This is what rapists do when there is no fear of punishment.

Below are the screen shots of Guwahati men who not only molested a student of class XI, but also smiled at the video camera while committing the crime. The video has been removed, this NDTV video is an edited version. Watch it.

I agree with Satish, Indians who excuse rapes would benefit from seeing this video – it was so clear that these men knew they would face no repercussions.

Why did they feel no fear?

They expected the victim to feel too ashamed to report and they hoped expected the police and the society would blame the victim.

Please take a note of their faces, these are faces of shameless cowards.
Do you recognize any of them?











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  2. My blood boils just seeing their faces… no remorse, no guilt.. just enjoying the moment.. Shameless brutes!
    I agree with Satish too.. I am glad it was all caught on camera.. I hope every harassment is caught on camera and made public..

    I remember reading about similar mob attack in Mumbai many years back.. That was the first of its kind I heard.. I think it has given these perverts a new idea, an incentive – to attack girls in groups.. that way they cannot be identified!!

    • This is called Terrorism. Terrorism against a whole community called women; terrorizing women to stay hidden in homes and limit their movements to non curfew hours, oh for women all hours are actually curfew hours. This one incident will push back all young women back into homes in the name of their safety.
      The punishment should be that befitting any terrorist. An act of terrorism kills people and intimidates the survivors like wise these guys have killed the independence of numerous women in this country.
      Desi Girl

      • And if this terrorism were let lose against some caste or religion or country or some other specific community there would have been more of an outcry. But the terrorism against women as a community is not even recognized as one by majority. :(

        • As John Lennon (and Yoko Ono) famously wrote, “Woman is the nigger of the world.”

          In India, an atrocity that happens because of caste, community or religion is condemned in the harshest terms.

          An atrocity that happens because of gender? It’s called “Indian Culture” and is praised, upheld and defended.

          These days, that’s all “Indian Culture” has become — molesting women, raping them and then blaming them because they provoked the men and violated Indian Culture.

        • land of the undead. those things are not humans, not animals…they are something else. after seeing their faces…i want bloodshed Shail. no more mild-rapping-on-the-knuckles police. just bring out swords and chainsaws. they don’t even deserve bullets.

        • @Shail,
          It seems so that people will rise if it happened to a community but the fact is it is happening and urbanity is not even aware of it rather establishment and the corporates are the terrorist here. Killing Adivasis and janjatis every day in the interiors of the country no cameras there.
          People supports those they see and identify with for the sake of survival and consumption. Outrage on this incident is because people feel for the safety of their women folk. Recently numerous children were killed in police action no media reported it and there was no outrage. Were these children terrorists, Maoist or what? These were just children born to Adivasi parents who were struggling to save their livelihood.
          Don’t have the link handy at this minute will post later in the day.
          Desi Girl

        • @ girlsguidetosurvival- “People supports those they see and identify with for the sake of survival and consumption.”
          That. As a humanist, I have seen a lot of atrocities and oppression against economic and tribal minorities that simply get passed over. So while I support the cause against the oppression of women, it sounded quite out-of-place to suggest that women’s issues are given less of a weight than acts of terrorism/oppression against other minority groups.
          Your Adivasi illustration summed it up perfectly. I could take another case. How many Indian mainlanders here feel outrage and are willing to protest against the Armed Force Special Protection Act, vis. a vis. their outrage against the oppression of women? I have a hunch athat a lot of people who express outraged at the video of a girl being molestd wouldn’t even bat an eyelid when a Karbi youth gets short by Indian armymen in cold blood for ‘resembling a terrorist’.

      • This is terrorism of the worst kind. 20 men singling out one lone woman. And they call themselves ‘mard’. Would they have dared to attack a mob 20 women?

      • @Desi Girl – That makes sense! Never thought about it that way..
        This act discourages women to step out, it discourages decent men from taking their girlfriends out, it discourages parents to send their daughters out, it discourages boys to mingle with girls, it discourages women to raise their voice..

        Yes, all it does is put fear in people’s minds..

  3. I am watching the visuals right now on TV and it is freaking me out. How can people be so not afraid of law. They don’t have shame or they are desperate but do something like this in full public eye, smiling at camera shows that there is no fear. It is the defeat of our law and order system. The people sitting up there keep fighting for cartoons but do not have any issues when girls are molested and abused like this.

    • When a crime is committed by a mob they feel less scared and more brazen because they are a group and not alone. Did all the criminals know each other? Were they a gang? They need to be combed and wiped out…every single one of them.

  4. Sad…Really sad…Don’t know what to say…This is why we chose to move to Singapore where our daughter will be safe…

    • To whoever gave a thumbs down to this comment: You infuriate me. How can you judge someone who made a choice for her child weighing what they felt were factors? Children’s safety does come first for parents. Things can go wrong in other places too, But it is up to parents to decide what’s best for their child. We are no one to judge.

      • Shail…I am not surprised with the thumbs-down. When majority felt nothing but debiltating disgust and outrage…a few felt irritated – not because of THIS incident…but because of the ‘unfairness’ of our attitude – apparently if a boy had been beaten on the road, a similar outrage would not have been expressed. Oh how terrible we are! THe ‘fundamental question’ the commenter had was not about men behaving like animals in a democratic country; not about what empowers such men, not about the hideousness of the crime itself – 20 men against one child, not about the public which chooses to watch silently – but about OUR REACTION..

        So yes, I am not surprised with the dislike to your comment and the comment above. THere are some who live in their own world of hatred and misguided sense of patriotism.

    • Seriously! If I were only thinking about myself maybe I would stick around to fight it out. But the minute its about their baby, parents choose what’s best. If we cannot ensure efficient law and order in the country, why do we blame parents if they move elsewhere looking for a safe haven for their children?

      • Exactly… same reason why parents dnt protest much about the maxi-shorts ban… They’re scared that school authorities wd take it out on their children.

      • I am sorry, but this is also why my mom wont let me stay alone at Delhi even when I get good offers. I stay alone and work at Singapore. Whoever gave that thumbs down, you need to travel once in a public bus with something that partly resemble breasts. Even partly, will do.

    • I hear you! My niece is all of 10 month old, and we have already decided that she is not going to grow up in a country where she is fair game to anyone just because she has XX rather than XY chromosomes

    • Oh, you people get your education from India and then go to foreign countries and benefit them. Do you not even love your country?
      You are shallow. You do not want to stay in India just for the sake of not being allowed to wear short clothes in public? Can’t you make this adjustment for your country?

      Full sarcasm intended. Have I not heard this before? Hearing about this incident and seeing the video made me not want to return to India at all. Yes. Singapore has its problems but at least no one stares and mentally undresses me when I wear what I please, I do not know what is eve teasing anymore unless if it of course our South asian brothers whom I come across over here, I do not get defensive in public transport when it gets crowded because I know nobody will grope me, I am out in the middle of the night with no fear, I know I can take a bus/cab even at 2 am without fear, nobody tells me to marry a stranger unless it is an Indian, nobody tells me to cook/clean because i am a woman, people open doors for me, treat me with respect, oh yeah nobody stares at me or men do not laugh at me or pass comments when i am running to catch a bus, nobody has accidentally touched my boobs or ass, nobody gives me stares or looks down upon me because i am talking to a guy, nobody stares when my male friends help me wash my dishes (all except our Indian brothers and sisters who are judgmental).

      You want to call me a non patriot, shallow go ahead, but yes I value my peace of mind for my daily life rather than putting myself through humiliation on a daily basis because I am a female in India.

  5. This kind of thing is quite common in Bengal…Often one hears about women being stripped and paraded naked in public…Why? Because somebody has a bone to pick with a male family member…

  6. This is so sick and disgusting. Why do we not have stricter and more rigid punishment for criminals like these who strut around knowing that no one can do anything. And why don’t we have people joining into the fight against them? I agree that it’s a risk if there’s a single person fighting – for all we know they might end up with the same result. But such an incident is bound to have attracted a mob around it. Then why did no one interfere? Why did they not team up against these sickos?

    • the man caught by the police should be taken out nude on donkeys n let everybody rub black colour on their face..this type of humiliation they will never forget…what they did to this little , young girl’s so difficult for her to wipe out these memories…she will hate men forever…hijaras I will call them who were standing there n watching

      • IHM, I feel there is something wrong with people throwing out such words like “hijra” “shemale” or “eunuchs” in a derogatory way. The men who did this to the girl in Guwahati are horrible, so why insult them by labelling them a member of a community that did nothing wrong whatsoever! I would say a hijra is better than a man in this situation. Why drag a community’s name through the dirt when they are in no way involved!? Very wrong. (especially as such words imply a ‘feminization ” of the man which is considered shameful. Yet, the only person in this incident who WASN’T shameful was the woman!)

        Also //rub black colour on their face// ??? I know this is a traditional insult, but it comes off as very racist (i.e. black skin = shame/evil/inferior) Just google “black face”

        • You echoed my thoughts Payal.
          Also, I must say we are not being fair to that great animal, the donkey
          It is innocent.
          It will never molest a girl.
          But it can kick (and how!) and I wish we use the donkeys to kick these culprits

  7. Cowards every single one of them. If only society treated them that way too.
    Let me link this post to mine. “In the land of Maha-abuse”

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  9. well, if they had an iota of guilt or wrong doing, they would probably never do that!!! imagine the audacity to tape their entire crime!!! but, then, was there no public??? and, why doesn’t anyone come forward?? the answer to that is probably coz these guys are sons of rich politicians or gundas who keep everyone under their thumbs and people know that complaining about these guys would be akin to putting their n their loved one life at risk.

    • Swati,

      I’m sure they knew that what was being done was wrong, but did it anyway cause they felt that either it won’t be reported or if it is reported they won’t be prosecuted.

  10. Who recorded this? Was it TV crew? I couldn’t catch it on TV so have no idea. If it was TV crew, shame on them. Instead of recording it, they could’ve made an effort to get the girl out of the situation and/or call police. And really nobody from public raised a voice or call emergency? How can they be sure it won’t be them next time? We as crowd need to put ourselves in the place of victims and act. If we help others others will help us. Disgusted really. Women’s organizations and pretty much everybody should get there out on streets to get these b******ds under justice. I wish and pray and pray really hard that they get the punishment and my curse to them that they rot here on earth as well as in hell.

    • I heard that interview with person (Deepai Bardoloi or something like that) who recorded it. He said, his cameraman and him were no match for this mob like those few men who came forward to help the victim. So he chose to record and focus on the faces of the perpetrators and then went online with this.
      What disappointed me in that interview was the chairperson of Assam Women’s Commission she was so dilly dally on the whole issue of delay in making arrests even after the evidence is all over the media.
      I am not very hopeful with the law because the definition of sexual assault in IPC will fail the victim miserably.
      Desi Girl

  11. Ok, i’m a little scarred now. The unedited version of the video shows a sicko in a yellow shirt along with another sicko in the red Tshirt holding her by the hair pushing her head down and hitting her like a dog. And then the MF in yellow looks up and smiles. He looks barely out of his teens. What kind of a country do I live in? What kind of people watch while something this inhuman happens in front of their eyes?

    • I am scared too. I have always been a staunch believer in India – that change will come, that things will improve. I have fought with people and took a stand, always staying optimistic. Now am scared too. Is this the India I want to raise my children in? What if I have a girl child? I am not OK with imposing restrictions on her to not leave the house after 7 or to not wear comfortable clothing. But if this is the kind of respect women get, then what are my alternatives? Do I leave the country, give up on it? I can’t. Should I then start hoping for a boy child? I have always wanted a girl. But this scares the living hell out of me. To think that the perps were actually smiling at the camera, that is so twisted. How can the law and order of our country be so lax? How can a mob stand there doing nothing? There’s power in numbers people. Wake up. This could be you tomorrow. Why can’t we demand answers? Why can’t we hold someone accountable. This is so frustrating.

      • With the way law and order seems to be functioning, India has gone to the dogs. I have no other words to describe my indignation at this. A man was beaten with belts by the police – the victim was being ‘punished’ for allegedly driving in the wrong lane on the Greater Noida Expressway. This kind of crime deserves barbaric punishment but criminals committing women related crimes walk away scott free? What kind of an India are we living in? India shining? Incredible India? I would say its more like Incredulous India.

        • I am sure, this is the tip of the iceberg. There is only so much the Indian junta will take. The current generation is way more vocal and more ready to fight for a cause than ever before. I sense it exploding soon. The government will be forced to take some strict action.

    • What kind of parenting these sick criminals have got? What could be their background? I ask this because there could be a connection. This awareness could probably be a warning to parents while bringing up their children. What would be going on in the minds of the family members of these criminals? I pray for the girl. I pray that she gets immediate justice.

      • It’s simple — Joyee said it a couple of threads ago. Most of these men have been raised in “families” that resemble concentration camps.

        They may have been raised in families where wife abuse was common, where women were barely tolerated, let alone respected.

        In lower class families, parenting is mostly about procreating. The father is usually a drunken tyrant, the mother a cowering shadow struggling to feed the family. Yes, sweeping generalisations but that’s what I’ve seen in real life.

    • I could not watch after the first minute, but I’m sure glad that the f***** in the red shirt got sacked from his job. SOB probably is blaming the girl for making him lose his job and his for his arrest.

  12. One day some parents would marry off their girls the arranged way to these very sick men and they would start a family.Imagine the fate of the wives and that of their kids!

  13. What horrible thing to read about this morning!
    I didn’t get to see this on TV last night and had shut down my computer early and gone to bed.
    I am too shocked for words after reading this and the previous blog post and watching the clip. This is even worse than what happened in Gurgaon a while ago.

    In a previous discussion I had recommended chemical castration for rapists.
    Some of your readers were outraged by my suggestion.

    I hope they are sufficiently outraged now by this incident to consider my suggestion sympathetically.
    I will of course perfectly understand if some of you feel that even chemical castration is not enough for those who indulge in crimes like this.

    I hope the long arm of the law will reach out and grab every one of these vermin and give them exemplary punishment.


  14. I have some choice punjabi words for these men, but IHM i dont want to use them on ur blog..

    These guys need to be caught, stripped naked , people made to RAPE them in broad daylight
    and then left to wander away and this happens to them EVERY DAY for the rest of their life..

      • Going by precedent they’ll come up in firm defense of these men and harp upon how the girl provoked such action from otherwise law abiding and loving men.

        Indian social conditioning at its best!

      • They’re going to sob to TV cameras about how GOOD their sons or husbands or brothers were.

        “It was the girl,” they’ll say. “She provoked them. They are SUCH good boys, wouldn’t harm an ant.”

        Women are equally culpable here. How many raise sons to respect women? How many sisters insist that their brothers treat women well.

        I include myself in the group. I remember, with shame, an incident where my brother’s friend said that women don’t need skulls because they don’t have brains.

        I kept quiet, because I didn’t want to embarrass my brother. But this is how sexist attitudes are created and fed. Silence as complicity.

        • the thing is , I blame everyone , all are to be blamed the people doing this MORE, but equally the people watching this, THE PEOPLE WATCHING THIS VIDEO AGAIN AND AGAIN, the people at home , everyone , I blame myself even for this ..

          WHY did we let our nation come to this..

          why cant we treat the other as a human being or atleast treat them as we want to be treated..

          I feel disgusted when people start to say of its a man’s fault , its a woman’s fault, its society its this its that .. WELL whoever or what ever it is .. WE make it that way..

          till we get out of this mentality of blaming something or someone .. things wont change EVER.. do what one may..

        • I completely agree. We have to take collective responsibility for our pathetic law and order situation. The things is, most of us middle-class folks simply don’t have the motivation or energy to be vigilant citizens or to agitate for greater accountability. We need more Annas, I suppose.


  15. Without sounding like a racist, and without offending anyone’s sensibilities, without taking away the focus from the real issue at hand, I just want to pose a question here. Why do we hear about the majority of such incidents happening mostly in the northern sections of the country? NCR? Is there something to be learnt from the way the south treats its women versus the way the north does? The south empowers them to be equal, study higher, work, earn. Most the Hindi serials on TV are based on northern regions showing women to be sar-pe-pallu clad docile women raised to put up with anything and everything. Despite what my name suggests, I am from Bombay, born and raised, I don’t even see myself as a Chennaiite. Some of my Tamil friends find my Tamil humorous even. But having travelled there for my vacations, having been to Kerala for a trip I have noticed the difference. How soon until all of India starts treating women as equals rather than a form of sating one’s sexual desires? I know a lot of people might thumbs down this one, but I still wanted to ask it out loud.

    • I am aware of atleast one such case in Kochi, never reported anywhere (that I know of), only resulted in a friend and his wife who saw this happen, deciding to never go to watch movies in theaters in Kochi. This was in 2001-2002. Can also say from personal experience that Kerala streets are not safe for women.

      Also, lack of reporting of sexual offenses does not indicate lack of sexual offenses.

      • OMG. Then I am truly shaken. This sucks. I have a feeling maybe India should be handed over to a bunch of communists to draw up some really rigid set of rules and punishments, run that away for a few years to instill fear into the minds of potential criminals and then finally hand it back to democracy.

        • Yes, I can assure you Kerala is as bad. A couple of months back, a couple were returning after watching a movie. They were stopped and harassed. They rode away and were chased by hooligans on the highway. Luckily, they could get inside their office gates (which is where my husband works too) and escaped inside. These hooligans actually walked up to the security guard at the gate and asked to meet them. But when the guard asked for the names of the people they wanted to meet, they did not know. So he refused to call anyone out. Imagine if they had been somewhere along the road where they had no place to run for cover?

    • I think the Muthalik case of goondas beating girls for sitting in a pub happened in the South. This sickness is pan Indian

    • actually i beg to differ too, I dont want to sound brave or anything whatsoever, but I know one thing when i was studying in college in chandigarh, I cant remember any such incident happen there, moreover no one DARED do it too.. For if anyone saw it happen we would get together and beat the ___ out of them, and most studying in those times knew about it ..

      I dont think its to do with region, there was a incident in bhubhneshwar a couple of years back where a bus stopped and people from nearby got on the bus and raped a girl travelling in it ..

  16. I cannot watch the video, I lack the constitution for it. Thanks for singling out the perps. The expressions on their faces shows what we have been saying in this forum for long: rape is not about sex. It is about making someone a prey. About dehumanizing someone. It is about enjoying their hurt, their fear, their helplessness at the moment. We can have gazillion laws in the country, but until the society rises up at the slightest suggestion of injustice to someone else, there is no way for any material changes to occur. These incidents of gang rape have been going on in the country for centuries. What’s different now, is that there are cell phone cameras and social media. If psychos and sickos are capable of using these platforms to derive vicarious pleasure, then it is time for the rest of us that are outraged by this incident to use the same medium to fight back! Like girlsguidetosurvival and Shail mentioned. If this atrocity had happened to any religious, social or class sect in the country, there would have been riots, curfew and CPR jawans on the street. But it was only a woman. Women are not a voting block. We are just that extra X chromosome that nobody wanted. Or should I be more in tune with public sentiment and say we *lack* a Y chromosome. Because saying we “possess” something is a little more empowering than saying we “lack” something!

  17. The whole incidence is outrageous, horrible and extremely distressing. The sheer arrogance on the faces of those bloody molesters is so enraging. The enormity of rape culture- the myth that women somehow provoke such attacks by their appearance or behavior and the sheer number of rape apologists present in our country- promote and perpetuate such heinous crimes. I hope the victim finds justice and this case doesn’t end up with a ludicrous and misogynistic outcome. I hope because apparently I cannot expect strictest punishments for these filthy creatures. The only thing I can expect is more curfew and restrictions on women and victim blaming- a depressing phenomenon that permeates our society.

  18. Sorry to be a PAIN and commenting here , THIS was NDTV and one of its journalist taking VIDEOS.. SHOULD THIS PERSON NOT BE TRYING TO HELP THE GIRL, RATHER THEN VIDEOING THIS for so LONG, SHUD He not have foned the police ..

    his first reaction should have been help or call poilice and then do the videoing .. or at least do something ..

    Maybe someone should ask this question from the television crew tooo , was he alone doing this did he not have others around to help .. what sort of person does it make this person taking the video

    • From what NDTV says, the reporter apparently tried to interfere but when he realized that he wouldnt be able to handle the crowd, he decided to film it for evidence. Don’t know how true that is.

      • bull”£$% .. i don’t see him trying to help, he was more interested in the news and the scoop he had .. which no other channel had ..

        This is what I would do if i see I cant help the girl as there are too many men out there, Ring the police ..

        if that does not work then get into my vehicle and RAM INTO THESE CULPRITS… I am sure no law would punish me for killing one of these idiots in trying to save the girl

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  20. I am beginning to think that all this violence against women is part of a larger pattern, a deeper problem.

    It is interesting that globally, the most patriarchal societies are also the most violent towards women.
    India fits this pattern, because across regions, Indian society is predominantly patriarchal.

    Perhaps street violence is another way of enforcing male supremacy in India. All the previous attacks IHM wrote about happened outside pubs, in Gurgaon, in Calcutta (Park Street rape), in Guwahati and in Mangalore in 2009.

    There’s a pattern here. Thank you Pramod Muthalik. You have inspired many men, it is obvious.

    Here’s a link about sexual violence and patriarchy:

  21. My bet would be that these delinquents are a part of some Hindu moral policing group -like the Bajrang Dal or something. The target (girls visiting pubs), beating and pulling her hair while displaying their ‘pride’ in front of the camera points to that direction.
    In the last couple of years, perversions such as public molestation and extreme misogyny, which are a part of mainland cultures, have started to diffuse into North East India, thanks to the efforts of Indian nationalists towards ‘National Integration’. I wonder if bride burnings and acid attacks would be the next step…

  22. I watched the video twice to get a sense of it. Honestly this was not about rape. This was fun, time pass! There is no anger and passion on the face of the perps. They are having fun, rather like vandals defacing a wall or a bigger animal toying with a helpless weaker one. These guys are animals

  23. I dont agree with the punishment that will be meted out to them… in the end, the charge will be “outraging modesty”. They’ll be out in months sometimes.. These kind of people need to be lynched in public. Set an example. It isnt like there is scope for maybes here – its open and shut. You know they’re guilty. This happened in Mumbai in 2006. What difference did it make in people’s mindset if it still happens ?

    How does a girl get over this in her life ? These asses will walk away, move to a new city, state or country and get lost amongst the billions of Indian faces.

  24. Here is what one comment on this piece of news says –

    “I strongly discourage the act. At the same time, why should four girls
    go with two boys to a bar, and that too at night? Where is the Indian
    culture which we were so proud of? Though we may be hypocrites, women
    and girls should know their limits. Not ever men will go to bars; many
    will feel ashamed. When that is the case, let the girls do a soul
    searching. At the same time, let the offenders get a strong punishment,
    that nobody dares to do such a thing hereafter.”

    Such crimes will continue to happen as long as people continue to have the mindset of this commentator.

    • This are the thoughts that will keep women down for years to come and the sad thing is that you actually think that you are helping

  25. India just regresses more and more every passing day. I can’t watch the video, It makes me physically sick to see the whole thing. Any respect I had for India earlier has now been completely diminished. There is just absolutely no excuse for this behavior, there can be none. Not sure, as a culture, what exactly should we be proud of? They actually need to find these animals and make an example out of them. Doubt it will happen though, most likely just a slap on the wrist for the men and a whole lot of victim blaming and gyan about how “none of this would have happened if women just stopped going to clubs/bars/practically everywhere”.ugh.

  26. You have to start doing something about it no just talk about it. It doesn’t matter if we run or hide or accept it because of fear for our children. It will always be there. Because of people like us that don’t know how to fight for something. Get up march, scream, shout for change running away will not do a thing. Ladies wake up.

      • Yes, but we are the one being manhandle. Do not wait for someone to come out and do it for you. Someone has to start and believe me is has to be you

      • In the west, it wasn’t the man that came out to fight for women rights or their mother or their father. It was those women, the one that wanted respect. We still struggle today. It is not time to get defensive, it is time to act. That is if you dont want to see this happening again and again.

  27. He has a pic wearing the same clothes on a pic on his FB profile. Ladies you have to wake up and demand respect. Respect is never handed or given we have to demanded and earned it. But remember they might think you haven’t earn it but just carrying them for 9 months in your belly deserves the most respect. Do what you need to do now. Scream, shout demanded!

  28. each one of these b*sta*ds should be made handicapped…one limb of each one of them should be electrocuted and leave them on the roads… no need to take them to jails…they will get out soon by bribing police and politicians….

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  31. their dick should be cut off….and they sould be taken into prison where gay prisoners could do the same for them……shit people!!!

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  36. Nothing left to comment now about that above video. This is just like throwing stones in mud. I’m really very anxious about my country. This is just shame for our country that how we behave. I spit on their face those who were committing the inhuman practice. Actually those animals should be raped in public so that this kind of things can make our society no longer filthy and disgraceful.
    Educated people having human qualities should come forward and protest against this kind of Shockingly unacceptable things. They’re highly driven by sex (testosterone is responsible for the male sex drive) I think there testosterone glands should be cut away as a punishment in public in pathetic and painful way. And those three bastards, arrested by police should be sentenced to death. THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY.

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  43. It doesn’t matter that not all men are like that..or would do something like that. I am not surprised at what those 5-6 cowards did…I am dumbstruck at the mob who watched the scene.
    What’s wrong with people? No one is really living…everyone is a living dead. People have become robots. They know only the faces of their immediate family. Anybody else, they just watch lamely…
    So many people yet I see not a single soul. Were they born like this or have been turned into machines that only understand (and react with) anger, intolerance, barbarism?

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