Sending a girl a text that says “good morning beautiful” can change her attitude for the whole day.

Sending a girl a text that says “good morning beautiful” can change her attitude for the whole day.

Saw this on facebook. Do you agree? Do you find this cheesy?

Would a text like this change your attitude for the whole day? Why? Would it depend on who sent it?  How would it change your attitude for the whole day…? (as in, what exactly would you feel)

How is it that we never hear about effects of hearing ‘good morning handsome’ on non-girls?

Do you think girls need to hear this more than everybody else? How come everybody else doesn’t (seem to) need to hear it as much?

Are they too self assured or is their looking beautiful and having a changed attitude for the whole day less important?

Or is it that everybody else needs more than just such a text message to believe that they are in somebody’s thoughts, and they are being considered attractive? Or perhaps their happiness doesn’t depend on how attractive the sender considers them.

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97 thoughts on “Sending a girl a text that says “good morning beautiful” can change her attitude for the whole day.

  1. I wouldn’t mind if someone left me that kind of message, provided they are the right person. It would cheer me up, and I think it would be nice. But I doubt it would change any of my attitudes.

  2. Yes, it will change my attitude for the day – the way we think about ourselves is largely influenced by feedback we get from others, and when we feel good about ourselves, it influences everything else we do positively. I disagree with “everybody else doesn’t (seem to) need to hear it as much” – everyone loves being complimented on whatever THEY consider important. It might not always be looks, it could be your hobby, taste in something, a job well done, a talent, etc. Everybody loves getting compliments – i really dont think this is another “gender” thing. And I also think many, if not most, girls love being complimented on their looks, because they do love dressing up and looking nice – I know I do – and hence the “stereotype”, if you want to call it that. It’s good to be nice, and say nice things to people.

      • Things like this are specifically meant to make the listener happy. So if you’re noticing that women hear it more, I think we must ask ourselves why our looks mean so much to us? My friend loves dressing up, so we compliment the way she looks to make her happy. Another friend loves DIY – we compliment her for the things she makes. I love photography, so my friends compliment me on my pictures. I don’t see the problem in this. And if I don’t get a compliment I dont get heartbroken that my picture is ugly – getting one makes me happy, that’s all. “No compliment” doesnt mean “Bad”.

  3. oh i agree! well maybe not good morning beautiful per se, bu there is nothing like waking up and finding a text that makes you smile. my ex used to send me texts that said ‘good morning. i’m sending this so i can imagine the smile on your face when you read it.’ nauseating to those outside the relationship, but god they made me smile. and starting you day with a smile is great. especially a warm giggly secret someone likes me smile.
    good gos, i’m a teenager…

    • ‘good morning. i’m sending this so i can imagine the smile on your face when you read it.’ – is like he actually thought about you before he sent it to you. Would you compare that to the same text message forwarded every morning to every girl one knows?

      • well, if he were smart he’d send it to everyone he knew, right? i do mean that when its sent from someone in that position and to YOU, clearly, it works. even if it is ‘good morning beauitful’. though i think it’s personal–for me it’s that he’s thinking of me sorta reaction, not oh im beautiful sorta reaction.

  4. I believe it is indeed beautiful.

    I’m not going to be cynical and assume it was done with an intention, but to mean it in the most honest sense.

    Sometimes, a little nudge of a kind like this is all that is needed to make a huge difference. I have experienced it as a male and also experienced as an impact on the female..

  5. Now then this is a Pandora box.

    I would love to see the comments on this one especially from a few commentators who had said otherwise on previous times .

    I think it is fine to say that, I say it to everyone here in UK and I have not had anyone getting nasty over it.

    Everyone is beautiful we just got to open our eyes and see it.
    But in our society I mean in India thic can be sexist too and someone just might get a nasty response.. because there people are judgemental and it might be ok to say today.. but not ok tomorrow.. so I would not take that risk..

    But here the moment I walk in and see anyone I don’t have any qualms in saying hello Sunshine. Hello beautiful. Hello love.. etc etc..

    You ihm have a great day… Keep smiling.

      • I do, and here I hear it often..
        I was more concerned about how ladies will react in india , If I said to one, good morning sunshine.. I am more concerned about there reaction towards me and some others too who hear me say that ..

        I have no qualms.. a smile early morning puts a smile on everyone’s face …

        • If you say “Good morning, sunshine” to a random lady in India, her dad/bro/random (on the spot) relative will make sure you don’t see any sunshine the next day. =)

    • I’m in the Southern US, so here “love”, “honey”, “sugar” are common forms of address, if between females or people well known to you or to children. But I would not expect a random acquaintance of the opposite sex to address me as “love”. Also there is a difference between verbal compliments and texted/emailed compliments.

      • Ya, I was traveling in the South and found it a bit weird when they called me “sweetie” and “honey”…at first I thought it was a waffle house thing, but it seemed like I was a sweetie all over the place. Good times!

  6. yes, I find it cheesy… This only stresses that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, which I somewhat disagree. For me beauty is not in the eyes of beholder it is within oneself. If a person thinks he/she is beautiful then I believe it will somehow project outside in their character, their smile, their confidence, in their talk, likability…

    Thinking that it needs to be said often to make a woman’s day, will only make her seek approval from outside..

    • Exactly my thoughts. And then everybody else would also expect her to get and earn that approval and then when she doesn’t seem to be beautiful in the eyes of every beholder, she would be criticised, even if she is Miss World.

  7. For me, it would depend on who is sending me this txt. And for the right person, I would like to believe we would always be beautiful. It would be a little creepy if it were just a random person. But then, with the right person, even just a ‘good morning’, or ‘ good morning, love’ would have the same effect.

    • My thoughts.
      … then why does a beautiful need to be added? It also implies that I would be glad to hear it from anybody (maybe from someone who hasn’t even seen how I am looking that morning – but who feels hearing I would make my day) i.e. it is supposed to matter to me that I am looking beautiful.

      • Also, aren’t we assuming external beauty here? Isn’t every person beautiful? Where’s the need to look at the person before calling her beautiful?

        • Madhu, but even then, do women need to be told (and hear) they are beautiful more than everybody else does? Why not live in a world where everybody is appreciated for their inner beauty?

        • If everybody is intrinsically beautiful it wouldn’t make sense to state the obvious, now would it? Some women maybe more into looks….. others aren’t! Making such a generalized statement only goes to project an image of women as being self-obsessed. Now you KNOW that that doesn’t hold true for all women, don’t you? And THAT is why I would take offence to such a statement. Women (like all other humans) are not a homogeneous block but posses varying personalities and traits. Such comments try to somehow de-humanize women by attributing them with a big set of common characteristics.

        • Swarup, you expressed it so much better!

          I also feel, such a message might work like a reminder that the receiver is valued for their beauty and no matter how well-meaning the message is if the receiver does not fit into the prevalent standards of beauty, it could put pressure to be deserving of the compliment.

      • Well, we can discuss on those lines too. But for me, the way I see it is more like- Good morning , beautiful today.. Good morning, love tomorrow, maybe just Gm some other day .. or just a morning some other day.. the tone, mood, the context everything would count.

        I also think the any man would have said beautiful to his wife on how he felt like saying – whether the wife was beautiful or not in the traditional sense.

        • Being polite and decent and appreciating one’s spouse is nice of course, and sending a motivating message every morning is awesome, because so much of thought has gone into making the receiver feel nice.

  8. It would put me in a good mood if it comes from a non-creepy person, but changing my attitude is stretching it too far I think.

    I do give men around me compliments when I feel like it. And I strongly feel that they love being noticed and appreciated too. Isn’t it just a human quality?

  9. Yes it is cheesy. And depending on who sends it, it may even be creepy!

    But, but, if it was not a part of some FB chain and a person I am connected to said this, it could make my day happier. Sometimes, I have called my husband beautiful. I think it need not necessarily apply to external beauty.

    Again all this is very context sensitive, and yes, the FB chain may have definitely started with trying to compliment a woman on her looks. Would I post it? No.

  10. Hearing good words about yourself increases the self confidence level of each and every one, regardless of gender, especially if it is from an unexpected quarters.
    Personally I feel a complement about your work energise more than about your looks.
    Does it change ur attitude for the whole day? Very unlikely.
    Under Patriarchy women are considered as second class citizens fully dependent on men. Her physical attributes attractive to men are considered more important than Brains. That is why some ppl consider such a Text so important for boosting the confidence of women.

  11. I wonder how ‘Good morning, beautiful’ affects a girl. I mean… you are saying it in the morning, probably without any immediate conversation before it. Doesn’t it look rather obvious that the person saying it probably doesn’t mean it?

    As a matter of fact, I never ‘compliment’ any one, girl or boy, based on their looks. I believe that saying someone that they are beautiful is like saying them that they are great because their first name has seven alphabets or that they are wonderful because their name starts from A.

    When we compliment a person based on their look, don’t we insult their overall self, their nature and everything else? Why praising something that is not a result of sincere efforts?

      • Well, you’re right. It does take efforts and time to groom ourselves :-) But, does the kind of ‘hard work’ we put in to look ‘more beautiful’ deserve appreciation? And, won’t it mean ‘Stay beautiful’ or ‘Keep grooming yourself’?

        As someone already mentioned, wouldn’t it put pressure to spend your time-energy in grooming yourself which YOU may otherwise like to spend in something more meaningful? :-)

        • by grooming, i meant being neat and tidy, showering, wearing clean, well-cut clothes, making yourself presentable. I think all this is important and meaningful.

          And by doing all this, if you look beautiful, why not be complimented for it? Why should it be considered an insult to the rest of your attributes? It’s not as if looking good means being otherwise bad. Looking good is an added plus!

  12. Well i think the logic behind this is that men believe women crave for attention and admiration.I am not sure what goes through a woman’s mind but i am sure that they would love such a compliment because it reasserts the fact that they are cared for. As for me, i love anything that makes me happy.

      • I have, these people tend to be women most of the times. I have had cousins who toil hard the whole day and make sure that everyone in the family is well fed and i have noticed that they never get any compliments from their male counterparts in their family and also the elder women, but they never seem to be needing it. I haven’t met any man who doesn’t complain about his works, they claim that they are superior because they earn bucks, but you know as i said the exact opposite people may exist but unfortunately i haven’t met them because i like meeting all sorts of people and observing them.

        • Well you see, ‘toiling hard the whole day to make sure that everyone in the family is well fed’ pretty much puts your cousins in the neglected wife’s (read maids who work for free) position in society and such ‘maids’ do not have the privilege of complaining unlike their husbands who are the ‘bread winners’ and ‘sole providers of sustenance’ for the family. These husbands are at the apex of the social hierarchy and are thus expected to complain about the enormity of their contribution and the effort that it entails. Such an attitude helps assert their indispensability.

          I would say India’s lopsided gender ratio amply proves my point.

  13. I guess it’d be a nice thing to hear, but honestly, I have my good days and bad. So it doesn’t matter what people say… if I look in the mirror and feel “damn! I look gooooood today!” then I don’t need affirmation from anyone else. But if I feel crappy, someone saying I look good would make me feel better. But a text won’t.

    Traditionally though … men are a lot more confident about themselves than women are.
    Women may work twice as hard, they may outperform men at all levels, but they usually tend to attribute their success to hard work, or luck, or support from family etc while men just believe they’re successful cos they’re awesome and deserve it.
    This is not a characteristic of Indian women alone… women all over the world seem to share this idea. Not sure why. There’s a fine line between being modest and feeling undeserving… and I’m not too sure women know how to balance that line very well and sway towards undeserving more even though they DO deserve it all.

    Men, on the other hand, are usually confident about their success and humility is not a trait that comes easy to them. And society accepts them that way too. But if a woman were to think and portray herself as awesome, then she’s considered conceited.

    I read this line by Sheryl Sandberg… “Success and likability are positively correlated for men, and negatively correlated for women”

    Sad. But true.

    • did i go off on a tangent there? What I meant to say was… women do tend to seek affirmation from others. But the sad part is… you don’t need to… confidence is what gives you your beauty.
      So if you believe you look good, you do!

      • I agree wholeheartedly. Women need to learn to get a big head once in a while. Instead of bowing in modesty all the time..

  14. I am 60. I’d eat it up if anyone texted me that, although it’d have to be a email or FB status as I don’t have a mobile. And i have been known the write, Morning gorgeous! on a guy’s TL.

  15. It won’t make any difference to my day or attitude. It’s just a text. Am I dead to feelings? lol. Moreover, I am not a morning person so one might refrain from wishing me good morning, let alone adding beautiful to it. :D

  16. Ahh well – I wouldn’t read too much into that statement. Giving and receiving compliments are simple pleasures of life, and if not the day, for at least that moment the girl surely feels nice. The statement if taken out of context lacks any true meaning. I know of a 70 year old grandma greeted like that by her young grandson affectionately. And no – I wouldn’t want to hash this to bits and derive hidden meanings off of it.

    This on the other hand – gets my goat. And I have seen this do the FB rounds, and have wondered why both men and women like it, or find it amusing and true. What do you think of this one? Is it not offensive?
    “Four things a woman should know: How to look like a girl, how to act like a lady, how to think like a man, And how to work like a dog”

    • “Four things . . .” is offensive on many levels. I find lots of random, atrocious, sexist stuff floating around on FB, being touted as the new nirvana, and find myself worried/appalled at the people who write/like this stuff.

  17. “good morning beautiful” can change her attitude for the whole day.
    yes is my answer. i dont find anything wrong in it.. it is just an adjective added. i have few friends who even say,” good morning sexy”. that would be offensive to me, if it was told by a roadsider in a public/private. “good morning beautiful ” is certainly cheering for me. i don’t find any inner meaning to it.
    i think ppl who have this little underestimate their looks or in teens might get flattered or carried away? is that what u mean as creepy? or ppl who instead of saying u r sexy, say it is u r beautiful is the prob here?? i wanted get that clarified.

  18. I admit…I am shallow and vain when it comes to compliments…and if someone I know tells me I’m beautiful, sure my day will be great. Hell, I might even comb my hair. But yes, depending on the person, the sentence ‘you are beautiful’ can be warm and affectionate – or downright creepy.

    I’ve complimented men (guys I know well of course) whenever they’ve looked great – and they too went about the day with a smile plastered on their faces. I think all of us like to hear something nice about ourselves.

    But walking down the road, and hearing ‘hey sexy’ hurled by a complete stranger is harassment.
    so are messages from unknown idiots on FB. One moron promised to sing a song everyday in my honour if I became ‘frenz’ with him. Early one morning, another unknown weirdo sent this limerick –
    u bring beauty to world.
    ur presence makes atmos bright..
    ur aroma makes fiza pleasant..
    ur smile brings happinesss
    Of course I wondered why I have such an effect on atmas (departed souls) – it was only after I perched the specs and caffaine entered the bloodstream that I realized it was a poetic liberty on atmosphere. I had a good laugh, but sounded a creep alert on this guy nonetheless.

    a genuine, well intentioned compliment is indeed precious as far as i am concerned. and because I am vain, hearing a compliment from a guy makes me preen.

      • IHM, I agree with you – the problem with this FB message is the ‘one size fits all solution to make any girl feel good’ aspect of it. I does feel like that, rather than a genuine thoughtful message someone might want to send.

      • as far as i am concerned, if it came from a good friend, it would put a smile on my face – it would be a genuine compliment or even a term of endearment. i definitley will not like it if it is a part of a ‘mass’ sms from a person i barely know. of course, where i stay, ‘good morning beautiful/love’ is just a form of greeting, nothing more.

  19. My problem is with the whole premise of ‘everybody should think they are beautiful’. Why should I have to be beautiful (to myself or otherwise)??? Is it not enough if I like the person that I am, and respect myself and my actions? I find the text cheesy in general, but the whole idea irritates me. Especially when people post these pictures on FB and the like telling people to ‘look in the mirror and see a beautiful face!’ , etc etc. Why should anyone NEED to see a ‘beautiful’ (whatever the word ‘beautiful’ even means) face/butt/nice legs?

    Being a person that you yourself like, respect, and are content with being should be enough. I feel the world is becoming shallower by the day, and I personally detest adjectives like ‘pretty’, ‘beautiful’ and such because I see them as unnecessary. That’s just my two bits :)

    • to be honest, i don’t detest good adjectives ;) if I’m at a party, and someone walks up to me and says ‘you look beautiful today’ – i would feel good. i would be lying if i say I find that offensive. hearing something good about myself does not make me a lesser or an insecure person – simply because I KNOW what I am. But yes if someone came up to me said they mistook me for Sharon Stone…then I would immediately check what they are drinking and loosen the footwear if the nagging did not stop.

      and I agree about the FB stuff…I’ve got female friends who change profile photos at least thrice a day, and send a msg asking ‘did you see the photo’. extreme case of attention-craving narcissism.

  20. Are we perhaps over analyzing what is essentially just a FB message of no real import and seeing deep dark meanings where there are none?

    As most people have already said above – a well intentioned compliment from anyone at any time of the day makes one feel good.

  21. Well… I am quite generous with compliments though never without meaning ‘em. I have always felt it amazing that I can make a person’s day with a few words like, “woww… you look amazing in that dress/hair style” or “ooh someone is looking dashing today.. ssup”. Yes, women seem to love such things more than men. But I think men juz hide their glee while women gush with thank yous… Well, men are not allwed to show their happiness with compliments in our society now, are they? Stereotypes!!!

  22. It will highly depend on the person writing it. It will cheese me off in 90% of cases. I can forgive a few for sending me this message but then those few will never send me a message like that.

    Having said that, I think this message mean to say that giving compliment to other people (girl or boy), can make their day. The thing they fail to mention is that compliment has to be meant and shouldn’t be random (Management 101).

    As for girls needing more compliments about their looks than boys, I think it is again a stereotype. Boys appreciate the compliments as much as the girls do. I have spent past decade working in a male dominant field. Men, especially, Indian men love compliments about their looks as much as women do.

    Actually, come to think of it, men do respond more to flattery by opposite sex than women do (Isn’t what they blame us for using it to our advantage to promote our careers?). Guess women don’t let such things influence their business ethics.

  23. I am a non-girl and if someone calls me handsome, my first reaction would be – Is she making fun of me?
    Compliments should always be taken with a pinch of salt and some humility. :)

  24. Cheesy from everyone except a tiny bunch of very good friends, normally when something’s not okay and they know that I need to know they’re thinking of me. Very rarely.

    It would change my attitude to the day if I thought that of myself! :-D

    On another note, a conversation on whether dogs are man’s best friend (and man does not necessarily reciprocate), it was heard: ‘Lock your girlfriend and your dog in the trunk and see who is happier to see you when you open it.’

    This person is neither nice to the dog nor the girlfriend….so can one also generalize that man isn’t anyone’s best friend?! Ahh, then feminists will be humourless male bashers and that train will switch tracks so fast….AHHHH! Despite being an animal lover, I fail to see the joke.

  25. When my husband travels without me, he txts/ called ( days before you kids were born) me every morning and woke me up with a ‘Good morning jaan’. or something sweet to that effect. irrespective of whicheever country/time he was in. I almost became a habit to hear his voice first thing int he morning, he still calls inspite of the txting.. although i travel a lot with him nowadays, he also called the boys every morning with a ‘good morning my devils !!! try not to kill mom today’ :-) chat.. we loved it and although cheesy my heart beats a little faster if i’m up and i don’t get the call, so i scramble to call … when i travel it’s the same.. no change.
    I think it’s a lovely gesture…

  26. It depends on who said it, if those words were told by someone who knows me in my everyday life and I trust them…Yes, that would make me smile. My attitude has nothing to do with what the others say or do around me, my attitude is a choice I make every morning when I wake up. If a stranger said “Good Morning, Beautiful” I would probably ask “Do I know you?” in a tone that would put them in their place, and wonder what he/she/it is after. On the other hand, I am easy to please, good manners, pleasant words and courteousness always makes my day, even if it is from strangers. So a good morning/evening, nod or smile, from even ones I dont know would make me smile. To me those gestures means that people are courteous, considerate and aware that others exist and are respectfully acknowledging the others existence.

  27. it doesn’t necessary have to say “good morning beautiful” it can just be “good morning :)” or “I miss you” or anything of this sort. it just makes a person feel good that the person you love is thinking of u. I don’t think its only girls who like it, guys would appreciate it too.I always used to send my husband these kinds of messages before we got married and he told me it makes him smile whenever he sees them.

  28. Ok, Now I haven’t had time to go thru all the comments but here’s my 2 cents on the subject.

    First of all anything that makes us feel good about ourselves, does have an impact on our mood and how we view things, so getting this text from someone significant like a significant other, a dear friend, a relative could definitely set the mood for the start of the day. Now here beautiful could mean physical features or a beautiful person personality wise.

    If I were to receive this text from a stranger or even someone I don’t know very well, I would be irritated, that this person took so much liberty with me, cause I consider “beautiful” the PC version of “Sexy”.

    Now I know that a lot of people just use beautiful, sexy. honey, darling while referring to people in normal conversation, but the above rules still apply in my mind.

  29. I find it cheesy, and a little “Ew”, if it came from anyone else but the spouse/another female friend. This kind of text from a random acquaintance would be awkward, inappropriate and condescending ; I’m fine with the degree of beauty that I have, and do not need reassurances that I am “beautiful”.

    Among the younger crowd, I would consider this flippant, and sort of equivalent to “Good morning Handsome”, but the handsome version is rarely used on guys. And we are given to believe that this is so because women are obsessed with their looks, and need to be told that they are beautiful. Given the need to “attract” a husband, this is not surprising. Educate the women and make them confident/financially independent and see this “need to be beautiful” disappear!

    • I find it condescending too. Agree with,
      1. “I’m fine with the degree of beauty that I have, and do not need reassurances that I am “beautiful”.”
      2. “And we are given to believe that this is so because women are obsessed with their looks, and need to be told that they are beautiful.”
      3. Given the need to “attract” a husband, this is not surprising…. make them confident/financially independent and see this “need to be beautiful” disappear!

  30. I know a message like that wont change my attitude for the day! Do I find it cheesy? No. It sounds more formal to me.
    Back in the days when the husband and I were dating, we used to exchange innumerable good morning messages (along the lines of missing you my teddy bear or some other funny name we use for each other) and it used to definitely feel nice to wake up to a cute and funny text. But Inspite of those messages, I have had crappy days, and we have had fights later during the day! So yes, an attitude change, is taking it too far.
    But “good morning beautiful”?!! Frankly, I would be surprised if the husband says this to me, ever!

  31. My (male) colleague said the other day as soon as I walked into work ‘Arre aaj bahut khush ho aap, kyaa baat hai?’ He often says stuff abut my mood (or what he perceives it to be).
    I much prefer that to any comments about what I have worn or how I look. In fact I will make it clear too – have in the past.

    Similarly, ‘Good Morning Brainy One’ (never mind if I really am or not) would be infinitely preferable to any references to beauty and such like ;)

    Okay kidding but only half.

  32. Maybe it may make me feel good if it was said once in a while, but sent everyday it would have no meaning. Also it depends on who was saying it. From husband it would be good (I may just fall over in utter shock!), but even from him too much of it will start to annoy me. Maybe I’m just grumpy in general. Simple good morning and pleasant attitude generally makes me happy.

  33. Well, it depends on my mood :D

    I don’t mind texts, what I hate is the conversations over text messages. Once in a while such a message works as a good change, but my day/life doesn’t depend on it.

  34. It’s cheesy all right, but it would make my day if sent by a special person. And yes, I do feel the need to look good, despite being a feminist. On days that I don’t sleep well or if I’m unwell and have to spend the day looking droopy, it affects the way I feel. Whether we want to accept it or not, people who look better tend to get further in society. I don’t think it’s something that will ever change.

    There may be feminists out there who stop shaving their legs and shaping their eyebrows because they are comfortable with just being themselves, but it’s definitely not going to be me!

    • I guess, now with ‘Fair and Handsome’ and men’s beauty parlors doing good business, one can see that some men and some women and some children may want to be care for their looks, and some men, some women and some children may not care to fit into prevalent ideas of good looks. (Though no doubt women are under way more pressure to look good)

      • Yeah women are definitely under more pressure. A man may go about his day with a wrinkled t-shirt and scruffy shoes, and probably won’t turn heads, but let a woman try the same thing and all she will definitely get a few stares of contempt..

        • Not beyond a point though. As long as you look presentable, after a point, your work matters more than how you look.
          Initially it might matter hugely how you look, but that phase can last for only so long. In fact if push came to shove, I’d any day prefer the folks who work for me to wear less-than-perfect clothes (even *gasp* scruffy ones) but doing a good job, to someone who dolls up big time but shirks work.

  35. If it comes from someone who means it… my husband, my brother, or some close male friend… then yes it makes me happy. But personally I’d much rather see, ‘Good morning sweetheart’ (again from a similar reliable source) because it implies the closeness and love in the relationship. That’s what would make happier…

    ‘Good morning beautiful’ from a random person … even an acquaintance or whoever… would just get a raised eyebrow from me. I’d be wary of why he is calling me that! :P

  36. Well yeah, it would be a great start for the day! Just like if someone said something like “Someone as nice/sweet/caring/insert any positive adjective deserves to have a great day. Good morning!”. It’s just a nice compliment – this one specifically is about looks, but it could also be about any other attribute – but it would really be a positive start to my day. I don’t find it offensive (unless it’s sent to me my a random person who has mass smsed all the women in his phone, of course)

  37. The compliment is kind of cheezy. But, if my boyfriend would send me something like that, it’d make me smile. But would it make my day? No. Just being called “beautiful” isn’t enough for me. What really makes me happy is when he says “You are too good a person to think about that/them.” “Only you can come up with such a ‘beautiful’ thought/gesture.” and similar stuff.

    What’s cheezy is the fact that people spend time, edit pictures and have quotes like these put up on FB. What’s even more cheezy is the kind of comments that such pictures have. (If you know what I mean)

  38. im a lesbian so im gunna start off with that my girl gets a good morning baby everyday it would be the same if i were straight you just have to find the right girl not an uptight self obsessed little princess then everyone could have a good morning and there would be alot less angry people in the just to make everyone who reads this GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFULS! hope you all have wonderful days!

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  40. My girlfriend said, there is nothing good about this morning, so i asked her whats wrong babe, she says, nothing, going back to sleep now xx

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