Guwahati mob molests girl, video goes viral online.

Too shocked and shaken to say much, please watch this video (On NDTV) – you may feel that this video should not have been made public – or should have been edited before it was made available on You Tube, but now that it has gone viral, it should be watched so we can take a look at the faces of these molesters or rapists – these men should be recognized, found and arrested and given exemplary punishments.

Here’s the screen shot of one of the molesters  – not sure if he has yet been arrested. Only three arrests have been made as yet.

Read more here,

Guwahati mob molests girl, video goes viral online.

Update: Screen shots here, This is what rapists do when there is no fear of punishment.

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Another video of a similar crime in Gurgaon. The molesters were not arrested.

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116 thoughts on “Guwahati mob molests girl, video goes viral online.

    • What I cannot come to terms with is that this was telecast on prime time television! They didn’t even blur! Heck, they practically gave out everything, including what she had for dinner (no audio in the video i watched, but a friend from Assam saw it on TV and told me)! What sort of cheap thrills does this channel espouse?

  1. There is something wrong with my connection.. I can’t watch it.. Did they show the girl’s face? Didn’t they blur some parts?

    • They did blur some parts and her face, but you can see the faces of the rapists. But they did give more information than they should have, and they actually interviewed her at the end of the video.

      • Since the photos of the molesters are visible, hope it is used as evidence against the offenders. They need to be thrown behind bars and hanged until death. I feel ashamed to say I am an Indian. What a sick and depraved mentality. Is there any hope for us?

        • Shail, believe it or not they asked her name and the name of her school – it was in Assamese but even I could make out this much. I am glad that part is deleted from the NDTV video shared here.

  2. I am shocked! The sheer joy on their faces when they were chasing after her… their grins!!! Even animals treat their own better. Can we just shoot the whole lot of them? The world is better off without such monsters.

      • IHM I read the Hindustan Times report…OMG OMG the poor girl suffered for HALF AN HOUR :O and for ALL THAT TIME no one lifted a finger to rescue her? I can’t get over this…it’s too disturbing…they don’t deserve punishment…just complete annhilation…just brutal shoot-at-sight …

      • If we “knew” that they were going to be arrested and punished, they wouldn’t have dared to do this in the first place. It’s sickening and it scares me to the bone! :(

  3. What the f**k!!! IHM, I’m so sorry for my language, but couldn’t restrain myself! We treat animals better than that girl is being treated! A dozen bloody men have had the guts to molest a girl on what looks like a busy road and people were taking advantage of her and NOBODY, actually NOBODY had the guts to face these bloody rapists!? What about law, the police?! Were they all busy getting cozy at home?! I’m practically spilling out every abusive word I can in my head. I can’t put them out!! Look at that smirk of content or rather control on their faces! Men who don’t know how to treat women and use them as objects of sex should have their genitals bloody cut off and should be abused much more!!!! The poor thing! And yes, people are definitely going to say that she was wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothing and was ‘provoking’ rape and was leaving a club! If this is how the law looks at this, then this country is officially f***ked up. And why is that? Cause she wore a tank top, shorts and had left her hair loose? Cause she wasn’t draped in the splendorous six yard without showing an inch of her hip? Are they street dogs that get turned on by the sight of bitches? This country is going to the dogs!!
    Bloody catch them and kill them!! KILL!! Nothing less. Actually torture them to their deaths. And I would watch that video (of the torture subjected on the guys, no dogs) with the same smirk they have on their faces.

    P.S: Sorry for my language. But the dogs deserve much more abuse than I have expressed here.

    • I just have one wish….give me the main culprit shown in the video for 1 day….I will make sure theat 1 day video of my treatment of that rapist will prevent this kind of incidence forever…YOU CAN TRUST ME ON THIS….

      • Few suggestions
        Paste the photo of the molesters everywhere, identify their location and keep showing the images on TV till someone comes up with their name and then get them.
        They should be paraded naked in the entire city
        Cut off their genitals.
        These monsters should be slowly tortured till they die in public

        • Some step in this regard has been taken……PPl/ NGO/ State govt. (not sure who exactly) in Guwahati have put up a poster identifying about 5-6 ppl from this video. But why only 5-6 people when many more faces can be identified from the video…???

          But why stop at this, definitely a lot more can and should be done to name & shame the culprits of this horrifying, disgusting act !!

    • Man India has become a shit like this. We need a strict law like Saudi so dat no one can ever even think of committing it

  4. OMG!! this is shocking and outrageous on so many levels!!
    First, the molesting and stripping itself.. Then the absolute lack of help from the onlookers.. And the fact that these guys knew they were in public and being captured on camera.. But they were so confidant that it wont be reported or that they would be punished (they knew the victim would be blamed for being in a pub at night and/or wearing shorts i guess).. The police took action only after the video went viral and were left with no choice..Though the faces were so clear in the video, only 4 were caught??? and the charges?? not assault.. not attempt to rape… but outraging the MODESTY of a girl!!!! What I don’t understand is why isn’t there a social stigma associated with doing such a horrendous act?? The only positive (for lack of a better word) aspect is that the victim didn’t appear to be mentally broken down.. She was yelling and fighting till the end instead of giving up.. and even found the courage to talk to the media and report the incident.. these people should be slowly tortured till they die.. in public so that others learn a lesson.. i know it is barbaric and all.. but i am too angry right now and i feel their behavior wasn’t any lesser barbaric anyway.. if the poor girl wasn’t entitled to her basic human rights why should they be??

  5. disgusting behavior – can’t actually call them men or even animals – since it would be such a disrespect to animals…print the pictures of the men, make posters, plaster them everywhere, identify their residences and keep showing the images on TV till someone comes up with their name and then get them.. how hard can this be…

    • Before we shoot them we should do the same to them and then shoot them but shooting them is to lenient torment them, parade them in public and in front of whole world

      digusting, makes me feel like puking. Utter disgrace. There again we call India a world leader what a shame. They are not men and we cannot call them animals because animal behave better than this shocking behavour
      Is this what their parents taught them, is this their unbringing?

  6. This is shocking. Rapists do such things everywhere. But on an open road, in a big city, without any fear or shame, like playing with a piece of vegetable? I must say I can’t imagine such a thing in any country. Very disappointing for India.

  7. Iam so disturb after watching this. This men are a real threat to civilization. I wish they are pareded naked in the entirr city . The problem is with this sort of males treating girls as an object of pleasure . My request to that girl is just be strong .

      • Please handover me one of the molester. The next day you will see a video of punishment so as to restrain the future molesters to do the crime again

    • These guys wr not males but shemales.

      The irony in your usage of the word “shemale” as a derogatory term given the context of this blog-post is mind-blowing!

      • yes. using such a word makes it seem like your saying that a man acting disgracefully = to a man acting like a woman. Really shameful use in this context (or any context really) sorry to say.

        • Payal accept my apologies . The term shemale actualy referes to eunuchs and not to females

        • Amit,

          You can not equate a man acting disgracefully to a eunuch. Being a eunuch is a physical attribute, acquired by birth. What is depicted in this video is moral decay, lack of humanity. This behavior has nothing to do with their gender or sexual orientation. This is about disrespecting another PERSON, abusing power (that of physical capability and strength and shamelessness in numbers, in this case).

          If you have to call these men names, you can use more appropriate words like cowards (they wouldn’t behave this way if they knew they would be punished, would they?), perverts, ones with LOOSE morals (this is the situation where you would use the word, instead of the common usage where we refer to girls wearing skimpy outfits or visiting pubs as that).

      • Hey Amit, eunuchs are people too. I don’t think they’d appreciate being referred to in a derogatory manner. They definitely would not appreciate being compared to these bestial perverts.

  8. Cannot get myself to see the video.

    But do hope each of the barbarians is at least named in public, over the internet and that they get sacked from their jobs.

  9. This is sick. The sheer joy on the molesters’ face (and there were so many of them, just watching the happenings) makes me want to go and strangle them. I really feel so hopeless some days. And I do lose the faith in humans on such days :(

  10. Absolutely disgusting. is the fb of the guy in red even with photos of the same night on his page.
    What disgusts me more than the perverse content is the self righteousness of the men as if this is their duty. Sometimes living here in India just makes me plain sick and makes me want to run home to Australia where the mob in the video would be there to beat the guys harassing a woman and the video would end with the thugs being apprehended and girl rescued by policr. There would

      • Hey IHM,
        The guy was mentioned specifically in the article you linked to and this link was posred on youtube. His co Amtron have filed the FIR against him but I have read of no other names.
        At the end of my comment I was saying there would be no doubt about these men being punished with the full force of the law and their identities being public knowledge.
        My Indian husband just cannot wrap his head around this story and I am glad that it is so shocking and unacceptable to someone. I on the other hand and disappointed but not surprised as stories like thos are too common.
        I hope the girl’s family will not face shame and outcasting for this but I know that is a likely outcome.
        I will definitely be teaching my daughter self defense at the earliest possible occasion

      • IHM, their pictures should be stuck all around their house, in their society, every possible place these animals visit.The only option left for them should be to commit suicide, and this news should be splashed in every newspaper so that this acts as a deterrent to future offenders.
        If the computer savvy amongst us could take out each offender’s picture from the mob, enlarge each of them and put them up on every social networking site for every one to see. They should be recognized wherever they go. Social boycott is the only thing that will work in India.

  11. tat fucking cameraman…..if he is from the press..wat is he doing ….instead of protecting the girl..he is busy taking the scenes for his channel…..use ur senses people….

      • Yup, as comments on youtube indicate…in fact in his facebook profile he can be seen wearing d exact same t-shirt as the one in the click here.
        Per the reports, if he is the same guy, he has been arrested and sacked from his job.

        • Here’s a link,
          //Amarjyoti Kalita, a contractual employee of Assam Electronic Development Corporation Ltd, was among those who were arrested.

          Kalita, who had also acted in a Assamese serial where he had enacted the role of a policeman, has since been dismissed from service. Two other arrested Dhananjoy Basfor and Bubul Das, the SP said.

          The accused were framed under Sec 341 (wrongful restraint) 143 (unlawful assembly), 294 (obscene act), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 354 (assault or criminal force on a woman with the intent to outrage her modesty) of IPC following a written complaint filed by girl’s mother.

          Meanwhile, Gogoi termed the incident in a public place as unfortunate and said it should not have been allowed to occur.

          He also directed the district administration and police to monitor all bars, clubs, discos and hotels and raid them at any time if there was report of any untoward incident.//

          Read more at:

      • The fellow holds a govt job, earning a salary that comes from the taxes the public pays and then does this crime in public. Are we a nation pandering to such criminals and encouraging them?

      • Sacking him is Not Enough…. I remember this punishment that used to be meted out in the stories of yore that my grandparents used to tell me…The village used to gather around the perp, with broom sticks that are peed on to by the victim and other people who are to met out the punishment. The perp is then stripped naked and beaten with the broom sticks until every inch of skin has cuts that dont bleed profusely but are open, then salt is taken and put on to these cuts. A donkey is brought and the perp is then taken around the village riding the donkey, with people have a free hand in throwing chappals, eggs, tomatoes, poop, cowdung etc. then The person is given a bath and for the Next Year or more(until the victim tells the perp that they are forgiven) the Perp is the slave in the victims family… A supervisor is kept in charge of the perp until such a time. Nope!!! cant forgive such people and killing them is too good a punishment.

        • Bhagi, Mysoul,

          Today I died a little. I was reading about the report on the Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal was horrified to read how the top management not only failed to protect children from abuse, but enabled the abuse and then I hop on over to IHM’s blog and I read this.

          I wonder what is wrong with us. How can a 6′ 6”, 250lbs former football player just stand frozen when he sees a 10 yr old child being sexually assaulted in the shower and just walk out from there. How can a bunch of people just stand and witness another child ( 17 is still a child) being molested and manhandled for over 30 minutes and not do anything.

          Although I am disgusted that people filmed the attack without stopping it, I hope that the footage can be used to hunt down the bastards responsible for this horrific crime.I don’t want these people dead, death is letting them off easy. I want them alive and in jail for the rest of their lives, so that they can really think about what they did to that child when they suffer the same fate in jail.

          I also want to do something for the victim.

        • Sorry clicked on post before I was ready.

          I also want to do something for the victim. I don’t know how, but I want to. Is there someway we can connect her to a counsellor who can help her deal through the trauma and the aftermath, atleast by talking to her on the phone. A lawyer who can take her case or offer guidance on what she should do.

          Please forgive me if I don’t sound coherent, but I’m shaking and I’ve never been so angry in my life before.

        • @ Desigirl, There was a time(about 6 years ago) when I had stopped reading the Newspaper or Watch the News…It makes me feel sick, helpless, hopeless, cynical, disgusted to be human, Angry to the point of destruction, to see the things thats happening in our world. I got back to watching just over a year ago…now I am wondering if I should go back to being an ignorant Hermit…There’s really nothing I can do for any of the people I have read about who are victims, nor is there any way I can punish the perps. When I think of punishing the perp, I always end up at “whats the difference between me and the perp, if all I can think of is some voilent punishment for them.They committed a voilence and here I am committing another act of violence to counter voilence. Just doesnt make sense, nor is justice served. Killing them doesnt end the suffering of those they left in the wake of their crime”. When I think of doing something for the Victim I end up at “What ever I do, it is not enough to erase the scars this person will have for the rest of their lives…so what am I really doing? Go on marches? write a letter to the justice department is disgust? why am I doing this? Just to make myself feel like I did something?” Its a place that is hard to be, so mostly I end up with making a little noise and some lip service – voicing how I feel, without any results thereoff anyway…Yes! I am feeling Pathetic. Pathetic, at the systems we have in place, at my own existence and the fact that for half my life I have been watching this and nothing I say or do has changed this sad reality.

  12. What the eff is wrong with these pigs?? Its horrific to execute such an act and more horrific to post it online shamelessly. My concern is whether these bastards will ever confront their due punishment or the law shall again be bought?

  13. IHM – i am physically sick. It breaks my heart and I completely lose hope for this nation, when we think of coming back to India, while I have never been able to pint out why i don’t want to go back , when i hear and see such things – it re-enforces my decision to leave.

  14. This is so horrible…..i feel like beating these people…i get restless when ever i see this in the news…its time assam police should work and make this a non bailable offence…this is r..e these people should be punished so that in future no one will ever commit this crime….a lesson has to be taught

  15. the government also should take this matter more seriously….the civil rights people should raise there voice…..the women rights should raise there voice….a lesson has to be taught to this uncivilised morons

    • A similar attack on girls in Mangalore happened during the day. I also know of a similar case in Kochi where two girls were attacked by a mob near a cinema hall in 2001 or 2002, that was also during the day.

      • Kerala is the hub of such kinda incidents.! Mobs can petrify you on beaches and in public places.! Thasni Banu was another young woman who was attacked by a mob for being with her male friend after 8 pm.!

  16. the law is not very strict for such cases, even if arrests are made i gues they will get off easily.! until womens commission and other ngos pressurize the law makers.!

  17. I threw up. Never before I felt soooo worthless n useless… i feel ashamed of existence… this cd happen to any of us… and shooting this on a camera… tears of rage z flowing nonstop… but again what use is that? is thr any point in these discussions? nothng is goin to change… women have are and will always be treated like shitt… there’s no hope… we’re fools to expect it. But if one person make a comment on her dress or going to bar, I swear.. I wil beat the shit out of him/her!!! Sorry IHM for cynicism n talk of violence. no offence meant to you or your blog

  18. I am so disgusted… I dont want to live ever in any country where there are such animals…. These f***king sickos…..I feel so bad for the girl….. Disgusted…. I dont want to even spit on them….

  19. wtf ihm , this was so sick to watch . There were so many people who filmed it and watched the whole thing happen . Not a single person decided to help and let her get molested for half hour? Now the govt says they will monitor, we know what that is: Advisories and restrictions to women on how they should dress and places they should avoid. Has there ever been a plan of action or advisory for men to mind their bloody business?

      • IHM, I just wonder if one of the witnesses decided to take a stick and beat the hell out of these offenders, would he be convicted of crime? Just as in self defense, I suppose one can defend another in any way possible…even if it were to result in the offender’s death.Comments welcome.

      • Justice delayed is justice denied. There are cases where a person gets justice when they are no more and the criminal too is dead. We want justice in this lifetime and within a few days. How do the west manage this? If they can, why can’t we?

      • yes def @IHM..we will have to do something..we just cant let these morons get away with it..i feel like killing each one of them but yes we will have to speak up or else our government is not going to do anything about it as usual..

  20. I could not bring myself to watch it. It is enough to see the still.

    In this day and age, if a woman can be dragged to the ground, be molested by a group of men with the cameras rolling, with an audience to watch the fun, with the media streaming it unedited – it shows the kind of heinous filth that inhabits this country. This is not the first time it has happened, and it wont be the last. This is beyond police, law, government, poverty, corruption. This is beyond being human. This is beyond demonic evil. I want to delete all my blogs that psychoanalyse such mindsets – what was I thinking…believing all this to be human flaws. What humans? Why am I such a fool to think things will change? It has changed – it has regressed in the most hideous manner.

    IHM – my sincere request – please for this blog – don’t allow any comments that justify this incident in any manner – not even a defence of ‘indian culture’ – it would be akin to molestation with words.

  21. The monsters did this because they had no fear of repercussions. For such a horrific incident not to occur agin, these men must be quickly identified and put to trial through a fast court. And if the law works the way it should, they will be severely punished. But I highly doubt it will. This has been done before in other forms in the name of religion and I don’t see those other guys punished.

  22. This is one of the sickest things I have ever seen…I couldn’t go on to watch the entire video. The depravity of the predators, the helplessness of the victim and the sheer audacity of the incident happening in public are all extremely distressing. The sense of entitlement that these harrassers must have had to molest a girl like this is disgusting. It’s heart-breaking to think of how terrifying it must have been for the poor girl during the 30 minutes it took for the police to rescue her.

    However, I do not think it was wrong for this video to have been made public (as long as the victim’s face is blurred out). It’s the public outrage on watching this video that has forced the police and the government to act quickly in taking action against the perpetrators. Without this video, she would have been just yet another victim and this would have been just yet another incident. Now we have Sushma Swaraj tweeting abt it and Assamese MPs getting into the fray.

    Also, when I usually think of Times Now, the phrase that leaps to mind is needless sensationalism. However in these kinds of incidents, sensationalism is exactly what we need to ensure that these perpetrators shameful faces are seen in every corner of the country day in and day out. This kind of outrageous footage is required to wake the public from it’s coma.

    I hope the girl gets over the trauma of this incident at the earliest. I hope she does not end up having to live in fear and insecurity because of what happened to her. I hope each and every one of the sexual offenders get the maximum legal sentence for their crimes.

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  24. Crying, & shaken.. this is too gross. the only fitting thing they can do it to parade this guys who were there – full naked in public view..and humiliate them..maybe whip them!.. you need to set some example as a deterrent..this will go on!

    What a shame !
    (and the TV is already full of so much crap going.. in Mamata’s WB, to UP.. to everywhere..) ..

  25. If we would have set up examples of severe punishments for such acts in the past, these guys would not have dared to do this.
    Such people should be punished by slow painful deaths.

  26. Can I ask a fundamental question here? What happened to this girl, had it happened to a boy, is not it true that there would have been no outrage at all? Surely, people who are asking to put hot iron to them, execute them publicly etc. wouldn’t even have given a second thought and quite possibly laughed it off. This kind of thing happens to many boys quite regularly. An ordinary weak boy is as vulnerable when confronted by a dozen thugs as this girl was. But we all know what kind of reaction such a video would have invoked if it involved a boy. I am trying to understand why is it so? Because we all agree that men and women are different and can not demand equal respect in similar situations? Women need special protection in the society compared to men? Some one said that we do not even do this to animals. Are weak men ( physically or economically) not even evoke as much sympathy as animals? Reminds me of a video where Indian forces beat to death some Bangladeshi men, with clubs, all the time when they bed for life.I hardly heard a condemnation at that time. Somehow, if men are targeted, its just an issue of crime which we can live with ( or perhaps have to live with).

    • I disagree. I would be equally shocked and angry if something this gruesome is done to anyone irrespective of gender.

      This is so appalling because this is systemic violence and discrimination against a certain section of the society (50% of the population in this case), which is often supported by the rest and victim blaming and absolutely no remorse on the criminals part and a terrible governance involved.

      So many jews were killed during the WWII but does anybody speak of these crimes as only Jewish females being killed?

      The focus is on the appalling crime not on the gender. It turns to women because our society time and time shows that it is okay to get away with crimes against women which is why there is an outrage.

      You think we will not react if a boy had suffered the same treatment? For obvious reasons one blog cannot concentrates on 20,000 issues, this focuses on women’s rights.

    • Plus, trust me when I say that had the girl been a guy, the crowd which had gathered to view the ‘spectacle’ would have put a stop to the assault rather than look and cheer.

    • You said what i wanted to. I agree with you, the response for any sort of crime must be of the same level without discrimination based on gender.

    • You have a point. Although this blog focuses on women’s rights (and rightly so) I do agree that had the victim been a man, the outrage would have been far less. Men are for the most part, expected to fend for and defend themselves and when a man is unable to do so (or is assaulted), he is held with contempt and disdain by people of both genders.

      This video is a good example of this mentality –>

      So you are right in a way, the justifications of some respondents notwitstanding.

    • Come on, boss…are you frickin’ kidding me? You see a video where 20 men gang up and sexually molest and terrorize one girl and your first thought is…to talk about how our society supposedly discriminates against men??? There is a time and place to debate about discrimination against men. This, definitely, definitely, is not it.

      Yes, there needs to be a lot more anger against violent attacks on men. Yes, the Bangladeshi incident was horrific and should have been condemned a lot more than it was. But there is a simple reason why violence against women evokes more outrage than violence against men.

      Women are attacked for no other reason than they are women. Assaults on women have become innumerous and are part of a growing pattern across the country. Almost every woman undergoes assault or harassment of some kindor the other on a regular basis.

      Whereas as far as I know, very few men have been attacked for simply being men. Their attacks are usually due to isolated, unrelated causes and are not part of any pattern.

      Even in the example you have provided, the man was assaulted not because he was a man, but because he was a Bangladeshi. If the same man had been an Indian, he would not have been assaulted.

      Whereas in the case of the Guwahati molestation, it would not have mattered if the girl was assamese or tamilian or gujarati or kashmiri or anyone. The fact that she was a girl caught in a vulnerable position would have been enough to seal her fate.

      Please let me know if this makes sense.

        • Thanks for the kind words, Payal :). I feel, however, that it is not so much our arguments as their own irrational stances that ends up painting them into a corner most of the times. As long as they get an inkling of why most people disagree with them, it’s worth our while.

        • To Satish: Sometimes people are busy as well, to be not able to respond immediately. Will respond soon.

  27. Irrespective of the gender of the victim, a crime is a crime and should evoke the same outrage and should get the same punishment. An offender should not be allowed to get away.

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  30. what is pratibha patil doing now why cant she intervene now and take stern action against those rapists ….jai hind

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  32. I do not understand..the reporter said the video was shot by a television channel. They could record it, but not stop the mob..or call the police? This is disgusting!

  33. Want all of us to support the gal coz it took courage to be in her senses after the incident. Also the video be used to identify all the molesters their photo identities posted all over the country so they cant shield themselves any where. Ask every Indian who has any concern for the girl in their home to give back an equal amount of injury to these molesters. If our govt and police chooses to be passive we better take our steps to defend our gals……

  34. guys….. he can be found on facebook – amar jyoti kalita (bond) ……….. !! lets give him a piece of our mind!

  35. the man in red polo t shirt is amar jyoti kalita, found him on facebook and post the video on his wall so his all friends will know him, more post means more abuse to this beast

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      • The duration and type of punishment is based on the severity of the crime, not the public or emotional outrage it creates. And actually it does send a precedent. For India anyway. Only in North Eastern India would molesters get a conviction so fast. Or even get hunted down with so much zeal.

        • Well, at least in this case people know Amar Jyoti Kalita’s name. In many many other disgusting cases, the attackers roam free and lead their life as usual (protected by panchayats/ daddy, etc). So it could be worse. I guess molestation in itself is not considered a serious crime, but I thought since this was 16 men attacking a minor, it might have attracted a harsher punishment.

          The BBC article also said “Assam has a high rate of crime against women – 36.9 per 100,000 a year against the national average of 18.9.” I was surprised by that statistic as it’s not in line with the impression I had either. I wonder if the situation has worsened there (even though the perception hasn’t, mostly) or if there’s something else going on here.

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