India Shining” campaign. How can a country “shine” with >30% of its population living below poverty line and a large number barely above that, farmers committing suicides, female infanticide, middle class apathy, expanding gap between rich/poor and I can fill a page with the problems overlooked/dismissed.

  6. Oh, I absolutely hate it when extra nicety is shown towards me just because of my gender. Things like opening the car door (jeez!) and saying “ladies first”…I feel like smacking them every time I hear that phrase. What we need is respect and people leaving women to mind their own business…and not extra favors of courtesy. If you are so intent on letting go your seat, please give it to someone who finds it difficult to stand- old people, people holding small kids, people with disabilities.

    • Really? Honestly? I love it when people open the car door for me or even open any doors for me. I see it as a basic courtesy and I think you’re being waaay too sensitive,

      • Do you see it as courtesy or Chivalry? Do you think it should be a gender neutral courtesy, or should it only be extended towards women and children, the differently abled and maybe the elderly?

      • Even I like the person in front of me to keep the door open for me…but it also means that if I happen to reach the car/building first, then I also make it a point to open the door for the one behind me man or woman

  7. I had an interesting experience today. I usually take a shuttle to commute to/from work. It used to have just a couple of railings close to the ceiling for us to hold while standing. Me, being short could never reach them. So, some kindly person would offer his/her seat to me (it was always a guy except once) and I had to accept this offer. So I requested the management and got them to put some low hanging handles.
    Today, two guys were standing and they had to crouch because they were taller than the ceiling. So I offered my seat to one of them. Not only did they refuse my offer but also all the passengers gave me this “are you crazy?” look.
    Just to be clear, this is in a non-conservative university town in the US.

  8. One never comes across a female offering her seat to a male of about her own age group if the male is physically fit and able to stand. But it is so common to see males offering their seat to a female who is equally able physically. Does that reflect that females are more sensitized to gender equality and see both genders as equal? Or does it have some other explanation?

    • And why do able bodied people feel good if they are offered seats or if doors are opened for them? What does it indicate? Do they see the gensture as an indication that they are being seen as women/being given respect/something else? In Indian context, is the same courtesy extended to a woman who is a domestic helper, even if she is older?

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